Genius ERP | Quality Control

          Quality Control

Be known for quality. Don’t just fix problems, prevent issues from occurring with Genius Quality Control. Generate non-conformance reports (NCRs) and relate them to the proper source (vendor, manufacturing, customer complaint, etc.) in one quick system.

Assign corrective actions so that employees can easily handle NCR input and correct issues, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Build a history to guide staff and vendors, and ensure that products are delivered on-time — and at higher levels of quality.

          Real-time Monitoring

Genius ERP brings all shop floor data into a single source for streamlined processing and analysis. Everyone in your organization sees the same data in real-time, to gain oversight, improve decision-making, optimize production and increase throughput.


Genius ERP lets you monitor and measure operations using real-time dashboards, as well as track progress, efficiency, and employee performance. Improve profit margins by creating reliable reports that focus on both external profit building and internal cost reductions. Progressively release bill of manufacturing details to the shop floor. Make quick changes based on shifting priorities and customer modifications. Integrate all your front office functions with your manufacturing software, centralizing data and breaking down operational silos.