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Intuitive ERP

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Cost Per User $4,000/mo
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5 — 500
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Intuitive ERP Summary

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Intuitive, an Aptean ERP solution, offers intuitive and flexible enterprise ERP solutions that help today’s mid-market manufacturers achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability through seamless integration of business processes on an enterprise-wide level. Intuitive ERP software is designed to deliver superior functionality, rapid implementation, high levels of usability and a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry.

Intuitive ERP software was built around the concept that the software should support standard business cycles and that the underlying technology should be flexible and affordable. Developed using solely Microsoft technologies, the software incorporated well-established manufacturing and accounting practices (such as those prescribed by APICS and GAAP) and an intuitive user interface to deliver very sophisticated solutions — as well as economic value — to mid-market manufacturers.

Aptean has over 800 Intuitive ERP customers in over 20 countries, in industries ranging from aerospace to bicycle parts and circuit boards to boat docks. Though virtually all manufacturing segments are represented in our customer base, the top three industries served are electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, and fabricated metal products. Intuitive ERP is designed for discrete, make to stock, make to order, configure to order, assemble to order, and mixed-mode manufacturers.

The Intuitive Enterprise Solution is an ERP software application that helps mid-market manufacturing businesses achieve increased productivity, lower costs, and happier customers. By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, Intuitive ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.

Intuitive ERP Advantages

By organizing information and automating business processes across the entire enterprise, Intuitive ERP builds flexibility and control into every facet of your business environment and increases the quality and visibility of the information you need to make more profitable decisions.With features like a customizable My Menu”, advanced search capabilities, customizable fields, easy-to-use reporting wizards, our unique work flow tool and seamless integration with Microsoft products, even the most change-resistant employees will find that the Intuitive ERP system saves them time and effort every day.

Intuitive provides the people, processes and tools necessary for a well-executed implementation. Our time-tested implementation process, together with training and other aids, help to get your system and employees up and running in record time.

Many of our customers implement the system in less than ninety days.

We attribute this to several factors:

  • The flexibility of the product 
  • The consulting services and training provided by Intuitive 
  • An intuitive interface that makes the product easy for your employees to learn and use 
  • Our Microsoft-based technology infrastructure 
  • Extensive implementation documentation 
  • Proven implementation planning guides 
  • Ease of customization/modification of the system 

Intuitive ERP Technology

Intuitive’s mission is to use technology to ensure that Intuitive ERP helps you sustain growth and compete successfully without burdening your company — and your IT department — with an overly complex and non-adaptive product.

The clear choice to achieve this goal is to stay current with the innovations from the leader in the industry — Microsoft. From day one, Intuitive has provided a technology standard that is unmatched in the industry: 100 percent Microsoft® technology. And Intuitive remains committed to embracing advances from Microsoft to create products that are more robust, more secure, faster and, most importantly, easier for you to use and administer.

Microsoft .NET (“dot net”) is the latest technology innovation in the software industry, and is perhaps the biggest breakthrough since the first release of Windows. We at Intuitive are confident that enterprise applications in pure Microsoft .NET managed code will have overwhelmingly clear advantages and therefore will soon become a standard requirement for software users. Intuitive has undertaken and nearly completed a large re-development effort to completely migrate Intuitive ERP to .NET and take advantage of all of the incredible innovation from Microsoft.

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