Exact Globe | Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management provides for the ability to assign item properties that are to be evaluated during the receiving or production phase to determine if a product is within defined acceptable levels.

No organization likes to take back a product due to unacceptable levels of product quality. This is expensive and frustrating, and it disrupts the normal steady flow of business. Getting it right the first time is the primary objective, however, in reality, we all understand that things can go wrong. To ensure that we are all able to deliver quality based products, we need to define parameters within which a product must fall before we sign off and ship this to a customer. This all starts with the receipt of inventory from suppliers, and follows through to production management. Any product that is deemed unacceptable is quarantined so that further manual inspection can take place to determine the final disposition. All other products then flow through to the defined accessible warehouse for shipment. Furthermore, with Eaxct Globe, you are presented with the ability to create and submit a Product Inspection Certificate to your customers, with the results of product tests.