Epicor Express | Material Management

Material Management
Material Management provides the key functions necessary to update and maintain raw materials, component, work in process, and finished goods inventory quantities and costs.   Closely track how much inventory you carry as well as where it is located.  Find inventory for reorder and use faster with intuitive search capabilities and multiple forms of cross referencing that include customer, supplier, and internal cross references.  Allocate inventory to jobs or orders automatically and have complete visibility of replenishment levels and thresholds to ensure stock out never happens.  Use ABC analysis and cycle/physical count functionality to improve inventory confidence and overall accuracy.
  • Average, last, FIFO, lot, and standard cost
  • Material, labor, burden, and subcontract cost tracking
  • Country of Origin
  • Cycle counting and physical inventory
  • Lot tracking and lot attributes
    Multiple warehouse and bin tracking
  • Online part tracker
  • Customer and supplier cross referencing
  • Internal cross reference
  • Part master price break
  • Serial tracking, including lower level serialization
  • Serial number masking
  • Voided seria
  • Time-phased material inquiry
  • Dimensional inventory