Enterprise 21 ERP | Advantages



Process Manufacturing

Make-to-stock and make-to-order process manufactures rely on Enterprise 21 ERP to meet their complex and always-changing business needs. Enterprise 21 ERP seamlessly integrates all transactions in manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, order management, customer service, and financial management.


For process manufacturers, Enterprise 21 ERP delivers complete forward and backward lot tracking and traceability, robust production planning and scheduling, scalable batches, compliance management, good manufacturing practices (GMP) support, automated quality control processing, recall management, shelf life tracking, market-based pricing, catch weight processing, multi-level formulation and recipe management, ingredient substitution, and bi-product and co-product management.


With Enterprise 21 ERP, process manufacturers can reduce costs, streamline business operations, improve ingredient and product lot data accuracy, and better-meet evolving industry and regulatory agency compliance requirements.



Designed to meet the business requirements of wholesale distributors across a variety of industries, Enterprise 21 ERP delivers a comprehensive software solution that spans each of the enterprise’s business departments. From order management and customer service to a complete set of financial management capabilities, Enterprise 21 ERP is designed to manage the organization’s complete business operations.


Distributors can take advantage of Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated RF and barcode-enabled wireless warehouse management functionality for improved, streamlined warehouse operations, as well as Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated procurement, supplier relationship and vendor performance management, inventory control, complex pricing management, quality control, attributed inventory, quoting and conversion to orders, kitting and assembly, light manufacturing, import and landed cost management, and CRM software features. With Enterprise 21, distributors receive a complete, end-to-end ERP solution for improved customer service, reduced inventory costs, and streamlined, efficient data processing.