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Additional Capabilities for Ross ERP Software

As of 2021, Ross ERP is now known as Aptean Process ERP

Business Process Management Module

With Business Process Management you can define Workflows to automate and integrate people and processes. For processes like procurement approvals, you can electronically route approvals based upon who is submitting a purchase request, the product and the estimated cost. The person getting the request for approval can be notified via email and can approve, reject or transfer approval directly from email from any device without having to log in to Ross ERP.

Document Connect Module

With Document Connect your users can easily drag and drop documents onto screens in ERP such as Product Master, Sales Orders, Purchase Receipts to electronically store and link documents to the master and transactional data. When in a screen, such as a Sales Order Inquiry that has a document attached, the user is notified via an alert/badge in the toolbar and can easily retrieve the document for viewing. This saves effort and cost in manually storing paper documents in filing cabinets that are not easily retrievable.

Event Management Framework Module

With Event Management Framework, you can automate notifications and alerts in your business. With over 60 pre-built alerts and notifications to choose from, use can get alerts for exceptions like late supplier receipts, inventory nearing expiration, failing QC Test results and many others you can automate exception notification via texts, emails, webpages and reports. You can also easily build other alerts and notifications. In addition you can use Event Management Framework to monitor other applications and integrate data in other applications to Ross ERP.

Process Analytics Module

With Analytics for Business Intelligence, predefined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and Dashboards are preconfigured based on key metrics from your industry covering Management Scorecards, Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Inventory, Payables and Receivables. This can be accessed via a browser on Desktops and Tablets with an easy to use user interface to easily filter the information for business insights and for fact based decision making.

Ross Data Manager

With Ross Data Manager, you can maintain your Production Database and archive and purge data into an Archive Environment for on line access and inquiry using the same inquires and reports as the production environment. This keeps your production database agile for best performance with maintaining online access to historical information in your archive environment.

Ross Insight

With Ross Insight and your Smart Phone, Tablet or Desktop you can easily Search for information in you ERP application or other information and documents on your network. The Search engine runs in the background and indexes information for easy search and retrieval. Using search text or phrases like customer names or product descriptions easily see Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Manufacturing information, based upon your security to access from any device of choice without having to be trained on the use of the Ross modules.

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