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Intuitive ERP
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Intuitive ERP Overview

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Intuitive, an Aptean ERP solution, offers intuitive and flexible enterprise ERP solutions that help today’s mid-market manufacturers achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability through seamless integration of business processes on an enterprise-wide level. Intuitive ERP software is designed to deliver superior functionality, rapid implementation, high levels of usability and a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry.

Intuitive ERP software was built around the concept that the software should support standard business cycles and that the underlying technology should be flexible and affordable. Developed using solely Microsoft technologies, the software incorporated well-established manufacturing and accounting practices (such as those prescribed by APICS and GAAP) and an intuitive user interface to deliver very sophisticated solutions — as well as economic value — to mid-market manufacturers.

Aptean has over 800 Intuitive ERP customers in over 20 countries, in industries ranging from aerospace to bicycle parts and circuit boards to boat docks. Though virtually all manufacturing segments are represented in our customer base, the top three industries served are electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, and fabricated metal products. Intuitive ERP is designed for discrete, make to stock, make to order, configure to order, assemble to order, and mixed-mode manufacturers.

The Intuitive Enterprise Solution is an ERP software application that helps mid-market manufacturing businesses achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and happier customers. By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, Intuitive ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.

Intuitive ERP Advantages

By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, Intuitive ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.With features like a customizable My Menu”, advanced search capabilities, customizable fields, easy-to-use reporting wizards, our unique work flow tool and seamless integration with Microsoft products, even the most change-resistant employees will find that the Intuitive ERP system saves them time and effort every day.

Intuitive provides the people, processes and tools necessary for a well-executed implementation. Our time-tested implementation process, together with training and other aids, help to get your system and employees up and running in record time.

Many of our customers implement the system in less than ninety days.

We attribute this to several factors:

  • The flexibility of the product 
  • The consulting services and training provided by Intuitive 
  • An intuitive interface that makes the product easy for your employees to learn and use 
  • Our Microsoft-based technology infrastructure 
  • Extensive implementation documentation 
  • Proven implementation planning guides 
  • Ease of customization/modification of the system 

Intuitive ERP Technology

Intuitive’s mission is to use technology to ensure that Intuitive ERP helps you sustain growth and compete successfully without burdening your company — and your IT department — with an overly complex and non-adaptive product.

The clear choice to achieve this goal is to stay current with the innovations from the leader in the industry — Microsoft. From day one, Intuitive has provided a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry: 100 percent Microsoft® technology. And Intuitive remains committed to embracing advances from Microsoft to create products that are more robust, more secure, faster and, most importantly, easier for you to use and administer.

Microsoft .NET (“dot net”) is the latest technology innovation in the software industry, and is perhaps the biggest breakthrough since the first release of Windows. We at Intuitive are confident that enterprise applications in pure Microsoft .NET managed code will have overwhelmingly clear advantages and therefore will soon become a standard requirement for software users. Intuitive has undertaken and nearly completed a large re-development effort to completely migrate Intuitive ERP to .NET and take advantage of all of the incredible innovation from Microsoft.

Intuitive ERP Modules

Materials Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Inventory Management Module

Control Inventory

Intuitive ERP’s robust and structured inventory management system allows you to maintain optimal levels of items, whether raw materials, work in process, or finished products. Intuitive ERP automatically tracks inventory levels to provide you with consistently accurate, updated information right when you need it. 

Return Materials Authorization Module

Managing the return of product from customers is another area you can leverage to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. The quicker you can disposition defective or disputed parts, the faster you can turn a dissatisfied customer into a good reference. Our return material functionality provides you with the ability to ensure a thoroughly professional approach in this sensitive area of customer service. 

  • Receive returned material into a special inventory account 
  • Receive and process sample returns before authorizing a full return of materials 
  • Inspect returned materials 
  • Automatically credit the customer’s account 

The Return Material Authorization (RMA) module included with the Intuitive solution provides complete return material capability. Parts can be returned even if there is no existing sales order record (the return of a component for example). The RMA module provides you with complete tracking functionality, from assigning an RMA number for the customer, dispositioning samples (optional), receiving the returned materials, and dispositioning all returns. Credit memos and replacement orders can be automatically generated if desired.

Managing this inventory once it is returned is also important to the profitability of your company. The RMA module applies the same level of inventory management to returned items as is applied to production inventory. All material can be processed through inspection, accepted into inventory, sent to rework or scrapped to an expense account. 

Bar Coding Module

Using Intuitive ERP’s bar code capabilities can greatly improve the accuracy of your inventory data by eliminating unnecessary retyping of data and ensuring that the latest information is directly input into your system.

Our real-time bar coding devices allow you to enter and track work orders, material movement, and labor transactions easily. Bar codes can be printed on work orders, purchase orders, shiplists, picklists, inventory picklist labels, travelers, and more.

Costing Module

The Intuitive ERP costing feature keeps track of standard, average and last (actual) costs for inventory items and allows you to select which costing type you wish to use as the accounting value for each of the items in inventory. Whenever the accounting value is updated, inventory is re-valued at this new cost.

Many companies choose to use standard costing as a management tool for controlling costs. They establish the standard costs using a standard rate per unit of finished goods when the plant is operating at normal capacity. Then, through the analysis of the amounts written to the variance accounts they are able to determine which areas of their manufacturing or purchasing process need attention. Average costing uses a weighted moving average that Intuitive ERP computes for the cost of items. Last costing uses the actual costs stored in the database for the item the last time it was manufactured or purchased. Regardless of which accounting value type you select, the standard, average, and last cost are calculated for each item for informational and reporting purposes.

The Intuitive ERP stock value report allows you to see your current inventory status including the quantities for each item, current allocations, and the stock valuation. It can also be used to determine the value for your inventory at a specified date in the past and the portion of your company’s money that is tied up in items that are obsolete.

Location/Lot Tracking Module

For companies that have multiple warehouses, multiple stock locations and/or lot number control, Intuitive ERP offers complete warehouse/location/lot tracking functionality. In addition to the serial number tracking capabilities of Intuitive ERP, this functionality supports the more complex needs of manufacturers in regulated industries or with perishable goods.

Whether you use it to support product recalls or to increase the level of control you desire over your inventory, location/lot tracking gives you the flexibility to manage each item to the required level of detail. Items can be assigned to a warehouse, floor space area, or bin location(s), and extensive activity reports are available for both location and lot tracking.

Complete visibility, both upwards and downwards, is available for each lot. You may enter a lot number and receive full tracking to al work orders and sales orders that included that lot, including shipment information. In addition, you can enter a sales order number and receive downwards tracking” information to see all component lots that were included in the order. 

Sales & Order Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Opportunity Management Module

The Opportunity Management module maximizes the efficiency of your sales force by helping to manage and identify the best strategy for moving to close the deal. By providing a tool to effectively manage every component of an opportunity, Opportunity Management helps your sales professionals capitalize on sales potential with prospects and increase business from existing customers.

Order Processing Module

Visualize the reaction when you custom-configure a complex, dimensional product, provide a detailed quote and enter a sales order — all while sitting in your customer’s office…

Intuitive ERP’s complete order processing functionality, including direct quote-to-sales order conversion, revision tracking, full-featured order entry forms, multiple commission options, sales analysis reporting, and more, provides the tools necessary to maximize the efficiency of your sales force. After sales orders are entered, Intuitive ERP takes the newly created demand and reserves inventory or generates planned purchase orders and work orders to procure raw materials and build manufactured parts. Once the finished goods are complete and available to be shipped, sales orders are fulfilled and invoiced.

Process Point-of-Sale Purchases Module

The Point of Sale (POS) form allows the user to book the order, ship, invoice, and apply cash all in one easy step (the process may be stopped at any point; for example, you can book, ship and invoice, but not apply cash). This extremely fast and simple process allows over-the-counter type sales to be entered quickly and easily.

Maintaining Price Matrices Module

Intuitive ERP’s Price Matrix Maintenance functionality provides a your company with a tool for entering and maintaining price policies for customer types, customers, product families, and/or individual items.

To determine the prices to use in the sales order and quoting processes, Intuitive ERP starts with the unit sales price, then applies the pricing matrix guidelines. It determines the price for items based on all the price matrices that pertain to the customer / item / quantity combination on the quote or sales order. For example, suppose a customer who receives a 10% discount on all orders places an order for an item that is on sale at 10% off the standard price. The customer would automatically receive 20% (10% for the customer pricing matrix plus 10% for the item matrix) off the final price for that item.

Quoting Module

Intuitive’s quoting solution shortens the sales cycle and automates order processing. The faster you can configure and quote an order, the faster you can realize revenue. 

  • Provide quotes and estimates 
  • Create and quote new items, bills of material and routings on-the-fly 
  • Provide customer- specific or volume discounts 
  • Check item availability and promise deliveries 
  • View customer status and history 
  • Convert quotes to sales orders automatically 

Our Quoting functionality allows you to enter and maintain quotes that may be automatically converted to sales orders. You can track quotes by customer, date, or follow-up date and manage by revision level.

New items can be created during the quoting process. You can also copy an existing item, modify the routing or bill for a new cost, and configure an item on-the-fly through the configurator. If you quote a new item from any of the above methods, the item, bill of material, and routing will be created automatically when the quote is converted to a sales order.

The quoting module is fully integrated into both the Intuitive ERP price matrix (for end items) and the bid matrix (for component items).

A cover letter functionality allows you to establish a Microsoft Word document template as a cover letter for each quote, or to connect any other required document to a standard quote.

The quoting system includes an approvals system, as does our sales order processing, engineering change order, and purchasing modules. You may establish an unlimited number of contacts (inside or outside of your company) who will receive automatic e‑mail notification of a quote and ask for their approval or disapproval. The automatic method of requesting approvals increases control while decreasing time requirements.

After your quote has been approved, you can easily convert quotes to sales orders automatically, eliminating manual data input errors. The entire quote does not have to be converted at once; lines of the quote may be individually selected for conversion to a sales order.

Several reports are also available with the Intuitive ERP Quoting option. These reports provide the functionality to print individual quotes, print a listing of all quotes in the system according to customer, item, etc., and also a follow-up report that is used as an action list for salespeople on open quotes. 

Financial Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

General Ledger Module

The Intuitive ERP General Ledger is where all your company’s fiscal records are stored and the flow of money within your company is tracked. In addition, the GL controls financial activity and provides extensive reporting and analysis capabilities.

Intuitive ERP makes it easy to set up your chart of accounts and fiscal periods, keep your accounts up to date, close periods, manage cash flow, and produce both corporate and departmental financial statements. Intuitive multi-company capabilities, summary views, transaction-level drill down, and an unlimited number of user-defined groups and subgroups help you keep track of your company’s financial status.

General ledger transactions are generated automatically by Intuitive ERP whenever you do such things as make inventory transactions, pay vendors, receive work orders, etc. Manual and recurring journal entries can also be posted to the GL. You have complete control over when and how transactions are posted.

A complete drill-down financial statement allows you to access data to the transaction level.

Accounts Payable Module

Intuitive ERP contains a complete A/P system, including A/P invoice entry (miscellaneous and integrated to receivers), debit memos, recurring A/P, material burden, automatic and manual selection of invoices for payment, check processing and printing, and bank reconciliation.

As raw materials arrive on your dock from your vendors, invoices will also be arriving in your Accounts Payable department. Intuitive ERP provides the tools you need to enter invoice data, generate payments for vendors, and eventually reconcile your bank statement regarding the payments.

The Intuitive ERP A/P provides a method of entering invoices, matching invoices to receiving records, and assigning approval codes. This process creates A/P records against which checks can be issued. You can also set up recurring A/P entries for regular payments.

Processing checks is an automatic process that creates checks for all invoices that have been selected for payment.

Complete variance tracking between the accounting value of the item and the actual purchase price is retained and automatically calculated.

The multiple accounts payable reports available within Intuitive ERP allow you to organize A/P records into buckets and displays a time-phased A/P status, view the detail behind each invoice, list all invoices that were selected for payment, list invoices that will be paid the next time checks are processed, print checks, and more.

Accounts Receivable Module

Intuitive ERP contains a complete A/R system, including invoicing, cash receipts, full reporting, multiple A/R accounts, credits, and more

Intuitive ERP supports all different types of terms: split terms, pre-payments, due on a specific date, due on X day of month, free month, or any combination of these on a single invoice.

Generating and printing invoices in Intuitive ERP is a one-step process that offers a great deal of flexibility and control over which invoices are processed. After a sales order has been shipped, Intuitive ERP A/R flags that sales order for invoicing. Every delivery that has been flagged for invoicing will be compared and selected for invoicing based upon criteria you specify. The user has visibility into the shipments selected for invoicing, and may hold some or all based on this information. Invoices may also be consolidated into master invoices at this point.

The A/R account specified in each sales order will be utilized when the invoice is generated. This account number defaults into each order based on the default for the customer.

When payments are received from customers, the payments are applied against invoices in the system. Payment is supported from checks, wires, cash, and credit cards. Miscellaneous cash receipts (cash received not against an invoice) is also supported, are are prepayments, overpayments, and credits.

Cash Flow Module

Budgeting and Cash Flow

Defining and monitoring a budget is a critical step in the process of managing any business. Without the right tools, preparing, distributing, and collecting budget workbooks can be time consuming and cumbersome, and departmental or company consolidations can be a nightmare.

Intuitive ERP provides you with a distributed, enterprise-wide budgeting tool that automates creation, distribution, and collection of Microsoft Excel-based budget input and simplifies the revision process so you can focus on establishing the optimum plan.

You can generate and distribute customized budget templates throughout the entire organization. Completed budget sheets are consolidated to the financial data warehouse for reporting. You can also easily maintain alternative budget-specific tables. Wizards are also provided to help you complete the budgeting process.

You can also compare actual period-to-date and year-to-date performance to the budgeted amounts.

To assess and monitor cash flow, Intuitive ERP exports general ledger data to an Excel spreadsheet to analyze changes in your cash position.

Cost Tracking Module

Intuitive ERP’s costing features track standard, average and last (actual) product costs and allows you to choose which costing type you wish to use as the accounting value for each item in inventory. Whenever the accounting value is updated, inventory is re-valued at this new cost.

Intuitive ERP also provides a one-step method for calculating material, labor, outplant, fixed burden, material burden and variable burden costs. This process updates routing costs and the standard and accounting costs for inventory items.

Intuitive ERP’s work in process (WIP) value report provides a complete summary of all of the costs that are currently in work in process. This report, used in conjunction with the stock value report, gives you a complete inventory valuation, including both stores and work in process.

Financial Analysis Module

Intuitive ERP’s Financial Analyst option provides advanced financial reporting and analysis capabilities to help you monitor the financial status of your company, manage financial information and generate and track budgets.

The keys to financial reporting and analysis are flexibility, performance, and ease of use. Financial Analyst provides executives and financial analysts with real-time access to data, presentation quality reporting and the flexibility to meet the unique needs of any manufacturer.

With a global view of your business you can review summary information, drill down into transaction level detail, and prepare presentation-quality reports. Advanced Financial Analyst is extremely scalable, supporting your growth without the need to add IT resources. 

  • Create sophisticated financial reports 
  • Drill down from summary information to account and transaction level details 
  • Define and monitor budgets 
  • Automatically create and distribute budget workbooks 
  • Consolidate multi-plant and multi-currency financial data 

Pre-defined templates may be used to create standard reports. They may also be used as the foundation for customized reports, eliminating the need to spend your day creating and maintaining spreadsheets.

Advanced financial management capabilities provide multi-site and multi-company consolidation. Comprehensive budgeting capabilities such as multi-level budgeting, consolidations, allocations, and performance reporting are also available.

Financial Reports Module

Intuitive’s Financial Analyst option provides advanced financial reporting and analysis capabilities to help you monitor the financial status of your company, manage financial information, and generate and track budgets.

The keys to financial reporting and analysis are flexibility, performance, and ease of use. Financial Analyst provides executives and financial analysts with real-time access to data, presentation quality reporting and the flexibility to meet the unique needs of any manufacturer.

With a global view of your business you can review summary information, drill down into transaction level detail, and prepare presentation-quality reports. Advanced Financial Analyst is extremely scalable, supporting your growth without the need to add IT resources.

Pre-defined templates may be used to create standard reports. They may also be used as the foundation for customized reports, eliminating the need to spend your day creating and maintaining spreadsheets.

Advanced financial management capabilities provide multi-site and multi-company consolidation. Comprehensive budgeting capabilities such as multi-level budgeting, consolidations, allocations, and performance reporting are also available.

Multi-Facility Consolidation Module

Multi-Plant Operations

With plants across town or across the world, your company’s success depends on the strength of the business systems in each of your locations. And whether you are a corporate controller or operations plant manager, those systems need to provide you with increased productivity, improved inventory management and greater cash-flow generation.

The challenge has been to meet the seemingly conflicting objectives of maintaining corporate oversight and management while providing the local business unit flexibility that has given you a competitive advantage. The solution is Intuitive ERP™ from Intuitive Manufacturing Systems.

Intuitive ERP meets the challenges of a multi-plant environment: 
  • Corporate-level consolidation of critical business information provides the management team with a global view of operations and a drill-down capability to manage issues. 
  • Sophisticated functionality without the complexity of monolithic or bureaucratic systems, empowers employees to make faster and more accurate business decisions. 
  • Flexibility and expandability reduce long-term operating costs while supporting the unique business needs of each division or plant. 
  • A standardized and easy-to-administer IT infrastructure can be centralized, web deployed or distributed to reduce installation, training and maintenance costs. 
  • The system architecture enables technological integration with larger ERP systems.

Payroll Module

Intuitive HR is a complete employee tracking and benefits management system designed for the mid-market that can help you eliminate tedious administrative tasks so you can focus on managing your most important and valuable resources: your employees.

As part of the Intuitive enterprise solution, the Intuitive HR module is easy to use, has extensive reporting capabilities, and gives you the tools to:

  • Manage every aspect of employee information 
  • Simplify employee benefits management 
  • Organize and streamline the hiring process 
  • Improve employee satisfaction 

Intuitive Payroll is a complete .NET payroll system designed for the middle market that makes processing your payroll fast and efficient. Intuitive Payroll will help you enter, maintain, process and report on crucial payroll information. And, because you access it via a web browser, you can enter and maintain your data and process your payroll from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Intuitive Payroll allows flexible printing of payroll checks; they may be printed as needed, on demand. In addition, you can run a trial payroll with full editing capability to provide complete visibility and confidence in accuracy before payroll is processed. Intuitive Payroll includes a powerful tax compliance calculation engine that assures accurate results every single payroll.

Production Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Bill of Materials Module

Visual Bill of Material

Intuitive ERP’s flexible Bill of Material management functionality allows you to increase production cost control and resource management efficiency. With Intuitive ERP, you can proficiently create and manage multi-level bills of material with unlimited components or levels.

The Visual Bills of Material form is used to display a graphical representation of the BOM. You may drill-down into any component relationship from the Visual BOM.

The Bills of Material form is used to add or alter bill of material records. Through the BOM form you can control the effectivity of changes to the bill of material by using effective start and stop dates. This is an excellent way of imposing revision control for your bills, and of pre-planning for changes. Multiple other features are available through this form as well, including scrap related to the manufacture of this component into this parent, substitute items, and lead time offsets.

Methods of easy maintenance, such as Mass Replace, Copy Bill, Loop Check and more ensure your BOMs are current and accurate. Intuitive ERP also includes extensive reports on product structures and parent/component item relationships.

Engineering Through Service Module

Engineering Changes

In the fast-paced world in which you compete, the flexibility to introduce engineering changes without losing control of manufacturing operations is mandatory. Intuitive ERP’s Engineering Change Order functionality provides you with the information to assess the impact of engineering changes throughout your operations.

With Intuitive ERP, you can quickly generate engineering change requests (ECRs) to view the impact and benefits of the proposed changes and then easily convert the ECRs to engineering change orders (ECOs) or temporary deviation authorizations (TDAs). And, determine the cost of the change with one mouse click. You can also track bills of material and item revision levels as well as maintain data for open work orders, purchase orders and on-hand balances.

Plan & Schedule Module

Plan and Schedule Production

A work center consists of machines, labor personnel, or a combination of the two. Routing sequences move across work centers while the product is being created. Using Intuitive ERP, you may maintain costs for each work center, define the work center’s capacity and utilization, set it for finite or for infinite loading, and enter other work center specific data.

Work centers may also be defined as outplant work centers, meaning that the job is outsourced at this point.

The capacity of each work center is established so that work orders may be loaded across it. Work center capacities reflect the workload that work centers can handle in one day. Capacities are initialized across all days, and then may be maintained by day or hour to reflect planned machine down time, etc.

Work orders are loaded across work centers based on an item’s routings and on the capacities and parameters established for work centers. Intuitive ERP uses routing sequence data and standard process data to create work order operation records for work orders, then automatically schedules those operations on the shop floor using work center capacity data. Scheduling features such as overlap, sequencing, and other features are included. Work orders may be loaded either forward or backward, with finite or infinite capacity.

Project Management Module

For companies that use project management techniques, Intuitive ERP provides the tools necessary to establish projects and track all transactions related to that project. When a project or master project is created in Intuitive ERP, the project ID assigned is associated to every facet of data within the system related to that project, including multi-level manufacturing and procurement orders tied to a given sales order. Progress billing reporting assists in billing of work completed for a given project. Also available are drill-down reports on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for any project or master project for complete project profitability reporting.

  • Establish projects and master projects 
  • Report on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for projects 
  • Bill work completed for a project using progress billing

Routings Module

Routings serve as the instruction sheets that guide materials through shop floor operations. Intuitive ERP maintains the integrity of your routing data to ensure you can track job costs precisely and maintain an accurate production schedule.

In Intuitive ERP, standard processes are saved so you do not need to enter a complete routing for each step on each individual item — you may simply choose a standard process for each routing sequence. You may also enter additional data that will modify the standard process for a particular routing only. Routings may also be copied from one item to a similar item for easy data entry.

The type of data entered for each routing includes the associated work center where this routing step occurs, machine ID, tool kit, times, etc. An unlimited length memo field is provided for detailed instructions and may also have associated video clips or documents for even more detailed information.

Intuitive ERP provides detailed item costs with the routing rollup functionality, which calculates precise cost amounts for any or all manufactured items.

Time & Attendance Module

Intuitive ERP includes complete time and attendance tracking and reporting. This includes a clock in/clock out feature, the entry of labor time against work orders, and multiple reporting options. Data entry may be done via keyboard entry or bar code.

Intuitive ERP provides an easy to use method for tracking employee attendance through a clock in and out function. The data recorded by this form may be reviewed via an employee attendance report.

A labor status report is used to verify an employee’s work against a single order, or their total work hours compared to their clocked in hours. Labor information is displayed according to employee, and details each work order that the employee has worked on, including the reported and standard hours for the operation sequence. This on-screen report is for reference purposes.

As operation sequences are completed, the system records labor time as well as quantities completed.

Supply Chain Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Capable to Promise Module

Promise Deliveries

The availability of items in your system is an important piece of information that is necessary for planning future production and making sales commitments. The Intuitive ERP capable to promise (CTP) functionality answers the questions: How much can I promise to a new demand on any day, creating and actually planning for this demand?”

CTP can be called from within a sales order, quote, or a number of other locations for immediate access to CTP information. When utilizing CTP from within a sales order, each delivery can have an immediate feasibility test run, telling the user whether the materials can be shipped on the date requested, and if not, when those materials can be shipped. The user can save the plan immediately and commit that order with no extra steps.

While available to promise (ATP) functionality just interrogates and analyzes the current production plan, CTP is actually an advanced planning process that can generate new planned orders. If, through ATP, you are unable to find sufficient inventory to cover a new demand, CTP can then be invoked to take the next step. CTP provides the ability to determine whether the new demand can be filled by creating additional production and/or purchase orders. And, CTP calculates the earliest feasible date that this new production could be completed and your demand covered. CTP informs you of the new planned orders that would be required (what items need to be produced and/or purchased, order start and end dates, quantities, etc.) and allows you to then decide if those orders should be added to the production schedule.

Forecasting Module

Intuitive Forecasting provides extended capabilities in forecast generation that allow you to: 

  • Improve the accuracy of your forecasts 
  • Save time and money 
  • Improve planning
  • Cut inventory costs 
  • Decrease stockouts

Intuitive Forecasting provides you with the ability to generate the forecasts based on your usage data and many different forecasting models. This data is then used by the Intuitive planning modules to generate your demand requirements based on this forecast. Complete analysis of forecast to actual is available in the Intuitive planning functions 

Intuitive Advanced Forecasting is easy to learn and easy to use. It does not require a background in statistics or forecasting. In fact, creating accurate forecasts is literally as easy as clicking a mouse. You provide the historic data, and the built-in expert system analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique, and calculates the forecast. 

Alternatively, if you want to dictate the forecasting approach, Intuitive Forecasting provides a complete range of forecasting models and all of the diagnostic aids you need. Generating reports, viewing graphs, adding your judgment, saving to spreadsheets/text files/databases, collaborating with others, interfacing with your SCM, ERP or other planning system is all at your fingertips. 

Intuitive Forecasting supports multiple forecasting methodologies: 

  • Exponential smoothing
  • Box-Jenkins
  • Low volume and intermittent demand models 
  • Curve fitting
  • Simple methods
  • Dynamic regression
  • Event models
  • Multiple level models 
  • Census X‑11 seasonal decomposition 
  • Batch forecasting

Multiple Facility (Supply Works) Module

Intuitive Supplier Collaboration > SupplyWorks™

The Intuitive SupplyWorks system for multi-location supplier collaboration extends ERP functionality with supply chain management (SCM) features such as supply chain visibility, synchronization, automated replenishment, and performance measurements through a web-based supplier portal. 

Supplier Visibility

Web portal provides both buyers and suppliers with visibility of forecasts, order status, shipments (including ASN status), inventory levels, alert conditions, payment status.

Collaborative Supply Planning 

Two-way information exchange in reviewing demand as well as scheduling and confirming shipments in order to collaborate on replenishment.

Procurement Execution

Focus attention on strategic sourcing and other critical issues while freeing up professional time from low-value-added clerical tasks.

Alerts & Notifications 

Receive an alert when a problem needs attention allowing routine replenishment activities to occur automatically.


Consolidate multiple locations of demand when sourcing to multiple locations of supply.

Automated Replenishment

Have at your disposal the industry’s broadest range of built-in replenishment algorithms, including min-max, consumption-based, MRP-planned, and wireless Kanban, to ensure an optimal plan for every part.”

Supplier Performance Measurement 

Measure key performance variables for each supplier, including on-time deliveries, shipment accuracy, inventory metrics, and direct material spend analysis.

Visual Order Module

Visual Order Pegging 

The Intuitive ERP Visual Order Pegging Explorer provides an outstanding tool to visualize the status of a job at a single glance, or to see the effect a late-arriving materials delivery will have down the line. Visual Order Pegging allows you to trace up or down the production hierarchy to see the source/use relationships for items. Using Visual Order Pegging, you can trace upwards from a particular work order to see which sales orders are slated to receive the material being produced by that work order. Or, given a particular sales order, you will be able to trace down the pegging linkages to see the status of the various work orders and purchase orders that will cover this sales order. You can also see pegging by project to provide you with complete order status for all items in a project.

Visual Order Pegging includes graphical tools to show you at a glance where the problem areas are in your schedule. Any late orders will display in red, and on-time orders in green. For work orders, the complete status at each operation (routing step) is displayed, and those problem steps are also in red. 

Customer Relationship Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Customer Portal Module

Intuitive’s Customer Portal module harnesses the power of .NET web services to provide e‑commerce capabilities to your business. Your customers can check their activity status, enter orders, and peruse products through the ease of an on-line Web catalog. This functionality dramatically increases customer satisfaction while decreasing your sales and service administrative costs. 

  • Sell your products on the Web 
  • Allow customers to look up order, shipment and account status 
  • Customize the catalog and pricing for each customer using a simple matrix 
  • Accept multiple currencies 

With Customer Portal, customers can log on to your secured Web site and browse a catalog of your products. You can also choose to have the catalog automatically customized for each customer to only include items you have specified, with the price matrixing approved for that particular customer. Customers can easily enter orders from the Web, which are sent directly into your Intuitive ERP system and treated as a normal sales order. Automatic e‑mail confirmations are sent to the customer when the order is received and when the order has shipped. 

Your customers can also look up the status of their orders, shipment activity for all orders or a specific order, their current aging, and other reports — all over the Internet.

Marketing Management Module

The Intuitive CRM marketing management features provides a single location to create and track the details — and results — of your company’s targeted marketing campaigns. You can create targeted mailing lists of potential and/or current customers with the Search Manager and select the search to be associated with the marketing campaign. Deploy a campaign by automatically creating a mass-email or mass mail-merge document to all campaign participants. You can easily keep track of participants pre- and post-launch.

After launching a campaign, Intuitive CRM allows you to manage responses and associate opportunities to campaigns. A Marketing Response wizard is incorporated directly into the pane system, allowing users to quickly enter response information. You can compare actual responses with forecasted response rates to determine campaign ROI

Intuitive CRM also complies with Do Not Solicit” regulations, ensuring that companies / individuals who request to be removed from future campaigns are automatically excluded from future campaigns.

Warranty/Contracts Module

Warranty Tracking and Service Contracts 

Service and Repair also allows you to manage service contracts and establish and maintain warranty agreements. Track warranty expiration dates, manage serial number information/history, search incident related data based on unit serial number, keywords, warranty expiration dates, priorities, status, etc., and more.

Additional Capabilities for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Ad Hoc Reports Module

The Intuitive ERP Ad Hoc Report Wizard puts the power of your data directly into the hands of the end users by providing the freedom to quickly and easily create simple or sophisticated custom reports based on Intuitive ERP data — without needing to know any data structures or having to make modifications to the system. 

No database, query building, field name or programming knowledge is necessary to take full advantage of the features of the Ad Hoc Report Wizard. All that the user needs to know is which fields they want on the report and in which order they want them in — the Wizard takes care of the rest. Adding simple or complex calculations is easily accomplished and you can also format your reports exactly the way you want with data filters and sorting and grouping options.

It is extremely easy to move fields to where you want them, add data filters, change sorting and grouping, etc. which means you can format your reports in exactly the way you want to see them. The user can also add simple or complex calculations to reports without needing to understand programmatically how to make this happen.

All reports created by the Ad Hoc Report Wizard include:

  • Excel® type data display 
  • One-click Export to Excel” for easy graphing and distribution 
  • Dynamic borders and floating data for easy reading 
  • Ability to dynamically change filters on the fly 
  • And much more…

Analytics Module

The Intuitive Advanced Analytics module provides state of the art analysis tools that are unmatched in the industry. Literally hundreds of scenarios can be analyzed through the Intuitive Advanced Analytics feature.

Intuitive provides a ready-to-use set of workbooks that allow you to analyze hundreds of scenarios right out of the box. You then simply enter the scenario you need to analyze, and it is instantly provided. If your given scenario isn’t in a pre-set workbook, workbooks can be edited and added so that you can receive analysis for virtually any scenario. You may have an unlimited number of scenarios at any given time. This is the perfect sandbox”; you can visualize exactly what a proposed change will do for your business, not just to inventory or to the shop floor, but even to profitability. 

The Intuitive Advanced Analytics Live Scorecard provides an incredibly easy, visual representation of what a change will do to those elements most important to you. You can have multiple different scenarios (solutions) for a given problem all listed on the Live Scorecard and rated based on the metrics provided by you. These metrics are weighted according to your priority, and can include On-Time Deliveries, Revenue, Profitability, and more.

Business Intelligence Module

What if you could spend your day analyzing data and making informed decisions — instead of mining data and creating your own spreadsheets? Intuitive’s outstanding suite of Business Intelligence tools provides you with the critical business information you need for faster and more informed decision-making. 

Intuitive ERP graphically displays critical sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financial activity data. From a global view of your business, you can review summary information, drill down into transaction-level detail and easily prepare presentation-quality reports. These tools are also integrated with Microsoft Office to provide maximum flexibility.

Decision Management Tool

Automatically track and analyze over 50 key performance indicators (including inventory turns, average days to pay, etc.) using data from Intuitive ERP to provide vital information on the health of your company.

Executive information System

Generate real-time reports on critical elements of company-wide data in a graphical, easy-to-read format.

OLAP Analytics

Analyze and report on transactional data using advanced On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data warehousing technology.

Intuitive Advanced Analytics

Analyze hundreds of what if” scenarios with our ready-to-use workbooks — or create your own — to visualize exactly what virtually any scenario will do for your business, from inventory to the shop floor to profitability.

Intuitive Financial Analyst

Monitor the financial status of your company, manage financial information and generate and track budgets.

Ad Hoc Report Wizard

Easily create an unlimited number of custom reports (with no database or query building expertise required) based on the data stored within the Intuitive ERP database. This is the easiest reporting tool you’ll ever use.

Electronic Data Interchange Module

EDI allows you to communicate with your trading partners electronically. Intuitive provides the templates necessary for the entry and transmission of EDI transactions to and from your customers and vendors. Intuitive ERP’s EDI interface provides support for the transactions commonly processed via EDI and can be used with any EDI translator service.

Services & Support for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP


Intuitive ensures successful and efficient use of our products by offering the services of experienced consulting and technical support teams, extensive implementation documentation, planning guides and comprehensive training classes. As a result, many customers implement the system in less than 90 days. 

By implementing Intuitive ERP, you are taking a major step in improving your processes. To help you prepare for that initiative and to guide you through other opportunities to build or revitalize your business, Intuitive offers comprehensive consulting services. Intuitive’s consultants provide direct, on-site support of your needs in the application of Intuitive products and process re-engineering.

Customization Services Group

Many of our customers find that Intuitive ERP meets the majority of their needs without customization. We realize, however, that you may have unique business conditions that create the need to customize a solution. Intuitive offers complete customization services to provide the technical expertise and development resources for the customization of your system. All customizations are fully documented and conform to Intuitive’s strict programming standards to assure product compatibility and seamless integration. 

Intuitive Virtual Classroom

The Intuitive Virtual Classroom is a live, on-line training program designed to help customers get the most out of their Intuitive ERP system. Virtual Classroom sessions provide an easy and cost-effective way for customers to get new employees educated, learn about a new release, train end users in specific functional areas, and to receive expert answers to questions regarding ERP.

Web-Based Support

Certified technicians who have in-depth knowledge of the product, as well as manufacturing and accounting environments, staff Intuitive’s technical support organization. Access to the Intuitive Customer Support web site, an immediate online service and support resource, provides customers with 24-hour access to a support knowledgebase, software updates, technical documentation, and more. 

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