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Price Range $20K - $300K
Cost Per User $3,000/mo
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Yes Icon On-Premise
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5 — 500
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Encompix Overview

Encompix, an Aptean ERP solution, is designed for and by project-based companies. For more than 25 years, our customers have played a big part in our ERP software development process. Unlike many manufacturing software systems, Encompix grew out of the requirements of a consortium of project-based companies who felt that traditional MRP-based systems did not adequately address their needs. Much of our development over the years has its roots in enhancements built to address specific business problems faced by our customers.

Encompix continues to provide the manufacturing software requirements of Engineer-to-Order (ETO) organizations. Our name reflects our commitment to developing business application solutions that encompass the complex areas of project-based and job-based manufacturing. Our goal is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage in their own markets by improving bottom line results.

Our clients do not believe that one size fits all,” and neither do we. Inherent to our vision is the nurturing of partnerships to develop manufacturing software applications that match our customers’ specific business processes. We seek to build business relationships based on integrity and value that will last a lifetime.

Today, we continue to work closely with customers as we grow and prosper, based on our commitment to design, develop, market, install and support the best possible solution for designers and builders of capital equipment.

Encompix Advantages

Encompix, an Aptean solution, continues to provide advantages to engineer-to-order and project-based customers that have seen dramatic business improvements and faster return on their investment. This is due to the product’s focus on engineer-to-order and project-based companies. Encompix provides a closer fit that in turn leads to shorter implementation and faster time-to-benefit.

Encompix Technology

Encompix technology provides a low total cost of ownership by building a business solution that is easy to use and requires minimal resources to operate. By embracing the award-winning OpenEdge suite of development tools from Progress Software, Encompix is able to assimilate new technologies and architectures without requiring significant re-writes of the software or re-investment by our customers.

Encompix Modules

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