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Enterprise 21 ERP
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Enterprise 21 ERP Overview

Enterprise 21 ERP is a fully-integrated ERP solution for small and mid-market manufacturing and distribution organizations. Designed to facilitate industry best practices, Enterprise 21 includes comprehensive software functionality to manage the enterprise’s complete business operations.

Enterprise 21 ERP delivers fully-integrated sales order management, procurement, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management, advanced planning, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, and manufacturing management software functionality in a single ERP system.

Enterprise 21’s underlying system architecture is flexible and configurable by design, enabling organizations to implement the system to meet their unique business process requirements. Offering a broad scope of software functionality, Enterprise 21 ERP is highly scalable ERP solution that allows your business to grow without the addition of additional modules, bolt-ons, or third-party software packages.

Unlike many ERP systems, Enterprise 21 is exclusively developed, sold, implemented, and supported directly by TGI. This enables TGI to deliver direct, unsurpassed ERP software solutions and services to its customers. Leading manufacturers and distributors select Enterprise 21 ERP to streamline business operations, increase bottom-line profitability, and gain a strategic competitive advantage.

Enterprise 21 ERP Advantages

For Manufacturing

Make-to-stock and make-to-order process manufactures rely on Enterprise 21 ERP to meet their complex and always-changing business needs. Enterprise 21 ERP seamlessly integrates all transactions in manufacturing, inventory, warehousing, order management, customer service, and financial management.

For process manufacturers, Enterprise 21 ERP delivers complete forward and backward lot tracking and traceability, robust production planning and scheduling, scalable batches, compliance management, good manufacturing practices (GMP) support, automated quality control processing, recall management, shelf life tracking, market-based pricing, catch weight processing, multi-level formulation and recipe management, ingredient substitution, and bi-product and co-product management.

With Enterprise 21 ERP, process manufacturers can reduce costs, streamline business operations, improve ingredient and product lot data accuracy, and better-meet evolving industry and regulatory agency compliance requirements.

For Distribution

Designed to meet the business requirements of wholesale distributors across a variety of industries, Enterprise 21 ERP delivers a comprehensive software solution that spans each of the enterprise’s business departments. From order management and customer service to a complete set of financial management capabilities, Enterprise 21 ERP is designed to manage the organization’s complete business operations.

Distributors can take advantage of Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated RF and barcode-enabled wireless warehouse management functionality for improved, streamlined warehouse operations, as well as Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated procurement, supplier relationship and vendor performance management, inventory control, complex pricing management, quality control, attributed inventory, quoting and conversion to orders, kitting and assembly, light manufacturing, import and landed cost management, and CRM software features. With Enterprise 21, distributors receive a complete, end-to-end ERP solution for improved customer service, reduced inventory costs, and streamlined, efficient data processing.

Enterprise 21 ERP Technology

TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP software is a fully-integrated ERP software product. Enterprise 21’s underlying architecture is flexible and configurable by design, allowing both small businesses and large, multi-national corporations with multiple legal entities and divisions to leverage Enterprise 21’s software functionality to meet their organizations’ unique business requirements.

Enterprise 21 can be deployed in a thick client environment, a thin client environment, or a combination of both thin and thick client environments using any ODBC-compliant database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Oracle, or IBM DB2. The chosen database management system can be run on any associated supported database server technology, including Microsoft Windows Server, UNIX, Linux, or IBM OS/400. This platform independent approach allows TGI customers to select the IT infrastructure that best suits their business needs.

Enterprise 21 ERP Modules

Materials Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Materials Management Module

Inventory Management

With Enterprise 21 ERP’s inventory management functionality, manufacturers and distributors gain real-time access to inventory status for materials and finished goods while simultaneously improving inventory data accuracy and integrity through total data quality management. Enterprise 21 supports multiple inventory facilities, multiple inventory locations, flexible units of measure with automated unit of measure conversions, physical inventory counts, cycle counts, and complete lot and serial number tracking. With Enterprise 21, manufacturers and distributors can reduce on-hand inventory carrying costs while improving customer order and line item fill rates.

Enterprise 21 Inventory Management Key Features & Benefits
  • Replenishment rules include minimum-maximum reorder point, safety stock levels, line item fill rate, and service level management
  • Unlimited global and product-specific units of measure (UOM) conversion factors
  • Supports use of default units of measure and automatic conversion to alternative units of measure in transaction processing
  • Supports forward lot traceability from ingredients through manufacturing processes to finished goods, which are ultimately shipped to customers
  • Supports backward lot traceability from finished goods back into manufacturing processes to ingredient and component receipts from suppliers
  • Shelf life and expiration date tracking
  • Complete QC processing for inbound receipts and manufactured products
  • Supports attributed inventory
  • Allows for both physical and cycle counts
  • Supports catch weight processing


TGI’s Enterprise 21 software delivers a complete set of procurement, supplier relationship management, and vendor performance management functionality in a single ERP solution. Enterprise 21 processes requisitions and purchase orders in real-time that tie directly to inventory receipts and vendor invoices to enable three-way matching. Purchase requisitions and purchase orders can be entered manually or automatically generated through Enterprise 21’s integrated MRP and DRP processes. Manufacturers and distributors leverage Enterprise 21 to streamline purchasing operations and track key supplier metrics to provide the organization the necessary data for improved sourcing activities.

Enterprise 21 Procurement Key Features & Benefits
  • Requisitions may be entered manually or automatically generated from the MRP or DRP processes
  • Requisition processing can utilize signature approvals and buyer limits
  • Preferred vendors and pricing may be specified for individual products
  • Purchasing representatives can select and convert requisitions into purchase orders
  • Maintains PO history information by item
  • Supports blanket purchase orders with releases
  • Import management with landed costing and containerization of imports features
  • Supports online RFQ distribution, response receipt, and vendor award notification
  • Full-featured supplier relationship and vendor performance management and tracking
Warehouse Management System

At the heart of Enterprise 21 ERP is a fully-integrated warehouse management system that includes built-in RF and barcode scanning functionality for streamlined warehouse operations. Enterprise 21 manages and tracks the complete flow of material through the entire organization, from receipt and putaway of material, through production and kitting, and eventual picking, packing, and shipping to customers with complete lot traceability and serialization tracking. Enterprise 21 also automates the management of other warehouse operations such as physical and cycle counts, vendor returns, license plating, and labor allocation and optimization. With Enterprise 21 ERP, manufacturers and distributors can realize significant warehouse efficiency and productivity gains for increased bottom-line profits.

Enterprise 21 ERP Warehouse Management Key Features & Benefits
  • Includes wireless warehouse management technology for RF and barcode-scanning
  • Supports definition of warehouse zones, locations, and bins with associated capacities
  • Supports a variety of picking methodologies including pick by order, pick by area, cart picking, zone picking, wave picking, and pick queue processing
  • Generates picking lists by using multiple sets of criteria including location, batch, FIFO, FEFO, employee, zone, lot, or serial number
  • Tracks all inventory moves and inventory transfers from one location or facility to another
  • Supports the automatic identification of products that require inspection at time of manufacturing putaway or purchase order receipt
  • Supports the use of pallet ID’s or license plates

Sales & Order Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Sales & Order Management Module

Enterprise 21 ERP provides sophisticated order management capabilities to enable manufacturers and distributors to improve customer service and on-time customer order delivery while simultaneously improving the organization’s pick, pack, ship, procurement, and planning processes. Enterprise 21 allows sales and customer service representatives to access real-time order status information from a single order entry screen. Enterprise 21 ERP offers a diverse set of order entry options, including regular sales orders, drop shipments, blanket orders, recurring orders, group orders, and counter sales. Enterprise 21 also accommodates Web orders, route accounting management, and incoming and outgoing order-related EDI transactions.

A key differentiator of Enterprise 21 ERP is that it supports both available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) processes and automated alerts. During the order entry process, CTP evaluates key factors at a line-item level to calculate an accurate customer delivery date and offer alternative supplier options for raw materials or distributed items.

Enterprise 21 ERP also monitors customer buying habits, customer order frequency, and order and line item fill rates automatically, allowing manufacturers and distributors to deliver unparalleled customer service to their customer base.

Enterprise 21 ERP Order Management Key Features & Benefits

  • Provides both available-to-promise and capable-to-promises alerts and processes during order entry
  • Allows for a variety of pricing options, including volume discounts, promotions, allowances, and contract pricing
  • Allows for pricing rules to be established on a customer-product combination basis
  • Supports e‑Commerce and EDI transactions
  • Allows for multiple ship-to locations on a single order
  • Automatically monitors customer buying habits, customer order frequency, and order and line item fill rates on a customer-by-customer basis
  • Built-in parametric, rules-based product configurator for online product configuration to be used for customer quotes and customer orders
  • Customer quotes can be converted directly into customer orders

Financial Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Financial Management Module

Enterprise 21 ERP features a complete set of fully-integrated financial management and accounting functionality. Enterprise 21’s AP, AR, and GL modules are fully-integrated with the entire Enterprise 21 ERP application, including order processing, inventory, warehousing, purchasing, manufacturing and planning, businesses intelligence, and e‑Commerce, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry in multiple software systems. With flexible costing methods and a multi-level chart of accounts with full drill-down capability, Enterprise 21 delivers scalable financial software functionality to meet the needs of both small and mid-market businesses alike.

For multi-national enterprises, Enterprise 21 ERP supports multiple currencies for transactions, accounting, and financial reporting. Enterprise 21 ERP can revalue foreign currency accounts and automatically determine financial gains or losses due to currency fluctuations.

Enterprise 21 ERP also provides complete audit trails to enable organization’s to meet their financial reporting requirements. Enterprise 21 automates the documentation and control of transactions and processes in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. In doing so, Enterprise 21 provides the basis for financial reporting required by financial and executive management and external auditors for compliance purposes.

Enterprise 21 Financial Management Key Features and Benefits

  • Track multiple organizational segments within the general ledger such as companies, business units, or profit centers
  • Financial reporting can be performed at multiple organization levels, from a department or facility through company and business unit to an overall consolidated enterprise
  • Unique invoicing methods and invoice print formats can be specified by customer
  • Corporate cash application process allows cash application to be performed at an enterprise-wide level for a combination of business units and divisions
  • Provides online access to customer credit limit, payment history, and collection notes
  • Supports multiple costing methods including standard, FIFO, LIFO, and average costing
  • Manages multiple currencies for transactions, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Stores customer tax codes by customer bill-to address and ship-to locations
  • Supports a base budget, current budget, and infinite working budgets per fiscal year
  • Reports can compare multiple years’ actual and budgeted amounts

Production Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Production Management Module


Enterprise 21 ERP provides make-to-order, make-to-stock, assemble-to-order- and configure-to-order manufacturers superior manufacturing capabilities for advanced production planning, production scheduling, MRP, and production reporting. Enterprise 21 delivers multi-level bill of material capabilities, formula and recipe management, scalable batches, engineering change tracking, manufacturing routing maintenance, and machine maintenance in a fully-integrated solution. Distributors can also leverage Enterprise 21’s manufacturing capabilities for their complete kitting and light assembly needs. Enterprise 21 ERP allows manufacturers and distributors to gain complete visibility to the true cost of their items, resulting in smarter enterprise decision-making and improved bottom-line business performance.

Enterprise 21 ERP Manufacturing Key Features & Benefits
  • Multi-level BOM’s that support pseudos, subassemblies, and phantoms
  • Multi-level where-used functionality enables rapid access and mass change to all BOM’s using a specific component material or subassembly
  • Supports infinite-level formulas with yielding at the top level or ingredient level and rank-ordered ingredient substitutes
  • Built-in recipe management
  • Supports scalable batches
  • Multi-step and multi-level manufacturing routings
  • Kitting and assembly and light manufacturing capabilities for distributors
  • Graphical production scheduling
  • Captures materials, packaging, and labor consumed and finished goods produced
  • Tracks recorded manufacturing variances for executive analysis
  • Tracks all material, labor, and burden costs associated with the manufacturing process

Supply Chain Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Supply Chain Management Module

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Gain control over your material requirements. Manufacturers rely on Enterprise 21 ERP to deliver the material requirements plan necessary to ensure raw materials, ingredients, packaging supplies, and labels are available for production to meet customer demand while optimizing inventory levels for improved discrete and process manufacturing efficiency.

Enterprise 21’s fully-integrated MRP functionality performs time-phased requirements planning for single and multi-facility manufacturing organizations. Enterprise 21 ERP calculates inventory requirements over time and automatically generates online purchase requisitions and tentative production schedules, which can be turned into purchase orders, inventory transfers, and final production schedules. Going one step further, Enterprise 21’s MRP process calculates expected inventory levels over time and generates purchase requisitions with appropriate time offsets to meet future projected inventory shortfalls.

With Enterprise 21 ERP, buyers and material planners can review purchase requisitions and automatically generate the necessary purchase orders and intercompany transfers to support the organization’s complete inventory and manufacturing plan to meet customer demand while simultaneously minimizing inventory carrying costs.

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Optimizing Your Inventory Plan. Enterprise 21 ERP performs time-phased requirements planning for single and multi-facility distribution organizations. Enterprise 21’s distribution requirements planning (DRP) process calculates inventory requirements over time and automatically generates online purchase requisitions, which can be turned into purchase orders and inventory transfers.

For multi-facility organizations, Enterprise 21’s DRP process can be used for centralized purchasing, facility-based purchasing, or as a combination of these methodologies. Enterprise 21’s distribution software functionality allows distributors to meet their inventory planning requirements while effectively managing inventory carrying costs.

Customer Relationship Management for Enterprise 21 ERP

Customer Relationship Management Module

TGI believes the concept of customer relationship management should go well beyond simple contact management in an ERP system. Enterprise 21 has been designed to extend the concept of customer relationship management throughout the enterprise. TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP software monitors and tracks customer buying habits, customer order frequency, and order and line item fill rates on a customer-by-customer basis. Enterprise 21 ERP’s fully-integrated CRM functionality also includes a complete contact management system that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Enterprise 21 ERP also allows for automated sales workflows for customer and prospect tracking, telemarketing management, marketing campaign management, and customer promotions, allowances, and discount opportunities. With Enterprise 21 ERP, businesses can automate their entire sales force while simultaneously delivering CRM features to other users throughout the organization to improve overall customer service and satisfaction.

Additional Capabilities for Enterprise 21 ERP

Additional Capabilities Module

Business Intelligence

Enterprise 21 ERP features fully-integrated business intelligence tools for sophisticated reporting and analytical purposes. Enterprise 21’s business intelligence capabilities include executive dashboards with analytical drill-down capabilities on multiple dimensions and business metrics (sales, margins, etc.). Each user can define his or her own series of dashboards that display real-time key business information in graphical or tabular format. Enterprise 21 ERP provides business executives and managers immediate access to information for strategic decision-making.


Enterprise 21 includes fully-integrated e‑Commerce capabilities that support Web-based B2B and B2C transactions. Employees, dealers, suppliers, and customers can all access Enterprise 21’s data securely via the Internet. From supplier RFP responses and online customer ordering to dealer and outside sales personnel inquiries regarding inventory availability and shipment tracking, Enterprise 21 provides secure, Web-based access that extends operational activity beyond the manufacturing plant and distribution center.

Enterprise 21 e‑Commerce Key Features & Benefits
  • Supports B2B and B2C transactions via integrated shopping cart
  • Provides secure online access for employees, consumers, dealers, and suppliers
  • Supports product inquiries, pricing, purchases, and transaction history
  • Integrates with existing Web site look and feel to front-end Enterprise 21
  • Supports automated request for proposal distribution, supplier responses, and vendor award notification

Enterprise 21 Workbench Designer

The Enterprise 21 ERP Workbench Designer allows end users to design and build their own inquiry screens, charts, and reports without programming expertise and without any modification to the application’s source code. The Workbench Designer allows users to manage their workday from a single screen and rapidly retrieve real-time business information in their desired format. From any workbench screen, application users can navigate to any other related information via a single click using user-defined Hot Buttons.

Services & Support for Enterprise 21 ERP

Services & Support Module

Direct Developer Support

TGI delivers all development and customer support for Enterprise 21 ERP from its corporate headquarters in Toledo, OH. No software development or customer support is outsourced to third-parties or sent overseas. When a TGI customer contacts the TGI customer support desk, the customer speaks directly to an Enterprise 21 software developer with an average tenure of over ten years experience working with the Enterprise 21 ERP application. This approach to customer support gives TGI customers a unique, single source working relationship with TGI for all software implementation and customer support needs.

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