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Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP
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Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Overview

Continuous Change Requires Continuous Innovation

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP is a complete, modern, cloud ERP suite that provides manufacturers with advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate manual processes, analytics to react to market shifts in real-time, and automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage.

Automatic quarterly updates deliver new capabilities that automate processes that prevent manufacturing business slow-downs, along with new insights to help provide better decision-making. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP continuously improves our existing solutions, including over 1,700 new features and performance improvements each year.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Advantages

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP solutions have been cloud-based from the beginning with modular AI-based business capabilities. Oracle’s large community of 8,500 Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP customers and 28,00 Oracle NetSuite customers trust Oracle to run their mission-critical business functions.

Every 90 days Oracle Cloud updates the industry’s most advanced technologies to your applications to modernize processes, automate manual work, increase speed, and spark innovation.

Oracle Cloud ERP delivers the most complete solution on the market with Oracle Financials, Project Management, Risk Management and Compliance, Procurement, and ERP Analytics. Oracle Cloud ERP provides significant business benefits, including reduced financial close times, deep insights from machine learning and AI, faster deployments and updates, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Technology

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP AI Analytics and Automated Cloud Updates provide a superior alternative to traditional information technology, such as:

  • Cost — eliminate capital expenses
  • Speed — instantly provision space for development and testing
  • Global scale — scale elastically
  • Productivity — increased collaboration, predictable performance, and customer isolation
  • Performance — better price/performance for cloud native workloads
  • Reliability — fault-tolerant, scalable, distributed systems across all services

Oracle’s Cloud ERP AI services provide pre-trained models that can be custom trained with an organization’s own data to improve model quality, making it easier for developers to adopt and use AI technology.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Modules

Materials Management for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Manage Direct Materials, Services, and Complex Procurement

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Materials Management modules are integrated source-to-settle suites that automate business processes, enable strategic sourcing, improve supplier relationship management and simplify buying resulting in lower risk, improved savings and greater profitability.

Achieve Resilient Manufacturing and Operations

Maintain supply chain resiliency and execution through the steady flow of materials and services enabling your core business operations to avoid risks, maximize uptime and achieve planned production levels and revenue targets.

Manage Project-driven Supply Chains

Manage risk and improve efficiency through products and services delivered to specific projects. Ensure end to end supply integrity, accurate cost allocation and customer invoicing based on percentage or milestone completion.

Deliver the Perfect Order

Provide better customer service, rapid order processing and maximize fill rates with back-to-back and drop ship fulfillment. Avoid stockouts across locations through automated replenishment purchases while optimizing cashflow.

Increase Agility with Supplier Relationship Management

Verify Suppliers and Reduce Risk

Leverage Oracle DataFox Supplier Intelligence Cloud’s AI and natural language processing to create and maintain accurate supplier profiles. Enhance risk visibility across the supplier lifecycle with configurable alerts and scores.

Monitor Supplier Developments

Gain constant visibility into suppliers and proactively mitigate risk to ensure continuous supply. Receive timely alerts and customized risk scores to stay on top of developments that may affect a supplier’s risk and capabilities.

Maximize Supplier Value

Assess suppliers and minimize disruptions through structured evaluations that include risk attributes, regulatory certifications and capabilities. Strengthen sustainable supplier relationship management for greater business value.

Improve Supplier Collaboration and Productivity

Streamline Supplier Collaboration

Manage supplier activities and document exchange. Easy to use portal provides access to supplier registration, profile, catalogs, orders, shipments, invoices, forecasts and more via self-service.

Improve Electronic Communication

Oracle Business Network streamlines and automates electronic transactions with real-time visibility into status, exceptions and errors. Trading partners can exchange documents in their preferred standard format.

Sales & Order Management for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

AI-driven Sales Automation and Productivity

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP automates time-consuming data entry and task management. Give sales reps faster paths to critical records, so they can spend less time making CRM updates and searching for information and spend more time selling.

Build Better Sales Plans Using Critical Data

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP helps manufacturers unify real-time customer intelligence with data from ERP and HR systems to generate ideal quotas, manage territories, align sales compensation, and create sales plans that meet and exceed your business goals.

Provide a Comprehensive Customer Profile

Connect trusted data from back-office and CRM systems. Then layer on third-party and AI-enabled, dynamic company data for a complete customer picture that improves sales conversion rates.

Guide Sellers and Close Deals

Go beyond a traditional CRM solution with a system of recommendation that guides sellers to the best course of action. With a reimagined user experience, focus on the right, highest priority deals at the right time.

Financial Management for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP delivers decisive insights for manufacturing businesses. Gain financial position and profitability with a comprehensive global solution designed for organizations of every size and industry. 

Oracle Cloud ERP empowers modern, adaptable finance with increased productivity and improved business decisions. Oracle Financials is a broad, complete solution delivering extensive support for global companies in a variety of industries. Gain optimized processes for complete control.

Accounting Automation

Accounting Automation streamlines and automates end-to-end accounting and transaction processes without user intervention, including daily rates import, accounting creation, journal import, and journal posting. 

Improve Cash Flow

Cash Management offers a solution for managing bank account activity and controlling cash positions. Quickly analyze cash positions and forecast cash requirements through configurable dashboards, work areas and reports, ensuring liquidity and optimal use of cash resources.

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Key Features

  • Role-based dashboards push issues and work to users
  • Key information presented at a glance
  • Embedded transactional intelligence guides users’ decisions
  • Innovative embedded multi-dimensional reporting platform
  • Intelligent document recognition for supplier invoices
  • Simultaneous accounting of multiple reporting requirements
  • Anytime, anywhere access with tablet-optimized reporting center
  • Extensive spreadsheet integration across finance functions

Production Management for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Project Management module helps manufacturers improve project delivery and increase profits with a single, intelligent solution that manages projects across the enterprise and connects fully with finance, HR, and operations.

Project Management

Collaborative planning

Increase project success through collaborative planning among team members and project managers.

Simplified Scheduling

Plan projects faster and easier with intuitive scheduling tools for project managers.

Mobile Project Management

Give project managers the flexibility to schedule, monitor status, and deliver projects from anywhere on their mobile devices.

Instant Responsiveness

Respond quickly to keep projects on track with intelligent, predictive analysis and real-time insight into project status.

Resource Management

Search and Match

Identify the best talent for upcoming projects using criteria such as skill, cost, and location.

Resource Utilization

Make timely staffing decisions with insight based on utilization and performance metrics.

Project Talent

Reduce turnover by aligning team members’ skills and career paths with projects.

Resource Pools

Improve insight into talent availability with organizational resource pools.

Task Management

Unified Project Teams

Bring teams together to make decisions and keep projects moving forward with tighter collaboration on project tasks.

Social Project Work

Improve communication across project teams with conversation threads. Attach documents to share insights and answer questions.

Immediate Status

Keep projects on time and on budget with real-time tracking of status and intelligent, proactive monitoring.

Mobile Team Members

Give project team members easy-to-use task management tools that can be accessed from mobile devices — anytime, anywhere.

Time and Labor for Projects

Time Recording

Record time for projects easily and consistently with automated time and attendance record-keeping.

Time Capture

Give your project teams the flexibility to capture time by conversational digital assistant, mobile app, and time card.


Simplify the time-tracking process with time cards that are easily submitted, reviewed, and approved.

HR and Finance

Speed up processes and reduce errors by fully connecting time and labor for projects with human resources and finance.

Supply Chain Management for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Supply Chain Management module allows manufacturing organizations to respond quickly to changing demand, supply, and market conditions. Seamlessly connect your supply chain to create a resilient network and process built to outpace change.

Plan demand, supply, order fulfillment, and production intelligently across your supply chain, collaborating end-to-end to increase service, reduce disruptions, and minimize costs.

Optimize Business Performance

Continuously improve forecast accuracy, collaboration, and end-to-end visibility with flexible and resilient supply chain planning, manufacturing, and execution. Drive process efficiency while managing costs with integrated, advanced technologies that help you adapt to changing conditions.

Outperform with Intelligence

Harness customer experience, operational, machine, and product data to predict trends, model scenarios, and plan effectively. Drive faster innovation, quickly adjust plans and forecasts, improve decision-making, and align supply chain execution to outpace change.

Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations through perfect orders and service done right the first time with a unified solution for sales, service, and supply chain management. Plan, work, and collaborate more effectively with social, mobile, and remote access anytime, anywhere.

Services & Support for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Support provides the support coverage needed for manufacturing businesses to succeed by providing end-to-end support and guidance.

Software Support

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Premier Support for Software helps manufacturers maintain their products, optimize performance, and effectively implement new software functionality. It provides access to product updates and enhancements, as well as technical assistance and resources. 

Systems Support

Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Premier Support for Systems provides the essential services and resources manufacturers need to maintain the availability of systems and the business applications they support.

Cloud Support

Oracle Support has you covered on your journey to the cloud with the support and services you need to help you succeed.

Oracle Advanced Customer Services

Harness the full power of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and take full advantage of industry-leading cloud benefits with Oracle Advanced Customer Services. Modernize existing infrastructure with our solutions that support your technology innovation and accelerate adoption of the latest SaaS applications and cloud platform technologies.

Oracle University

Oracle University offers in-classroom and online training and certifications in cloud, database, Java, and more. Maximize your Oracle technology investment with quality training and certification from the source.

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