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Exact Globe Overview

Exact Globe ERP software was designed to meet the needs of distributors and quick-turn, discrete, light manufacturing businesses with powerful real time financials with true multi-currency capabilities. Exact Globe is a real time system that provides a complete back to front view of operational performance with HR and General Ledger focus. 

Exact Globe ERP software focuses on delivering innovative value to organizations from $5 million to $100 million in revenue, as well as large parent organizations (LPO) around the world. Exact Globe provides a consistent and intuitive interface, with built in workflow capabilities and includes features such as advanced warehouse management, EDI and an extensive Software Developers’ Kit (SDK) to extend the application beyond traditional uses.

Exact Globe Batch 394 ERP software is the most recent release from Exact Software. Exact Globe ERP software delivers a menu of capabilities and options that allow organizations to quickly adapt to industry and market forces that may effect the strategies they need to do business. On the go adjustments to processes significantly lowers the cost of ownership through reduced configuration requirements and training.

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Exact Globe Advantages

Exact Globe ERP software possesses a real-time General Ledger with true multi-currency capabilities. Inventory information is real-time, along with Sales and Purchasing. Sales and Purchase Orders have built-in, visual workflow capabilities with embedded document management as a core to the application.

Exact Globe Technology

Exact Globe is built on Microsoft technologies, using Microsoft SQL as the database, with integration to MS-Office 2007 to extend the document management capabilities. Exact Globe is also MS Windows 7 compatible and certified.

Exact Globe Modules

Materials Management for Exact Globe

MRP Module

Material Requirements Planning information is real-time and on-the-fly

The MRP system within Exact Globe is a real-time system that provides users the ability to view real-time material requirements and net change information, generated on demand. Globe offers multiple calculation scenarios, so that you can choose the ones that’s ideal for your situation. It also allows for the pegging’ analysis of your MRP run. This enables you to identify the sources of requirements at a detailed level, greatly simplifying the inventory replenishments process. From within this MRP capability, you can access all your logistic transactions, from sales order to delivery. This helps with internal efficiencies, as well as with important issues of compliance and regulation. Additionally, the MRP toolset provides for the ability to see requirements at the warehouse level based upon warehouse demand, whilst also aggregating to a total company level. This provides for the ability to operate in a multi-site environment, where warehouse and production facilities may be geographically dispersed.

Serial / Batch Item Traceability Module

Subset of Inventory Management that provides for the ability to track, manage and recall inventory items that are Serial or Batch controlled

It pays to have instant knowledge of which customers received which products and when, and which suppliers supplied which products and when. With Exact Globe, you can track and trace items from supplier, to production, to customer. This is important when complying with government regulations or monitoring customer demand. Products are verified as they are packed and shipped, allowing you to execute real-time inventory transactions, with full batch (bin/serial/lot) support, automatically print product labels for received items, and automate the billing process. The use of this closed loop traceability provides for a framework to help better control high value / high risk items, thereby helping to reduce costs associated with any product recall or incorrect usage.

Inventory Management Module

Exact Globe Inventory is an advance information system. It is a fully integrated solution where orders, receipts and deliveries are entered and available in real-time, presenting costs and quantities at the time of inquiry. It saves time, eliminates confusion and gives you the power to make decisions based on up-to-the minute information. 

  • Increased visibility into actual, real-time inventory quantities and costs
  • Management of inventory across multiple warehouses
  • React more quickly to customer demands with on the fly hard inventory allocation
  • Reduce inventory holding costs with tight Order Entry to Purchase order interaction
  • Gain insight into disposition of serialized and batched inventory for trace and recall purposes
  • Maintain inventory-related inventory information in one central system, with embedded document management for instructions, specification sheets, technical documentation, MSDS documents, among others.

Sales & Order Management for Exact Globe

Account Management Module

All customer related activities and documentation, including pricing agreements, contracts, invoices and service orders are linked to the customer. This will lead to detailed customer information allowing for easy identification, segmentation and targeting of existing and potential customers

Order Processing

To keep your inventories low and your customers happy, you need a flexible order processing system.

Stock control must therefore be up-to-date, the purchasing department must know exactly when to buy, and the production of assembled products must be synchronized from the order through to the demand for end products. Of course, the need for efficient ordering becomes even more important if your company does not hold stock.

Exact Globe provides direct insight into stocks during order entry. You can then allocate goods against current stock availability. As the process develops, you can create and issue credit invoices and reminders, offer drop-shipments and compare returns with fulfillments to avoid fraud. Exact Globe also permits credit line checking before doing business with a customer.


Sophisticated invoice management allows for complete processing of sales invoices. This includes advanced payment conditions, pre-payment, and direct invoices for over the counter sales. You can also calculate and grant sales commission to employees and partners such as re-sellers.

Workflow Based Order Entry System 

All orders are workflow based

All orders in the system, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Production Orders, RMA Orders, RTV Orders are workflow based, with a visual, active workflow stream embedded into the relevant order entry forms. This greatly facilitates ease of use and speed of complete transaction processing. Access to information pertinent to the process and people performing the task is simply, consistent and extensive resulting in increased order throughput and minimal user distraction.


To deliver an accurate quotation, you need up-to-date information as possible with regard to pricing agreements, discounts, stock levels, delivery times and previous quotations. Exact Globe enables you to store and retrieve this information. You will be able to easily create a sales order straight from a quotation with one click, saving duplicate entry.

Customer and Sales Analysis

View the sales performance of each sales representative or revenue per customer. You can then identify your most important customers. The overview of the current sales figures allows you to compare the results with last year’s sales figures. Thus you will have immediate insight into the any increase or decline in sales figures. You will also be able to compare your budgets to revenues.

Financial Management for Exact Globe


The single entry system minimizes errors. So you save time and increase your ability to exchange accurate information via all standard functions for periodic output, import/export functions, data exchange and automatically generated overviews. Information is rapidly moved beyond your back-office system – to your Accountant and Controller – so that you can amass the required overview for tax return preparation. The system also supports several types of indirect taxes, including Value Added Tax (VAT).


Globe makes it easy to enter and adjust budgets for both amounts and quantities at general ledger account level. You can also budget in a foreign currency, or automatically convert budgets into other currencies. Budgeting is possible at a detailed level – against articles or per employee. You can create different budget scenarios, drawing comparisons between a normal budget, a positive change, and a negative change.


Registering and managing assets is easy. A new asset can be registered directly when you make an entry in your purchase journal. All asset movements are linked to financial transactions to ensure completeness. After the assets have been created, monthly depreciation entries are calculated and created automatically. Each asset has an asset card listing historical transactions, ensuring easy traceability.

Cash Flow Management Module

Every company needs a clear insight into its cash flow(s). Are your customers paying on time? Who are you paying and when? Globe gives you real-time and historic insight into cash flows, the overall cash situation and the value of your company.

You’ll know the payment behavior of your debtors, via electronic banking that automatically shows the bank statements corresponding to the invoice. This eliminates the time consuming job of comparing lists of invoices to lists of payments, on paper or different screens.

Exact Globe Financials

Customizable financial information through state-of-the-art financial analysis tools provides a real-time, holistic view of your organization – giving you the ability to instantly view key revenue and cost information, sales and production date and employee productivity, instantly. Globe reveals crucial data on the business relationships between customers, suppliers, employees, products and services so you can act to maximize your business results

  • Multi-currency general ledger stores currency transactions in the native (source) currency with proper re-valuations for accurate financial management
  • Transactional nature of the General Ledger provides for the ability to produce a P&L at a point in time
  • Upload a supporting schedule, Excel spreadsheet or document directly into a transaction within the General Ledger as a part of the embedded document management capabilities of Exact Globe
  • Real time processing from any source ledger into a General Ledger provides for an immediate view into the financial system at any time
  • Live drill down to source transaction, viewing all components, including customer, supplier, resource, inventory item, production order or document
  • Workflow-based Cash Flow module provides for a realistic and visual approach to cash management
  • Multilingual capabilities throughout the system, for all field labels in over 20 languages

General Ledger

Exact Globe’s General Ledger is a real time, multi-currency general ledger where all transactions from the various sub ledgers are posted on a real-time basis. The GL includes embedded document management that provides the ability to upload and store supporting documentation into the heart of the General Ledger. The General Ledger also provides the ability to perform intercompany transactions — linking your financials to areas of the business such as logistics, production sales, allowing you to pull information from these areas into your General Ledger. 

Electronic Banking

Management of cash flow through Electronic Banking or EFT. The Cash Flow module of Exact Globe provides for the ability to initiate payment transactions using traditional Check printing, or the increasingly popular capabilities of electronic banking and payments systems. Exact is constantly adding to the list of already numerous supported banks in both the US and Canada.

Human Resource Management

Exact Globe is a Resource centric application based on named users, with integration to the Active Directory for security management. The HR centricity allows organizations to provide a secure environment for all users as well as detailed audit trails of all transactions throughout the system. This application philosophy provides for the ability to better control access to functional areas within Globe whilst at the some time providing comprehensive audit trails where applicable.

Integration with Avalara Sales Tax Automation

In the US and Canada, there are more than 7000 jurisdictions that impose some form of sales tax. In recent years, these taxing entities averaged well over 3000 changes in rates and rules per year, or approximately 10 changes per day. Exact Globe has the solution with tax functionality powered by Avalara AvaTax. This hosted, Web-based sales tax solution automatically performs address validation, sales tax jurisdiction research and rate calculation with the Globe financial application, with no change to your existing workflow. Detailed, real-time reports are available and returns are automatically pre-populated and generated. It’s ideally suited to handing the constant jurisdiction changes prevalent in sales tax compliance. 

  • Automate sales tax calculation, reporting and returns
  • Reduce audit risk
  • Enhance customer service and satisfaction
  • Simplify your work with the instant online tax calculator
  • Handle differing nexus rules
  • Avoid costly inquiries that result from improper sales tax calculations
  • Get real-time address verification
  • Receive precise sales tax charts
  • Establish best practices in sales and use tax compliance
  • Download and install in just minutes

Production Management for Exact Globe

Globe Manufacturing Module

Manufacturing in an increasingly competitive, increasingly globalized market requires a system that provides precise control, instant vision, and the ability to change as conditions change. Exact Globe is powerful, proven manufacturing solution that helps control costs, reduce time to market and deliver higher customer satisfaction

  • Real-time Inventory Management provides accurate view into material requirements and inventory related cash requirements
  • Define and execute a production schedule based on customer demand and vendor replenishments in a time phased manner
  • Reduce item number assignments with multiple revisions of a BOM, based on a warehouse basis
  • Gain invaluable inventory insight with real-time net-change based Material Requirements Planning
  • Make-to-order, Make-to-stock, assemble-to-order manufacturing capabilities provides significant flexibility into how you need to conduct business, today and tomorrow
  • Immediate profitability analysis is a key to increasing your bottom lines

Bill of Materials Module

Exact Globe and its’ Bill of Materials module solves a multitude of manufacturing and planning dilemmas for organizations that are faced with multiple warehouse structures, backflush and manual issue material requirements along with BOM versioning for proper product life cycle management.

Single or multiple versions of BOM, routing and dependencies can be defined per product. Combined with surcharges and batch sizes, this forms the basis for the cost price calculation. Multiple product variants, features, options and materials in BOM variations can be managed. You can also store an unlimited amount of levels in the resource structure, use phantoms, and link activities to the levels of resources and machinery. During production, you will have instant and continuous insight into whether or not you are in line with budgeting forecasts and expectations.

Product Configurator Module

Item Product Configurator for sales and production purposes allowing for the establishing of product rules, dependencies and exclusions Any organization that builds or assembles to order understands the need to configure” items on the fly, without having to create a new inventory item each and every time. We all have customers who need just one small variation of a base model and in maintaining high standards of customer service, you need to cater to the variable Bill of Material. Exact Globe has a highly robust configuration engine built into the core of Bill of Materials, that allows users to define and maintain configurable relationships of components and subassemblies within a Bill including Dependencies, exclusions, quantity variations and pricing constructs. Having configured a product during the order entry process, production management have instant access to the required product build and can then perform the necessary component requirements assessment and any other operational needs to ensure that the right configuration is built, on time and accurately.

Project Management Module

One of the core features of Exact Globe is the Projects Management module. This application allows for all transactions to be associated with a Project allowing for true project management within a dedicated environment. You will have an at-a-glance view of all project data from the master card, with multiple project sub project levels. Project related transactions can be identified at all times (throughout all functional areas in Exact Globe) and handled according to project-specific financial consequences. The use of this application extends the value beyond traditional ERP systems to other parts of the organization ensuring quicker ROI. This is extremely useful for services based organizations as well as R&D functions within an organization.

Quality Management Module

Quality Management provides for the ability to assign item properties that are to be evaluated during the receiving or production phase to determine if a product is within defined acceptable levels.

No organization likes to take back a product due to unacceptable levels of product quality. This is expensive and frustrating, and it disrupts the normal steady flow of business. Getting it right the first time is the primary objective, however, in reality, we all understand that things can go wrong. To ensure that we are all able to deliver quality based products, we need to define parameters within which a product must fall before we sign off and ship this to a customer. This all starts with the receipt of inventory from suppliers, and follows through to production management. Any product that is deemed unacceptable is quarantined so that further manual inspection can take place to determine the final disposition. All other products then flow through to the defined accessible warehouse for shipment. Furthermore, with Exact Globe, you are presented with the ability to create and submit a Product Inspection Certificate to your customers, with the results of product tests.

Supply Chain Management for Exact Globe

Overview of Pick-IT Logistics Management (Warehouse management)

Exact Globe Pick-IT functionality provides you with the critical information necessary for making the daily business decisions that directly impact your customers, suppliers and your profitability.

With Exact Pick-IT you can:

  • Scan and verify deliverables as they are received can scan it on the dock
  • Automatically print product labels for received items
  • Execute real-time inventory transactions, with full batch (bin/serial/lot) support
  • Verify products as they are packed & shipped
  • Automate the billing selection process
  • Support a wide range of wireless radio frequency data collection devices to enable accurate, efficient tracking of any product

Pick-IT Basic

Warehouse transactions are instantly registered using bar code equipment. This information is then processed in Exact Globe via batch communication or in real-time RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). With Pick-IT you can reduce operational costs while guaranteeing better delivery reliability and up-to-date stock information.

Pick-IT Production

Pick-IT Production offers many advantages, including insight into which materials are being used, in which quantities, for each order. This reduces manual administrative work, significantly increasing the efficiency of your logistics processes.

Pick-IT Replenishment

Efficiently managing stock is an important aspect of controlling business costs. When your logistics processes are not working effectively, it costs you time and money. Pick-IT Replenishment enables you to replenish your warehouse stock quickly and accurately.

Pick-IT Sales Order Transaction

Pick-IT Sales Order Transaction is the perfect solution for mobile sales, such as at trade exhibitions, in shows or when visiting customers. Your sales representatives can easily register orders or request quotations by scanning the bar codes on the required items. This reduces errors and saves time, increasing your customers satisfaction and your profitability

Pick-IT Purchase Order Transaction

The purchase process is integrated into Exact Globe and Pick-IT functionality so you can manage the process from a single screen, eliminating time-wasting paperwork.

Pick-IT Barcode Solution

The Pick-IT barcode solution delivers efficient stock management, enabling you to save time and costs. By registering data electronically you can avoid errors and always have an accurate, up-to-date insight into the status of any order. 

When working with Pick-IT, warehouse transactions are processed by means of bar code scanning. Incoming goods, outgoing goods, relocations and stocktaking are registered by means of a hand held terminal. This data is exchanged with Exact Globe, by means of batches, when you place the terminal in its cradle in real-time by means of RFID. You can decide which method is most suitable for your business processes. 

Pick-IT Central Warehouse

Pick-IT Central Warehouse has been developed for organizations with multiple national and international locations that send goods from one central warehouse directly to the customers. Pick-IT Central Warehouse is fully integrated into Exact Globe, delivering seamless management of this process.

Customer Relationship Management for Exact Globe

Exact Synergy

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy form a comprehensive solution that automates every area of your business. Synergy provides for a browser based interface for all business processes including document management, workflow management, projects management and CRM through the use of included portals all viewing one single data source.

  • One database for all enterprise functions and processes increases data accessibility and reliability and productivity
  • Provides a platform for the entire organization, not just transaction processing
  • Core business information is shared, not synchronized, from the warehouse through to suppliers and customers with embedded portal technology
  • Extensive Business Process Management functionality built in
  • Customer satisfaction grows when customers can view real-time order/quote information, with inventory details and Aging analyses
  • No duplicate forms – document management is pervasive throughout the application, both within Globe and Synergy
  • Communicate with employees, customers and partners anywhere, anytime

Additional Capabilities for Exact Globe

Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy is a web-based business process solution that connects the people, process and knowledge that matter most to your business. By linking Globe with Synergy, organizations are able to break down departmental barriers and create an accurate view of their organization’s personnel, workflow, document and asset information.

With Synergy, all information is centralized for decision-making, analysis and ongoing management across your entire organization. Your complete value chain” can obtain a portal view into the workplace: including employees, business partners, suppliers and customers, through secure roles and rule based access, creating a real-time collaborative workplace environment. Synergy provides tools that dramatically improve communication and efficiency, translating into substantial cost savings across an organization:

  • Document and Knowledge Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Product and Inventory Management
  • Internet Portals

Exact Event Manager

Exact Event Manager proactively monitors your business data for changes, and alerts your staff, partners and customers early on, addressing critical issues before it is too late to respond. By knowing about problems that arise in your business – before it’s too late – you can be alerted when inventory has fallen below safety levels, or if an order delivery date has been delayed for example.

In addition to detecting changes, Exact Event Manager can also be used to monitor your business for non-changes, such as frequent buyers who haven’t made recent purchases, or partner who haven’t receive communication from your company in the last 60 days. If orders or communications are not happening, you need to know why.

  • Get Critical Information to Those Who Need it Most
  • Automated Report Creation and Distribution
  • EventPaks to quickly customize alerts
  • Wizard-driven event designer
  • Enterprise architecture based on secure Microsoft technology
  • Industry standard integration
  • Alert deliveries via standard communication protocols
  • Email feedback functionality
  • Scheduled & triggered forms & report distribution
  • Unlimited scheduling choices

Exact Business Analytics

Exact Business Analytics (EBA) is a flexible business intelligence solution designed to put power and functionality in the hands of business people. It offers the power to quickly and easily get answers, build information views and reports and dynamically combine and compare data from multiple sources or different business functions. In addition to ad-hoc analysis, personalized information views with full OLAP graphing and reporting capabilities can be automatically distributed to users on pre-defined schedule or accessed via the Web. The system is readily extendable and scalable for multi site, multi currency, and multi-country operations.

Services & Support for Exact Globe

Training & Education

Maximize your Globe software investment by empowering users with increased knowledge and the ability to perform daily tasks with greater proficiency.

As a Globe customer, you have access to a series of value-added training programs designed to help users get up to speed in less time, in many cases without ever leaving your facility. And by taking advantage of Globe Unlimited Training, you can concentrate on managing your business, without the complexities associated with planning, budgeting and delivering user training internally.

Exact Software offers a blended approach toward training and education, which translates into increased accessibility and flexibility for all users.

Globe Training is comprised of:

Live e‑Learning
  • Regularly scheduled courses each month
  • Provides excellent interaction with the instructor and other participants
  • Delivered in convenient 2 hour blocks
Recorded On-Demand Training
  • 247 availability designed to meet your busy schedule
  • Specific how to’ approach to training users
  • Concise 5 – 15 minute sessions
Traditional Classroom training
  • Instructor-led classes delivered at Exact Regional Training Centers
  • Comprehensive content designed for managers and project team members
  • Maximum interaction

Globe training is designed to meet the needs of users at all levels and experience, ranging from basic navigation and setups, to specific topics like customizing searches, using Excel Add-in, and processing Sales Orders. Expanded courses cover Globe Financials, Logistics, Projects and Payroll.

Whether you are technology-driven service organization, project-based company or a subsidiary of a larger parent company already using Globe, Exact Software provides training to meet your needs.

To find out how Exact Software training adds value to your Globe business solution, contact our Training Department at 18004680834.

Consulting/Professional Services

Exact Software North America’s Professional Services provide a full range of consulting services: services that are doubly valuable to you because they address both your immediate concerns and your long-range goals. Whether these concerns surround your system implementation or how to improve your overall business and day to day operations, we can develop a plan for you.

Exact consultants offer the know-how to tackle and solve your short-term problems in the most timely and cost-efficient way. We want to add value to your organization and we do this by allowing you to work with our industry experienced personnel, helping you overcome your challenges and letting you do what you do best, which is run your business.

Exact has numerous regional service offices providing on-site services to our customers. Our Professional Consultants are certified in the utilization of the Progression Series applications, and also hold certifications such as CPA, CPIM and CMA, with many having MBA’s in manufacturing.

Customer Support

Globe is supported by a team of professionals committed to providing the highest level of service, dedicated to helping you operate your system more effectively and efficiently.

The support service that we offer is a key component in an entire family of services. The tips, techniques, and guidance we offer through our support department will greatly assist you in streamlining required processing.

Exact Software North America’s support team consists of professionals who are not only focused on providing the best support service, but also on perpetually improving themselves. Every quarter we challenge each of our team members to increase their product or industry knowledge, and to pursue a variety of industry certifications. These efforts increase the confidence and capability of each support representative in delivering service to you.

Beyond traditional telephone support, we offer a broad spectrum of self-service tools accessible via our Customer Portal. We encourage you to utilize this reservoir of information, which is available to you 247


Exact Customization Services develops customized software solutions to meet the unique business needs of Exact Software customers. Customization is done when a core software product (e.g. Macola ES, Globe or Synergy) cannot be implemented in such a way as to meet the customer’s specific business processes. Customization Services offers design and programming services, working through local Exact Software Business Partners, to ensure customer satisfaction.

The philosophy of Customization Services is to write custom solutions, not custom software. Exact Customization Services can write custom solutions to fill small niches in the market for our customers. Exact Customization Services is a complete group of professional programmer analysts dedicated to creating, developing and supporting custom software modifications that meet your unique business needs. Over the years, the group has developed a catalog of modifications to meet whatever business needs your company may have, helping you implement solutions that meet your company’s goals.

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