Encompix | Inventory Management

Inventory Management without Item Numbers

Because most materials are purchased to the job, you don't want the constraints of an item-based system, which requires all item transactions to go to/from inventory.

One key differentiator of Encompix is that the job and bill of material structures do not require the use of an item number.

You may choose to enter a part first in the item master or not. If you elect to use the item master, you can define a standard description, long description, units of measure conversions, preferred vendors, cross references and many other fields. By specifying stocked or non-stocked, the system will manage your inventory accurately.

Complete lot and serial tracking, for both stock and non-stock items, multiple inventory locations, multiple cost types, cycle counting and physical inventory are all supported. As opposed to most ERP systems, Encompix inventory replenishment is driven by simplified min/max and reorder point logic, which is not constrained by a long, centralized MRP run. If necessary, you can also view the total on hand, allocation and on order quantities, allowing you to replenish the part through the dependent demand planning.