Noah Costello

Digital Product Manager


In 2019, Top10ERP welcomed Noah Costello to their team as a Digital Product Manager with the goal of driving significant improvements to their decision platform. With over 20 years of experience in the digital realm, Noah now leads all aspects of user experience for the ERP comparison platform. In his role, Noah has overseen a comprehensive product overhaul and launch and now manages the B2B product and internal technical tools. Noah coordinates with stakeholders and technical teams, analyzes the market and competition to inform product decisions, and constantly improves product performance through iterative adjustments and enhancements to design and user experience. His extensive experience and attention to detail make him an invaluable asset to the Top10ERP team.

Noah Costello's journey into technology and design began soon after high school when he discovered Photoshop and developed a fascination for graphic design. This newfound passion inspired him to acquire a wide spectrum of skills, including web design, programming, and animation. During that period, he felt his college courses were struggling to keep up with the rapid advancements in web and digital technologies. Noah dove into books, online tutorials, and hands-on experimentation to stay ahead.

Noah's entrepreneurial spirit and skill set were instrumental in his co-founding of Mindflood, a digital agency, in the early 2000s. As CEO, he led the agency to success in a variety of digital disciplines, transforming the company from a living room startup to a thriving business with over $3M in annual revenue. Mindflood worked with high-profile clients such as Walmart, Nokia, Toyota, and Red Bull, collaborating with top advertising agencies to deliver outstanding results. Building on this success, Noah co-founded SilkTricky, Inc. as Technology Director, where he and his team collaborated with major advertising agencies to create digital campaigns for renowned brands such as Doritos, Sony, Subaru, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola. SilkTricky gained a reputation for its expertise, attention to detail, and proficiency in design, animation, programming, and digital marketing strategy.

Throughout their existence, the agencies co-founded by Noah received numerous industry accolades, including two prestigious Webby Awards, which stand as a testament to their dedication to creativity, innovation, and outstanding production quality. Noah's leadership and contributions were key factors in the success of both companies, cementing his status as a highly skilled and respected professional in the field.

Noah's passion for learning and creating has fueled his career and personal pursuits, and he takes great pride in his diverse skill set and ability to deliver exceptional user experiences. When he's not fully immersed in the digital world, Noah strikes a healthy balance between cherishing quality time with his family and pursuing his favorite outdoor activities. He is an avid surfer, relishing the rush of riding the waves, and also a mountain biking enthusiast who enjoys tackling challenging trails.

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