Exact Globe | Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy form a comprehensive solution that automates every area of your business. Synergy provides for a browser based interface for all business processes including document management, workflow management, projects management and CRM through the use of included portals all viewing one single data source.

• One database for all enterprise functions and
processes increases data accessibility and reliability and productivity
• Provides a platform for the entire organization, not just transaction processing
• Core business information is shared, not synchronized, from the warehouse through to suppliers and customers with embedded portal technology
• Extensive Business Process Management functionality built in
• Customer satisfaction grows when customers can view real-time order/quote information, with inventory details and Aging analyses
• No duplicate forms – document management is pervasive throughout the application, both within Globe and Synergy
• Communicate with employees, customers and partners anywhere, anytime