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Navis Logistics Network

Location Denver, Colorado USA
Sage Intacct Case Study - Navis Logistics Network

Navis Logistics Case Study for Sage Intactt ERP

The Company: About Navis Logistics Network

Navis Logistics Network, a national packaging and shipping franchisor, was founded in 1980 as a single, company-owned retail store operating under the Handle With Care Packaging Store name and began franchising in 1984.

The Situation: Standardize Financial Operations

Navis Logistics Network needed to standardize financial operations across its network to better serve commercial, industrial and retail customers. Franchisees had for years used a jumble of on-premises ERP and accounting systems. As a result, the company only had a retrospective view of key financial data and couldn’t efficiently respond to market opportunities and business issues.

Navis also lacked the information necessary to leverage its aggregate shipping volume for discount and referral opportunities with freight carriers. The company realized it needed a Web-based solution with multi-entity capabilities that could integrate with NavisConnect, it’s proprietary Web portal that its franchisees, customers and partners use to produce estimates, process orders and manage logistics.


  • Wanted to standardize finanicial operations across its network to better serve commercial, industrial and retail customers
  • Too many disparate accounting and ERP systems slowed their ability to respond to market changes and impeded cost-saving efforts
  • Needed better visibility into the financials and operations of all its franchises

The Solution: Sage Intacct ERP

Navis chose Intacct’s on-demand financial management applications roll out to all new warehouse franchisees. Deployed in IBM’s secure, tier 1 data centers, Navis no longer had to worry about maintenance, back-ups, or software upgrades. Unlike most business solutions, which let franchisors see data from only one store at a time, Intacct provides Navis with a unified real-time view of all franchisees. For example, corporate personnel can run comparisons across franchisees and collaborate simultaneously with local field staff. Web-based collaboration and real-time visibility throughout the network give us tremendous ability to manage key metrics such as margin and pricing,” says Navis president and CEO, Marvin Storm.

The Results: Sage Intacct ERP Implementation Benefits

  • Ability to quickly and easily see the latest financial data
  • Financial management is seamlessly integrated with day-to-day operation
  • Reduction of total cost of ownership
Aided by Intacct’s strong reporting and dashboards, Navis executives can now immediately react to sales figures, cost estimates, and budget projections posted by franchisees. None of the businesses on the Intacct system have ever had a late royalty report,” Storm said. We can see exactly what they’ve sold and the amount of royalties debited from their accounts, rather than waiting for them to file a report and mail a check.” Intacct has also reduced costs by allowing managers to gather data on aggregate shipments across its network and gain volume discounts from freight carriers. Meanwhile, streamlining business processes has stabilized cash flow and allows franchisees to dedicate more time and resources to sales and operations.

Intacct’s on-demand applications are the perfect solution for managing a dynamic franchise network. With automatic revenue reporting and royalty collection, our franchisees are free to focus on the core business of packaging and shipping.” Marvin L. Storm, President and CEO, Navis Logistics

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