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Materials Management for Genius ERP

Inventory Management and Control Module

Genius ERP gives you a single real-time system that coordinates all areas of your operation, giving you greater oversight of your entire operation. Monitor inventory levels in real-time, and have access to accurate and up-to-date inventory levels and needs, giving you confidence that you always have the right number of goods and materials on hand for production.

Avoid material and long-lead item shortages while optimizing purchasing for a rolling stock of goods when you need them. Establish just-in-time” inventory management practices and avoid costly shortages and supply overstock.

Track Inventory and Materials 

Track by serial number and associate different statuses so that specific materials can be counted and allocated before production begins.

Just-in-time Inventory

Avoid production interruptions by eliminating surprise material shortages and replenish based on actual on-the-job demand or for inventory. Use mobile devices to move material, manage inventory, and eliminate duplicate data entry.

Genius Inventory Management Module Features:

· Inventory movement 

· Material consumption 

· Physical inventory 

· Physical identification labeling 

· Inventory management 

Bill of Materials Module

An accurate BOM ensures that your product is built right. Save on engineering, planning and purchasing time, streamline production, and guarantee projects are headache- and error-free with software that automatically converts CAD drawings into BOMs. Trust that you will always have an accurate and up-to-date BOM ready for procurement, planning, pricing, and production.

Genius CAD2BOM is designed to save time, eliminate errors, prepare inventory and fine-tune quotes and estimates at the design phase.

Genius CAD2BOM integrates with SolidWorks or Inventor, and with one click produces a bill of materials, ready for procurement and production. Don’t waste time re-entering information, always have synchronized data, and eliminate redundancies. 

Genius CAD2BOM Module Features

  • Fully configurable mapping between CAD properties and Genius fields
  • Routing functions
  • Progressive BOM release for lightweight assembly & partial transfer of project
  • SolidWorks Cutlist profiles integration
  • Inventor Frame Generator integration
  • Multiple naming and mapping options with CAD Compare and merge BOMs

Materials Purchasing Module

Streamline the purchasing process through integrated data that links BOMs, sales orders, and inventory levels, allowing you to know what needs to be purchased, and when. Allocate raw goods to work orders, and use real-time data to monitor inventory levels, to ensure you always have stock and hand, and know when you need to re-purchase goods.

Vendor Management Module

Make price inquiries for multiple items, to multiple suppliers with Genius Vendor Management. Reorder items based on minimum stock or combine orders.

Automated RFQs

Genius ERP allows you to make simultaneous price inquiries for multiple items to multiple suppliers and subsequently receive prices from your suppliers without having to re-enter any information.

Smart Ordering

The recommended repurchasing function will identify potential shortages based on real-time inventory, expected delivery times, and the date required for the item according to in-process production orders. Genius Manufacturing also allows you to reorder items based on minimum stock or to combine purchase lists from multiple orders.

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