Encompix | Implementation

An implementation methodology focused
on your business objectives

Encompix will personalize its implementation strategy to the needs of your business. An eight stage implementation
 process insures that components most important to your bottom line are up and running first.

1.   Project Kickoff
  It all begins at a formal meeting with your Encompix implementation team. You’ll discuss the business reasons for selecting a new system, and your objectives and timeframe for the implementation.

2.   Orientation
  A detailed education session to explore Encompix’s capabilities in-depth.

3.   Detailed Planning
  You'll review the results of the orientation session, and develop a detailed implementation plan, including specific tasks, personnel assignments, and milestones. Your consultant will be available throughout this period to help you manage the project.

4.   Conference Room Pilot
  As you use the system to process an order from beginning to end, your implementation team and functional managers can see the overall flow of the system and review its effectiveness at processing your data.

5.   Production Pilot
  By processing your actual data through Encompix, you can ensure that all procedures have been properly mapped to the system, and that the data conversion is accurate and appropriate. Completion of the production pilot verifies that you are ready to go live with the system as soon as the users are trained.

6.   End-User Training
  Our training goes beyond simply teaching users which keys to hit, but includes an explanation of the business reasons for new procedures and the benefits, including hands-on exercise with real data familiar to the users.

7.   Go Live
  This is the time when you turn off your old system and begin to run your business with Encompix. Your Encompix consultant will be right there by your side, ensuring that everything runs smoothly for this important event. Should any unforeseen issues arise, your consultant will address them immediately.

8.   Post-Implementation Review
  After you have been using the system for several months, your consultant will return to meet with you. Together you’ll evaluate how you are using the Encompix system, and identify and correct inefficient procedures or processes. The improvements achieved with Encompix will also be compared against baseline measurements.