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Customer Relationship Management for abas ERP

CRM Features

Essential information about your opportunities and existing customers are displayed in abas ERP. According to your sales process, your sales representatives can indicate the probability of a sale being completed. Sales activities can further specify and consolidate your opportunities. Based on an opportunity, automatic quotations can be generated with abas ERP.

The info system Opportunities overview”, gives you a complete overview of your entire sales process. These can be sorted according to opportunity or date and can be represented graphically. Quotations can easily be created to complete the sales cycle. Forward tasks to your employees, create notes for customers and opportunities, and classify them according to certain criteria. Your business correspondence is archived with an optional document management system. This ensures fast access to all information regarding your customers and opportunities.

An overview of all tasks

What are my current tasks? What are the statuses of tasks I created? The task overview in abas allows you to switch easily between the tabs my tasks” and tasks created by me.” It also allows you to easily identify priorities and the status of current tasks, and manage your activities accordingly.

Sales projects overview

The new sales pipeline info system provides a complete overview of all sales projects. The sales projects can be sorted by probability, date or responsibility, and can be displayed graphically. From here, you can create a quotation or order. You can forward tasks to colleagues, create activity notes for customers and prospective customers, and classify them according to specific criteria. Your business correspondence is archived with the abas DMS. This ensures easy access to all customer and prospect information.

Business intelligence for CRM

With standard BI reports for CRM, you can assess your sales activities and ensure a well-founded baseline for your decision making.

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