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Production Management for Intuitive ERP

As of 2021, Intuitive ERP is now known as Aptean Industrial ERP

Bill of Materials Module

Visual Bill of Material

Intuitive ERP’s flexible Bill of Material management functionality allows you to increase production cost control and resource management efficiency. With Intuitive ERP, you can proficiently create and manage multi-level bills of material with unlimited components or levels.

The Visual Bills of Material form is used to display a graphical representation of the BOM. You may drill-down into any component relationship from the Visual BOM.

The Bills of Material form is used to add or alter bill of material records. Through the BOM form you can control the effectivity of changes to the bill of material by using effective start and stop dates. This is an excellent way of imposing revision control for your bills, and of pre-planning for changes. Multiple other features are available through this form as well, including scrap related to the manufacture of this component into this parent, substitute items, and lead time offsets.

Methods of easy maintenance, such as Mass Replace, Copy Bill, Loop Check and more ensure your BOMs are current and accurate. Intuitive ERP also includes extensive reports on product structures and parent/component item relationships.

Engineering Through Service Module

Engineering Changes

In the fast-paced world in which you compete, the flexibility to introduce engineering changes without losing control of manufacturing operations is mandatory. Intuitive ERP’s Engineering Change Order functionality provides you with the information to assess the impact of engineering changes throughout your operations.

With Intuitive ERP, you can quickly generate engineering change requests (ECRs) to view the impact and benefits of the proposed changes and then easily convert the ECRs to engineering change orders (ECOs) or temporary deviation authorizations (TDAs). And, determine the cost of the change with one mouse click. You can also track bills of material and item revision levels as well as maintain data for open work orders, purchase orders and on-hand balances.

Plan & Schedule Module

Plan and Schedule Production

A work center consists of machines, labor personnel, or a combination of the two. Routing sequences move across work centers while the product is being created. Using Intuitive ERP, you may maintain costs for each work center, define the work center’s capacity and utilization, set it for finite or for infinite loading, and enter other work center specific data.

Work centers may also be defined as outplant work centers, meaning that the job is outsourced at this point.

The capacity of each work center is established so that work orders may be loaded across it. Work center capacities reflect the workload that work centers can handle in one day. Capacities are initialized across all days, and then may be maintained by day or hour to reflect planned machine down time, etc.

Work orders are loaded across work centers based on an item’s routings and on the capacities and parameters established for work centers. Intuitive ERP uses routing sequence data and standard process data to create work order operation records for work orders, then automatically schedules those operations on the shop floor using work center capacity data. Scheduling features such as overlap, sequencing, and other features are included. Work orders may be loaded either forward or backward, with finite or infinite capacity.

Project Management Module

For companies that use project management techniques, Intuitive ERP provides the tools necessary to establish projects and track all transactions related to that project. When a project or master project is created in Intuitive ERP, the project ID assigned is associated to every facet of data within the system related to that project, including multi-level manufacturing and procurement orders tied to a given sales order. Progress billing reporting assists in billing of work completed for a given project. Also available are drill-down reports on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for any project or master project for complete project profitability reporting.

  • Establish projects and master projects 
  • Report on revenues, expenses, and profit/loss for projects 
  • Bill work completed for a project using progress billing

Routings Module

Routings serve as the instruction sheets that guide materials through shop floor operations. Intuitive ERP maintains the integrity of your routing data to ensure you can track job costs precisely and maintain an accurate production schedule.

In Intuitive ERP, standard processes are saved so you do not need to enter a complete routing for each step on each individual item — you may simply choose a standard process for each routing sequence. You may also enter additional data that will modify the standard process for a particular routing only. Routings may also be copied from one item to a similar item for easy data entry.

The type of data entered for each routing includes the associated work center where this routing step occurs, machine ID, tool kit, times, etc. An unlimited length memo field is provided for detailed instructions and may also have associated video clips or documents for even more detailed information.

Intuitive ERP provides detailed item costs with the routing rollup functionality, which calculates precise cost amounts for any or all manufactured items.

Time & Attendance Module

Intuitive ERP includes complete time and attendance tracking and reporting. This includes a clock in/clock out feature, the entry of labor time against work orders, and multiple reporting options. Data entry may be done via keyboard entry or bar code. 

Intuitive ERP provides an easy to use method for tracking employee attendance through a clock in and out function. The data recorded by this form may be reviewed via an employee attendance report. 

A labor status report is used to verify an employee’s work against a single order, or their total work hours compared to their clocked in hours. Labor information is displayed according to employee, and details each work order that the employee has worked on, including the reported and standard hours for the operation sequence. This on-screen report is for reference purposes. 

As operation sequences are completed, the system records labor time as well as quantities completed.

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