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Price Range $100K - $1,000K
Cost Per User $700/mo
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5 — 1000
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ProcessPro Summary

As of 2020, Process Pro was purchased by Aptean and is now Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP.

Uniting Process / Achieving Potential

ProcessPro has one basic rule: get more from your information and you will get more from your business. It’s that simple. Intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, designed specifically for batch process manufacturers, can help deliver an incredibly elegant solution that not only helps you keep up with your business information, but also allows you to get ahead of it, becoming more efficient and profitable in the process.

ERP For Process Manufacturing Made Simple

ProcessPro offers a robust ERP solution with full manufacturing, inventory and financial integration, developed as a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. ProcessPro incorporates the critical needs of batch processing manufacturers, which includes lot control, compliance and management of complex formulas and recipes. Discover how we meet the unique needs of your industry.

Process Pro specializes in:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Nutraceutical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Cannabis

ProcessPro Advantages

Today’s Most Comprehensive ERP Solution for Batch Process Manufacturers

ProcessPro offers a robust ERP system with full manufacturing, inventory and financial integration — a complete system from beginning sales order entry through the manufacturing and accounting process. The software solves the critical needs of batch processing, including forward and backward lot traceability and the management of complex formulas and recipes. The fully integrated quality control functions eliminate the need to re-enter data, and the centralized database provides immediate and accurate visibility of sales, manufacturing and inventory across your business. 

The Next Generation of Business Management Software 

ProcessPro offers the market leading batch process ERP solution. Built on the world’s most accepted technology, spanning the broadest set of functional capability and providing the ability to customize without the penalties commonly experienced with other software vendors.

The Power and Backing of Microsoft

ProcessPro’s ERP solutions is built from the ground up on leading edge Microsoft technologies — .NET, SOA and SQL Server — and uniquely designed for adaptability to meet the unique requirements of your specific business while staying current with the latest standard release.

The Most Comprehensive Set of Functionality

The breadth of the ERP application set is more comprehensive than any other ERP system in this market. Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality, Financials and Sales are supplemented with Warehouse Management, Compliance, Point of Sale, Direct Store Delivery, Maintenance and Repair, Field Service, Fixed Assets, Project Costing, Payroll, Human Resources, EDI and much more. Process manufacturers’ critical business needs are built into the software solution.

Truly Global

Multi-language. Multi-currency. Multi-company. Multi-industry. If your business spans multiple countries and industries, the system can leverage the broad functional capabilities across multiple industries and is the only ERP system you will need.

The Unique Ability to Modify Without Penalty

In order to optimize complex and ever-changing business needs, you’re often forced to weigh the benefits of customizations against the cost of programming, reprogramming, retesting or replacing those custom efforts as your business requirements change or software upgrades were required. ProcessPro is designed to simplify the multiple ways to adapt the solution to meet unique business needs, none of which alter the underlying base code, allowing seamless incorporation of future updates.

Understanding Your Needs & Speaking Your Language 

There are other providers of ERP software solutions, but none that design, develop and sell solely to your industry.

The Power of One 

Developed by us. Sold by us. Installed by us. Supported by us. It’s a powerful formula and one that has helped us – and our clients – succeed. Gain peace of mind in knowing that you have a single source to deal with at every phase – no resellers that lack support or third-party installers who lack knowledge of the software. And rather than off-shore or third-party technical support, you can expect live, dedicated assistance from our team at our corporate headquarters. When you work with us, you make ONE call to someone who speaks your language and understands your needs. At every step of the equation, we’re here to ensure your success.

ProcessPro Technology

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