iRely Process Manufacturing | Production Management Overview

Production Management Overview
The iRely Process Manufacturing Production Management module provides you with different options to track production activity. You can use the blend management function to identify specific lots to consume during a production run and hand it to the plant floor to execute. Alternatively, you can use the production run process to capture actual lots consumed to every batch of finished goods produced.  Depending on your quality scheme you are also able to setup a mandatory quality capture for every lot of finished goods produced.
The iRely Process Manufacturing Finite Scheduling module allows you to establish a constraint-based schedule for your production facility. Demand from multiple sources can be consolidated into work orders.  You can setup availability calendar for all the machines in your production facility.  Using the capacity and cross contamination data established, the system will automatically determine an optimal schedule to meet specific delivery timelines and reduce system blow-out or cleaning needed to avoid cross contamination.