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Oracle ERP Cloud Applications
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Oracle ERP Cloud Applications Overview

Oracle’s modern cloud suite provides complete software for your entire business so you can subscribe to certain SaaS applications as needed, such as: accounting, HR, procurement, project management, service, sales management, marketing, transportation management, and supply chain.

A modern SaaS cloud application suite enables users to personalize software for their role. With a modern SaaS suite, you can easily connect your entire business from any device, anywhere. You can connect to other clouds and integrate to existing systems. Modern SaaS applications are designed to be secure at every layer of the cloud. Modern best practice processes and embedded data-driven intelligence are built-in — not added in later. Oracle’s complete, modern SaaS applications offer you all this from the industry’s most flexible, proven, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Oracle ERP Cloud Applications Advantages

  • Complete — A complete, unified suite of cloud applications is the fastest way to connect your entire business.
  • Data-Driven — Oracle’s cloud applications have embedded analytics that enrich, visualize, and analyze your data to gain new knowledge.
  • Personalized — A personalized cloud can allow you to innovate and address legacy customizations and through a personalized cloud empowers all users.
  • Connected — Connect any part of your business or process. Connect any person. Connect anything.
  • Secure — A secure, multilayer approach to SaaS applications is leading the industry designed to be secure at every layer.

Oracle ERP Cloud Applications Technology

Cloud computing based on shared, elastic resources delivered to users in a self-service, metered manner using web technologies. All delivered with across desktop computers, mobile tablets and smartphones. Users can personalize most of the displays to match their roles and work style.

Oracle ERP Cloud Applications Modules

Financial Management for Oracle ERP Cloud Applications

Financial Management Module

  • Oracle Finance Cloud – For all ledgers, analytics, payables, assets, receivables, collections, expenses and cash management.
  • Oracle Revenue Management Cloud – Contracts and performance obligations, revenue allocations, satisfaction schedules and recognition for liabilities and assets, and income statements
  • Oracle Advanced Collections Cloud — Direct and monitor the entire collections lifecycle to collect more money, faster.
  • Oracle Expense Cloud — Equip your on-the-go workforce with a modern travel and expense management solution. Strengthen expenses policy enforcement and streamline audits.
  • Oracle Risk Management Cloud – Use Financial Reporting Compliance Cloud Service to optimize controls within and outside your financial processes using an integrated solution as part of any Oracle ERP Cloud deployment. Document risks and manage controls, asses control effectiveness, address deficiencies, certify controls.
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud – For direct and indirect procurement across the supply chain from requisitions and catalogs to advanced supplier qualification management.
  • Oracle Project Financial Management Cloud – Modern enterprise-grade solutions for project-centric businesses let you stay informed and stay in control, with complete and integrated project financial management
  • Oracle Project Management Cloud – Provides modern project execution tools including task management, resource management, grants management and analytics. Methods adopted as part of an Oracle cloud suite or deploy with existing solutions.

Production Management for Oracle ERP Cloud Applications

Production Management Module

Manufacturing Analytics

Optimize your supply networks by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain, enabling users to make informed manufacturing decisions.

  • Monitor adherence to plan by correlating work order data with production plans
  • Maximize service levels by alleviating bottlenecks in the production process
  • Monitor and control manufacturing quality to adhere to predefined targets and standards

Manufacturing Operational Costs

Meet customer expectations and improve productivity with actionable, real-time shop floor information.

  • Gain a real-time view of shop floor status with high level and detailed views of current work orders
  • Receive a 360 degree view of work orders from in-house and outsourced manufacturing operations
  • Reduce product risks with alerts and key summarized metrics that identify potential risks to project completion

Plant Floor Data Analysis

Continuously collect data from the shop floor and synchronize it with data from your ERP system.

  • Collect, cleanse, and process data from disparate sources and store it in a single, secure repository
  • Collect shop floor data from a range of control systems and sensors
  • Monitor production performance in real time through prebuilt analytical dashboards and reports

Strategic Cost Management

Transform your operations with real-time access to complex analyses of untapped and underutilized costing data.

  • Capture the highest profits with real-time simulations of all cost factors
  • Maximize cost margins for finished goods using comprehensive what-if analyses
  • Proactively plan for change by simulating the impact of future costs throughout your enterprise

Supply Chain Management for Oracle ERP Cloud Applications

Supply Chain Management Module

Built from the ground up for the cloud and for the modern supply chain, Oracle SCM Cloud delivers the visibility, insights, and capabilities you need to create your own intelligent supply chain. With capabilities that include product innovation, strategic material sourcing, outsourced manufacturing, integrated logistics, omni-channel fulfillment, and integrated demand and supply planning, Oracle SCM Cloud is the most comprehensive SCM suite in the cloud. Oracle SCM Cloud allows you to deploy functionality incrementally, with minimal risk, lower cost, and maximum flexibility — all with the benefit of ongoing functional innovation.

  • Inventory Management Cloud – Global inventory and cost management in the cloud. Get comprehensive visibility and management of material flows, warehouse work, and product costs across the supply chain with Inventory and Cost Management Cloud
  • Logistics Cloud – Modern logistics and trade management. Manage all transportation modes within and across borders to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance
  • Manufacturing Cloud – Enable efficient and productive manufacturing operations in the cloud. Use Manufacturing Cloud to streamline your manufacturing processes through visualization, back-flushed transactions, and social collaboration, while controlling costs
  • Order Management Cloud – A complete multi-channel order-to-cash solution. Manage orders from all your channels to get a single view of your customer. Orchestrate the order to cash process and proactively resolve exceptions with Order Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud – For all direct and indirect procurement from requisition to supplier qualification (cross list with Oracle ERP Cloud). Use Procurement Cloud to streamline your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs and achieving higher margins
  • Product Lifecycle Management Cloud – Full lifecycle PLM solution. Increase your return on innovation and grow your business faster with Product Lifecycle Management Cloud — a global, integrated platform designed to rapidly innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable product.
  • Product Master Data Management Cloud – Master and commercialize your enterprise product information. Use Product Master Data Management Cloud to take control of your product information through data consolidation, enrichment, governance, and sharing
  • Supply Chain Planning Cloud – Comprehensive and modern supply chain planning solution. Interactively balance demand and supply to improve supply chain responsiveness and achieve superior business performance

Customer Relationship Management for Oracle ERP Cloud Applications

Customer Relationship Management Module

Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud

Create a complete customer view. Consolidate and cleanse by building a clean and correct master profile from multiple sources that everyone can trust. Complete and enrich by building a better record by enriching your customer profile with data from a variety of sources. Coordinate and share complete and accurate data with other systems for faster decision making.

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Build inspired commerce experiences. Launch a site quickly with pre-integrated features. Deliver to every device without additional work. Do more in real time with intuitive tools. Expand quickly with support for more than 30 languages

Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud — Increase sales efficiency
  • Oracle Configuration Cloud – Product Configuration configures complex or simple systems containing multiple products and services. Create bills-of-material (BOM) and routings based on configurator choices. Uses guided selling leads your users to the optimal products and options based on customer needs. Promote product upsells and cross-sells. Rules-Driven Search present users with only those products that are appropriate to their region, business unit, or quoting scenario
  • Oracle Pricing Cloud – Price complex products based on features and options. Ensure 100% quote and order price accuracy with automated pricing rules and validations. Apply customer, channel, volume, and product-specific discounts. Enforce margin discipline on manual discounts. Route orders for review and approval. Ensure commercial viability and eliminate approval bottlenecks with automated workflow
  • Oracle Quoting Cloud – Proposal management to create, customize and brand proposals for your sales reps and channel partners. Present professional, accurate documents to customers in seconds. The eSignature eliminate paper-based quoting, faxing, and scanning. Enable customers to sign online and close the deal faster. Order execution generates orders in one click by converting quotes. Submit orders for execution real-time to your choice of the 20 most popular ERP systems.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Deliver the best of your brand. Personalize every experience to increase engagement, advocacy, and revenue using the complete, data-driven marketing solution that marketers love and IT trusts.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Sell more, know more, grow more. Engage customers earlier and accelerate and close more deals using Oracle Sales Cloud’s complete, innovative, and proven sales solution

  • Oracle Sales Force Automation Cloud – Engage Customers and Compete. Maximize sales with a tightly integrated, complete set of lead-to-contract sales tools. Close and Win Deals. Enable sales teams with mobile apps, a complete customer 360, and sales team collaboration. Expand and predict sales. Cross-sell and up-sell using white space analysis and product recommendations
  • Oracle Unified Sales and Service Cloud – Track and manage. Enable sales and service teams to capture, manage, and share service issues using Oracle Engagement Cloud. Provide answers to empower sales and service reps with access to knowledge content within the context of the service request
  • Oracle Service Request Analytics Cloud – Gain real-time insight into service performance using prebuilt reports and custom reporting options
  • Oracle Partner Relationship Management Cloud – Recruit and On-Board. Accelerate channel sales using a fully-branded partner portal, self-service registration, and automated assignment. Engage and Plan. Use channel program management, business planning, market development funds, and social collaboration to engage with partners. Deliver and Track. Achieve sales results with partners and track results throughout the sales cycle

Oracle Service Cloud

Delight your customers. Differentiate your brand by developing lasting, profitable relationships with unified web, social, and contact center experiences

  • Oracle Cross Channel Contact Center Cloud – Case Management to manage the timely resolution of customer inquiries across email, phone, live-chat, and social channels on a single platform. Use Guided Resolution to effectively guide agents to resolution through knowledge, scripts, and workflows to ensure productivity and consistency Use Contextual Agent Experience to declutter the agent desktop to provide agents with relevant context of the customer, previous interactions, and helpful data. Unified Agent Desktop easily integrates systems into one unified desktop for agents. Customer engagement personalizes proactive communications with valuable customer data from deep service profiles. Configure and manage service operations with agility, low TCO, and low dependency on technical resources
  • Oracle Knowledge Management Cloud – Proactive Answers Deliver the most relevant answers to customers with wizards and leverage contextual knowledge to deliver agent knowledge based on incident information. Enterprise Content Search across multiple knowledge repositories simultaneously, regardless of location. Integrated analytics gain deeper insight into customer interactions and knowledge gaps with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop report builder and analytics dashboards
  • Oracle Field Service Management Cloud – Capacity Management. Leverage planning tools to enable optimized and efficient use of all resources, and transform your business model from capacity-driven to demand-responsive. Routing and Scheduling gives the right mobile employee with the right skills and equipment to every job on time with predictive engine. Monitor and manage the mobile workforce to improve efficiency while tracking and validating location in real time from the office or in the field — visualize and locate assets even if they are located underground. Mobility empowers mobile employees with critical job information and tools on any mobile device, with full offline capabilities. Team Collaboration uses context-aware, peer-to-peer collaboration for instant communication, more work independence, and knowledge sharing, instantly broadcasting important information to the entire field. Customer communication proactively alert customers and teams about appointment status via their preferred communication channels.

Oracle Social Relationship Cloud 

A scalable, enterprise-ready social relationship management solution that empowers brands to leverage the power of social media across their organizations. In today’s connected world, social media touches everything — from sales and marketing to customer service and product development. Businesses that use social relationship management (SRM) software effectively uncover customer insights that enable them to deliver relevant content and faster service across channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Weibo. Social cloud tools

Oracle Sales Performance Management Cloud

Execute strategies to boost performance. Plan and Optimize by aligning with territories, quotas, and incentive plans to the business strategy. Motivate and reward through games, performance tactics, and rewards to promote targeted behaviors. Coach and train by identifying successful selling techniques and offer in-context coaching.

Additional Capabilities for Oracle ERP Cloud Applications

Additional Capabilities Module

Oracle Global HCM Cloud

Gain operational excellence and increase agility with a single global human resources instance that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple countries.

  • Core HR Cloud – Manage employment for organizations large and small. Easily access information and analyze workers’ skills. Workforce Directory A complete view of your organization and place to connect with people. Use localizations to support and maintain local operations for more than 200 countries and territories
  • Workforce Management Cloud – Include time and labor to track, monitor, and increase accuracy of time reporting, leave management that implements absence and leave policies globally or locally, plus project management to align skills and experience levels that leverage your global resource pool, yet optimize staffing utilization and strategies
  • Workforce Rewards Cloud – Include compensation to design and deliver tailored compensation programs for global and local organizations, benefits that tailor global benefits solution from simple to highly complex plans, payroll for streamlining payroll administration that comply with local taxation and payroll rules locally and globally, plus sales compensation for managing variable sales compensation plans for complex sales organizations

Oracle Talent Management Cloud

Find and retain the best talent with Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud to help HR attract and motivate top talent and build a lasting culture of performance.

  • Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud – Source candidates from employee referrals and social marketing. Recruit, screen, and hire applicants efficiently and collaboratively. Onboard with ease using a guided process, and track progress to refine workforce plans
  • Oracle Performance Cloud – Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals. Manage performance management by capturing formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of your employees and use embedded intelligence to easily and intelligently track end-to-end performance management
  • Oracle Career and Succession Cloud – Talent review optimizes the talent review process so you efficiently identify and manage your top talent. Succession Management ensures your best talent is in line for future leadership and critical roles. Career development plan for your future with high-impact employee development plans
  • Oracle Learning Cloud – Content management rapidly develop content using flexible editing tools or by importing content, all while following standards. Learning management personalizes learning content to address multiple audiences. Targeted training establish curriculum for mentoring programs, rotational assignments, or other training programs based on company needs.

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