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iRely Process Manufacturing
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iRely Process Manufacturing Overview

iRely Process Manufacturing is designed to offer food process manufacturers a simple, effective way to streamline and optimize their manufacturing operations.

In today’s competitive market, success depends on the flexibility, efficiency, quality control, and traceability of your operations. iRely Process Manufacturing provides complete visibility at every stage of the process, so whether you have a single plant or multiple locations and a global footprint, you have real-time access to inventory tracking, lot traceability, yield management, and more.

On the production side, iRely Process Manufacturing offers modules to optimize your production line. This includes robust plant scheduling, materials management, manufacturing execution, as well as real-time visibility into inventory (including work-in-process).

iRely Process Manufacturing Advantages

Configurable and Flexible Manufacturing Solution

At the heart of iRely’s process manufacturing solution lies a modeling engine called PME (Process Modeling Engine). Material flow movements in processing plants can be modeled using PME for a configurable and flexible manufacturing solution. This feature forms the core of our unique selling proposition and sets iRely apart from other manufacturing packages.

Complete Inventory, Production, and Quality Control

iRely provides comprehensive Inventory Management including receipt of goods, material receipts and consumption, bar code tracking of goods , and stock status reports at any point in time in 1 to 1000 different facilities. iRely Process Manufacturing delivers powerful Finite Capacity Scheduling along with BOM and recipe management. iRely provides Quality Control management and captures key logistical data to provide critical regulatory information. iRely provides quality checks and audits at every stage, for example Arrival of Raw Material, WIP and Finished Goods. iRely also provides a rich, flexible visual Lot Traceability capability that delivers the type of speed and efficiency needed to address today’s food safety requirements. 

iRely Process Manufacturing Technology

iRely leverages a Microsoft .Net based multi-tier architecture that can be rendered in the device of your choice. Software is built on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture with web services at the core of the business function. Architecture supports primarily MS SQL Server database, with the ability to support other standard relational databases.

A flexible integration engine, which supports a wide array of integration mechanisms, permits us to integrate with other best-of-breed systems. Receive all the benefits of iRely without having to overhaul your entire ERP system.

iRely Process Manufacturing Modules

Materials Management for iRely Process Manufacturing

Material Management Module 

The iRely Process Manufacturing Inventory Management module provides inventory information at the lot level in 3 dimensions: quantity, quality status and expiration. The easy color coding in the inventory view enables users to quickly determine both quality status and expiration information for the lots. Quality data for the lots is a single right-click away. Users with the correct authorization can perform quick housekeeping tasks such as adjustments, extending expiration dates etc., all within the inventory view. iRely allows you to track inbound receipts with or without a reference purchase order. Create inventory at the lot level. Setup incoming inspection for delivery trucks and quality checks for the materials received. Attach COA and additional quality information to the lots received.

Sales & Order Management for iRely Process Manufacturing

Sales & Order Overview Module 

The iRely Process Manufacturing Shipping module streamlines the execution of your sales orders through task-based instructions to warehouse personnel to fulfill shipping function. Warehouse personnel can schedule inbound and outbound trucks to optimize utilizing the dock doors. Enforce FIFO based shipping rules with detailed lot level track of pallets shipped. Gain the ability to fulfill part pallet orders with tasks generated for split and merge type operations. iRely offers EDI based integration with external order management systems to ensure prompt response to customer demand.

Financial Management for iRely Process Manufacturing

Landed Costs Module

iRely Process Manufacturing Landed Costs module captures cost components for commodity contracts to determine true landed costs for containers received. The iRely system captures estimates at the component level providing a comparison of actual vs. budget. Integrate with external systems at the transaction level to provide detail costing information.

Production Management for iRely Process Manufacturing

Production Management Module

The iRely Process Manufacturing Production Management module provides you with different options to track production activity. You can use the blend management function to identify specific lots to consume during a production run and hand it to the plant floor to execute. Alternatively, you can use the production run process to capture actual lots consumed to every batch of finished goods produced. Depending on your quality scheme you are also able to setup a mandatory quality capture for every lot of finished goods produced. The iRely Process Manufacturing Finite Scheduling module allows you to establish a constraint-based schedule for your production facility. Demand from multiple sources can be consolidated into work orders. You can setup availability calendar for all the machines in your production facility. Using the capacity and cross contamination data established, the system will automatically determine an optimal schedule to meet specific delivery timelines and reduce system blow-out or cleaning needed to avoid cross contamination.

Quality Control Module

The iRely Process Manufacturing Quality Control module provides a flexible and extensible mechanism to establish critical control points within the manufacturing process. Setup different quality capture profiles based on the classification of the ingredients or based on ingredient. Against each lot setup multiple control points and determine the quality profile data to be captured. iRely enables you to establish a positive release process throughout the material flow model as needed. Quality data travels with the lot throughout its lifecycle and can be viewed easily from the lot details.

Supply Chain Management for iRely Process Manufacturing

Supply Management Module

Manage purchase contracts with importers with iRely Process Manufacturing’s Contract Management module. Track shipment and container ETA for the ingredient coming in. Manage quality samples throughout the procurement process. Manage inventory that needs to be pulled into the plant from the port. Establish PTBF contracts and maintain price fixation details for the purchase contracts. Link physical contracts and price fixation entries to hedge positions in the futures market.

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