An Implementation Specialist is assigned to every new Shoptech e2 MFG customer whose sole role is to get businesses up and running on e2 as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The Implementation Specialist is there every step of the way during the first six months of implementation from installation and data conversion to guiding users to all the available training resources.


Shoptech e2’s Customer Care Plus Program (CCPP) takes service and support to the next level. The CCPP is offered for the first six months after the initial sale and is designed to help businesses new to Shoptech e2 manufacturing resource planning solution transition as smoothly as possible.The Implementation Specialists evaluate each company thoroughly to help best match e2’s capabilities with the company’s operations by identifying procedural issues and suggesting process improvements.


Shoptech e2’s CCPP consulting team has over 60 years of manufacturing, consulting, and training experience and offers the following services:


  • Initial audit for e2 implementation

  • Implementation planning

  • Audit services to review procedures

  • Setting best-fit e2 procedures

  • Process improvement

  • Advanced implementation (continued education)