Intuitive ERP | Plan & Schedule

Plan and Schedule Production

A work center consists of machines, labor personnel, or a combination of the two. Routing sequences move across work centers while the product is being created. Using Intuitive ERP, you may maintain costs for each work center, define the work center's capacity and utilization, set it for finite or for infinite loading, and enter other work center specific data.

Work centers may also be defined as outplant work centers, meaning that the job is outsourced at this point.

The capacity of each work center is established so that work orders may be loaded across it. Work center capacities reflect the workload that work centers can handle in one day. Capacities are initialized across all days, and then may be maintained by day or hour to reflect planned machine down time, etc.

Work orders are loaded across work centers based on an item's routings and on the capacities and parameters established for work centers. Intuitive ERP uses routing sequence data and standard process data to create work order operation records for work orders, then automatically schedules those operations on the shop floor using work center capacity data. Scheduling features such as overlap, sequencing, and other features are included. Work orders may be loaded either forward or backward, with finite or infinite capacity (set by work