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Epicor for Building Supply
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Epicor for Building Supply Overview

With easy-to-use tools for virtually every key business function, Epicor for Building Supply solutions are built to enhance and simplify every aspect of your business.

Seamless operations from order to delivery

Epicor for Building Supply software enables you to be an outstanding supply partner for your customers— with numerous tools for in-person or self-serve customer service. For example, you can offer multiple ways to search your product catalog and place orders (mobile-enabled field sales, online, in-store at the contractor counter or POS), easy access to manufacturers’ configurators and rebate programs, flexible payment options (invoice, ACH, or credit/debit/gift card), and a web or mobile customer portal for account management and information about stock, work orders, and delivery status. Our software helps you be the responsive, efficient, accurate, and reliable supplier to keep your customers coming back.

It starts with being an even more valuable partner for your customers

Intuitive product search and customer management tools make creating quotes and orders fast, easy, and accurate. You can easily capture and attach relevant documents that will follow the order all the way through to completion. Additionally, a simple-to-use product configuration helps ensure you get orders right the first time. End-to-end order management workflow capabilities ensure tracking regular, special orders, backorders, and work orders is a snap. Both you and your customer can track order status at any time from any location.

Real-time inventory management leads to higher customer satisfaction

Here’s where we say goodbye to the silos” that can hold building supply businesses back. Powerful and connected tools boost efficiency and reduce errors. Role-specific dashboards, timely alerts, and intuitive workflows make it easy for your team to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. This means employees are better equipped to collaborate, cross-train, and make optimal business decisions. For example, your procurement and order fulfillment staff work faster and smarter, benefiting from easy branch-to-branch transfers, built-in manufacturing inventory management, and automated replenishment support.

Warehouse management capabilities guide your warehouse staff through daily tasks, using bar code scanning to speed data input, track inventory movement, pick and ship with improved accuracy. Some businesses find they can reduce or eliminate physical inventory counts, saving untold hours and overtime costs.

Customer satisfaction gets a boost with accurate and on-time deliveries, and with fewer stock outages, customers get what they need, when they need it. Where products are back-ordered, inventory allocation can prioritize their job-specific backorders. Automated notifications alert staff to special-order and back-ordered receipts.

Essential data is visible to all parties at every step so that you can fulfill orders more quickly and accurately and deliver the quality your customers need.

Integrated financial management and business intelligence help you optimize your operations

Accounting and financial reporting tasks are easier to perform, more accurate, and more valuable because Epicor software synchronizes operations and financial data in real-time. That single source of up-to-date information improves accounting staff efficiency and helps you make better financial decisions. Accounts receivable and accounts payable tasks are automated and significantly streamlined with related documents linked within the system. Managing complex calculations, such as commissions, rebates, and sales taxes, is also greatly simplified, saving days of labor each month. Thanks to powerful business intelligence in the form of dashboards, reports, and alerts, improved decision-making extends well beyond finance to promote collaboration, proactive management, and customer service across your operation. When exceptions pop up, these same tools promptly notify staff in the right roles, so issues can be resolved before they become problems. The result? Fewer errors throughout the cycle.

Modern, secure, and integrated technology that’s cloud-ready

Epicor for Building Supply software delivers an optimized combination of cloud, mobile, and security technology that enables greater staff productivity while protecting against security risks, power interruptions, and other threats. It’s scalable and adaptable as your business grows and changes, and easy to extend using APIs to achieve further functionality. Stand out from the competition with secure, digital commerce, and mobile solutions that help you establish your business value and offer exceptional customer service.

Epicor for Building Supply Advantages

Epicor for Building Supply is built with building supply dealers for building materials dealers, honed through constant feedback and collaboration. From our intuitive interface to modules curated to keep you ahead, our solutions are based on your unique needs. Epicor works with you, for you. That is why Epicor for Building Supply is the #1 ERP solution among companies on the ProSales 100 List. 

Epicor for Building Supply Technology

Epicor’s early adoption of Microsoft .NET and Web services technology demonstrates its commitment to delivering cost effective solutions. With adaptable service-oriented architecture (SOA), mid-market businesses can more easily and efficiently align their information systems and technology resources, allowing them the opportunity to respond more quickly to continually changing business requirements. 

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