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Location Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Solution ProcessPro
Industry Agriculture
ProcessPro Case Study - BRANDT
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BRANDT Case Study by ProcessPro ERP Software

About The Company

BRANDT is a leading agricultural company consisting of three divisions – Specialty Formulations, Retail Agronomy and Dealer Support – serving growers around the globe. Founded in 1953 to help Illinois farmers adopt new and profitable technologies, the company has experienced aggressive growth, expanding coast to coast and internationally. BRANDT provides the products and services that provide growers the best opportunity for maximum return while building a healthier and more abundant food supply.

The Situation

In 2013, BRANDT acquired Monterey Chemical Company, Inc. (aka Monterey AgResources) which was already a ProcessPro client. At the time, BRANDT was operating on Macola ERP software. They quickly unified their business processes and began implementing ProcessPro’s ERP solution within its remaining facilities. BRANDT desired a fully integrated ERP solution that bolstered their growth initiative post-acquisition with robust manufacturing-specific functionality. The solution needed to manage their accounting and financial information and provide real-time and accurate inventory and production information. ProcessPro was the answer they needed.

Software Add-on Applications:

• Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)

• Business Intelligence (BI)

• Physical Inventory

The Solution

Real-Time Inventory

With the use of ProcessPro’s real-time physical inventory solution, BRANDT has been able to maintain accurate, manageable inventory levels, reducing waste and lag time. They have experienced improvement in operational efficiency through the use of WMS for inventory transactions. The Inventory Control application simplified the inventory process, automatically tracking balances and lot numbers making it traceable in realtime. This fully integrated feature has produced the needed visibility that BRANDT previously lacked.

True Accounting Package

Combining a complete billing and accounts receivable system, including accounts payable, and the ability to create checks, track credits, discounts, etc. provides BRANDT with the capability to effectively manage its business expenses.


BRANDT needed a software system that would be able to meet their long-term requirements and grow with them, especially after the Monterey AgResources acquisition. ProcessPro offered a fully customizable ERP software system that could handle their current situation and projected future growth.

Results & Benefits

BRANDT anticipates further implementation of WMS, providing them a simplified interface that streamlines transactions, is flexible with label editing and customization, and further personalizes their user experience with handheld scanners. Also, BRANDT is exploring purchasing additional BI Suite users, allowing them to quickly retrieve, analyze and share critical information in its interactive dashboard; and further empowers the management team to make better-informed decisions with even greater control of their operations.

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