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Materials Management for Encompix

Inventory Management Module

Inventory Management without Item Numbers

Because most materials are purchased to the job, you don’t want the constraints of an item-based system, which requires all item transactions to go to/from inventory. 

One key differentiator of Encompix is that the job and bill of material structures do not require the use of an item number. 

You may choose to enter a part first in the item master or not. If you elect to use the item master, you can define a standard description, long description, units of measure conversions, preferred vendors, cross references and many other fields. By specifying stocked or non-stocked, the system will manage your inventory accurately. 

Complete lot and serial tracking, for both stock and non-stock items, multiple inventory locations, multiple cost types, cycle counting and physical inventory are all supported. As opposed to most ERP systems, Encompix inventory replenishment is driven by simplified min/max and reorder point logic, which is not constrained by a long, centralized MRP run. If necessary, you can also view the total on hand, allocation and on order quantities, allowing you to replenish the part through the dependent demand planning. 

Job Costing Module

Manufacturers of highly engineered or complex products demand true actual job costing. Encompix is not an item-based application, therefore you can buy, sell and ship items not pre-defined to an item master. Encompix collects actual material costs at the time the purchase order receipt is vouchered. Actual labor costs are collected as reported to the system. All job costs may be viewed individually, or collectively rolled up into a parent project. Jobs may also be defined as projects, allowing the actual costs to be applied directly to COGS, with full Revenue Recognition accounting to support long lead-time production. 

Purchasing Module

Purchase directly to stock or to a project.

The Encompix Purchasing system supports company-wide activity, including the purchase of direct and indirect materials, MRO and services. The system supports requisitions with specific approvers, based on authorization levels. Material requisitions can be consolidated into a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and easily converted in to a Purchase Order (PO) based on the response. 

The Purchase Order management provides multiple ways to create a PO. Orders can be entered manually or created as a result of Dependent Demand Planning (DDP) which creates suggested purchases on a time-phased basis.

Purchase Orders can be for stock or directly for a project. On receipt the material goes directly to Work-in-Progress (WIP) and the cost is allocated to the job as WIP or COGS.

Vendor Performance ranks suppliers based on delivery, quality and price. If designated, a PO line item can be received directly into Inspection for quality verification and, if necessary, returned to the vendor.

Using Workflow triggers, individuals can be automatically notified of exception conditions, e.g. Production order awaiting material.” 

Shop Floor Data Collection

The Encompix Shop Floor Data Collection system is designed to improve and simplify the collection time and quantity. It reduces the clerical effort needed to input time data, while providing accurate real time job status and cost tracking.

Automating time collection eliminates the need to manually calculate time cards and separate out job time. The time is collected with the simple act of signing on to the system and logging on to the job. The elapsed time for the operation is calculated and posted to the job. Supervisory control allows for the checking of a transaction before it is posted to the job. Management reporting is based on real-time data, without the delays associated with manual time cards.

Encompix Modules

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