Intactt | Multi-Org

Manage complex global operations in real time.
  • Manage complex, multi-entity or multinational operations in real time.
  • Automate and control global accounting consolidation and close processes, while improving visibility with real-time intelligence to drive better business decision making.
  • Enable your company to expand rapidly into both local and international markets.
  • Manage complex financial processes with ease by supporting the structure that best represents your business, including minority and partial ownership.Easily represent fractional ownership when consolidating global financials.
Empower your finance team with the tools they need to more effectively automate and control the global accounting consolidation and close processes. Improve financial visibility with real-time intelligence across entities to drive better business decision-making. Intacct Global Consolidations provides all the functionality a company needs to manage complex, multi-entity or multinational operations, in real time.