Sage Intactt | CRM w/Salesforce


Customer Relationship Management w/Salesforce

If you’re already using Salesforce—the most popular cloud-based CRM system—why not consider connecting Salesforce with Sage Intacct, the most popular financial application on the Salesforce AppExchange.
Together, Salesforce and Sage Intacct will streamline the way your sales and finance teams communicate, help them work more efficiently, and give your finance organization the same cloud computing experience your sales team gets with Salesforce.
Give your sales people the ability to create sales quotes, convert existing quotes to orders with a single click, verify pricing and inventory, and track order status in real time, all from within their familiar Salesforce CRM system. And, free your finance organization from painful sales order and financial reconciliation—saving valuable time and significantly reducing costs.

Combining Salesforce and Sage Intacct gives your sales team instant access to key financial information, while your finance team gains superior insight and control with award-winning financial software featuring robust multi-dimensional, multi-company, and multi-currency capabilities.
Join the thousands of companies that have improved their business by integrating Salesforce CRM with Sage Intacct and:
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated order entry staff. Streamline your entire quote-to-cash process, and create booked orders in Sage Intacct directly from sales opportunities in Salesforce CRM with a single click—eliminating manual data re-entry
  • Provide back office details right from within Salesforce CRM. Give your salespeople instant access to key financial information—including shipping, billing and collections data from within Salesforce —without having to ask finance.
  • Boost compliance with accounting standards. Take advantage of comprehensive GAAP and IFRS accounting seamlessly integrated with Salesforce
  • Proactively manage renewals. Automatically generate renewal sales opportunities in Salesforce CRM before existing sales contracts expire, enabling you to effectively manage and forecast renewals and extension
  • Gain infinite business visibility. Provide executives with deep, real-time insight into your entire sales pipeline, inventory, and collection status by combining financial and sales data into real-time Sage Intacct dashboards and reports.
    If you’re already using Salesforce to manage CRM, Sage Intacct is the clear choice for financial management and accounting. Check out the reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange, and see why we’re the most popular cloud-based financial application for companies using Salesforce