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Ross ERP Software Summary

As of 2021, Ross ERP is now known as Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP Ross Edition.

Ross ERP by Aptean is a full-featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for the unique needs of process manufacturing companies in the Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. Companies in these industries must comply with strict regulatory requirements and customer requirements, including traceability and recall. These are companies that use Recipes or Formulas to manufacture products, typically with lot control, shelf life and traceability/recall requirements.

Ross ERP is a comprehensive solution suite supporting all the business processes for Planning, Manufacturing, Procurement, Inventory, Sales/Customer Service, Shipping, Costing, Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Reporting with Business Intelligence/Analytics. All of the most critical data that process manufacturers need to optimize their operations is at the user’s fingertips in real time through a series of thoughtfully designed and user-friendly analytics dashboards. A full Data Collection application for scanning barcodes to perform all receiving, inventory, manufacturing and shipping functions is included. Global support is included for multi-location and multi-country implementations with full multi-currency financial management and multi-language capabilities. Many users have experienced benefits of improved customer service levels, reduced inventory loss/expiration, improved productivity and efficiency, reduced costs, increased revenue and profitability.

Key features that Ross ERP provides for Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies include Full Bidirectional Lot Traceability Recall from Supplier to Customer; Recipe and Formula Management; Inventory Management and Control of multiple units of measure for Catchweight, Potency and Packaging; Shelf Life and Expiration Control; Variable Lot Characteristics and Customer Specifications; managing of Co-Products and By-Products with appropriate Costing; Yield Management; Allergen Controls; robust Product Costing with Inventory Valuation of Standard Cost, Actual Cost or Weighted Average with Landed Cost; and flexible Sales Pricing capabilities including Bracket Pricing and Cost Plus Pricing with robust Promotion Management and Accruals, as well as many other features to support the unique requirements of companies in these industries.

Ross ERP also has built-in best practices for Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Because of this, the time and effort to implement is normally less than half of the time required for generic ERP solutions. Also, there is less need for modification as Ross has the tools to meet the needs of these industries.

In addition, other Aptean solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Enterprise Asset Management (CMMS/EAM) and Warehouse Management (WMS) are fully integrated.

Ross ERP can be deployed either on premise or as a subscription (SaaS) to meet your needs.

Ross ERP Software Advantages

Ross ERP is the perfect fit for process manufacturing companies in the Food and Beverage, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, as it was designed and developed with the unique features and modules that you require to effectively manage and streamline your business. Because of our experience in your industry and our close collaboration with many customers, the implementation scope and timeline is considerably less than a traditional ERP system. This also minimizes any need for customization as the features you need are included in Ross ERP. Plus, unnecessary overhead that is typically in a generic ERP solution is excluded, further streamlining the implementation and use of Ross ERP.

Your users will find Ross ERP intuitive and easy to use as it is built on industry best practices with easily understood configuration settings to match how your company does business. Trace Express is an easy to use Graphical Lot Trace and Recall for your complete Supply Chain from Supplier Receipts to Customer Shipments/Invoices allowing you to start at any point in your supply chain and see the complete traceability map, including links to all transactions and quality test results.The Manufacturing, Costing, Quality and Planning processes are based on a scalable Recipe/Formula based model to support manufacturing requirements that a traditional Bill of Material does not support. This includes scalable recipes/formulas with minimum and maximum Batch Sizes, Potency and Dependency formulas for Inputs, miscellaneous non-inventory inputs, interstage outputs/inputs between stages to link recipes/formulas with multiple outputs for co-products and by-products. Allergen Control, Yield Management and Quality Tests are also available.

Product Costing and Inventory Valuation options include Standard, Weighted Average and Lot Actual Costs to support commodity based material costs along with future and what-if costing simulation.

Inventory/Warehouse Management includes full lot control with Expiration Dates with customer requirements for minimum shelf life. Multiple Units of measure includes Catchweight and Potency capabilities along with multiple Packaging options.

The sales and distribution capabilities includes flexible pricing and promotions/discounts features along with customer specifications for lot characteristics and shelf life.

Ross ERP is scalable as your business grows, supporting both your needs today and in the future.

Ross ERP Software Technology

Ross ERP utilizes a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with an N‑Tier multilayered architecture to separate the User Interface, Business Logic and Database management functions. The user interface utilizes HTML 5, providing access to all ERP capabilities via an HTML 5 supported browser on the user’s device of choice, including Android and iOS.

Mobility applications built with HTML 5 using only a browser on tablets and smartphones for factory workers in manufacturing, warehousing, receiving, shipping and quality are available.

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