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Customer Relationship Management for Inform Software

Customer Relationship Management Overview

Inform’s CRM provides a single integrated solution to help you solidify customer loyalty, improve service, and increase efficiency. Group calendars improve office and inter-branch communication with shared calenders, group events and joint tasks. Deliver professionally designed email directly through inform. Send direct-mail campaigns utilizing inform’s customer database. Salesperson and Sales Manager dashboards provide deep insight into territory, customer base and pipeline opportunities. Create a customer loyalty program quickly and easily based on your customer’s needs to increase ongoing future orders.

Business Intelligence — Interactive Analysis

Inform’s Business Intelligence provides unprecedented insight and analytics into the strengths and weaknesses of your past, present and future business metrics

Dynamic Dashboard

An overall view of business performance on one screen to provide optimal functionality, and ease of use.

Single Screen Overview

At a glance comparisons of sales, inventory and gross profit trends strategically organized in one overall showcase.

Measure and Achieve your Goals

Easily define company level metrics based on key performance goals, compare them to current trends and act accordingly.

Track Sales & Profit Trends 

Dynamic sales and profit tracking allows you to capitalize on current trends to maximize your business’s profitability.

Unmatched Sales Tracking

Discover the core causes of lost dollars. Analyze your business by line volume, GM percent, GMROI and more.

Get Down to the smallest detail

Drill down by warehouse, product lines, individual products and more to increase sales on top ranked items and identify those needing assistance. Make the Most of Your Inventory Investment Automatic inventory ranking, turns and overheads are updated daily on your dashboard screen to provide up to date inventory analysis.

Unique Calculations for Better Projections

Inventory Overhead compares the cost of sales, current inventory on-hand, and average inventory numbers over the past 12 months providing unique product performance tracking to better gauge future needs.

Eliminate Slow Moving Items

Simple easy to use charts quickly identify D and X ranked stock for closeouts.

Watch List

Identify a list of items to watch and quickly identify, monitor, and improve problem business areas.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Follow vendors, products, salespeople, and more. Evaluate and adjust your business strategy as trends form to discover and streamline opportunities.

Easily Track Issues

Set goals for each item added to your Watch List. Business Intelligence will quickly identify and color code poorly performing items according to severity.

Electronic Document Solutions

Inform immediately improves operational efficiencies, drives out clerical processing, filing, paper reports, archiving, and proof of delivery hassles saving you thousands of dollars annually.

Electronic Signature Capture

Utilizing the latest technology, DDI’s electronic signature capture works with your iOS mobile device to capture delivery signatures and wirelessly sync with your inform software system. Easily link these signatures to invoices to show your proof-of-delivery.

Document Attachments

Quickly attach MSDS pages, specification sheets, product images, stock receipts and more. Link these attached files to product, vendor, customer files, etc. Increase customer service by accessing these documents as needed — avoiding flipping through paper catalogs!

Event Messaging

Provide unprecedented customer service with inform’s automated event messaging. Never miss an event or follow-up task, and manage your inventory closer than ever before!

Monitor A/R Collection Issues

Trap orders for customers who are becoming credit risks with automatic, real time aging and credit limit checks during order entry. Lists of customers with overdue balances are automatically sent to your collection team on a daily basis, making it easy for them to solicit payments and preventing even the smallest open balances from slipping through the cracks.

Automatic Gross Profit Notification

Avoid accounting and financial reporting issues by catching orders that don’t meet your gross profit goals. Inform proactively suspends these orders and sends messages to designated managers for immediate correction. Customize this feature to reflect your gross profit goals and notify as few or as many users
as necessary.

Control Critical Inventory

Real time low stock messaging empowers your purchasing staff to respond quickly and accurately. Prevent the accumulation of dead-stock by creating informed purchase orders based on stock minimums, purchase quantities and other critical factors. Inform’s sophisticated branch replenishment system automatically analyzes branch stock levels, generates transfers, and notifies warehouse personnel that the material they need is in-transit.

Quote Follow-up Reminders

Never lose a sale. Inform helps busy sales personnel track sales opportunities and bids, demonstrating on-time professional follow-up. Even after the sale, messaging reminds them to notify the customer of completed orders, shipping delays, and backordered item status.

Inform Software Modules

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