Expandable ERP | Usability & Data Collection Utilities

Usability & Data Collection Utilities

Mobile Data Collection
The Mobile Data Collection modules capture data from the shop floor and upload real-time information directly to the Expandable system. Using a wireless mobile device, data is instantly collected remotely via barcode scan, eliminating transcription errors and increasing productivity. User data is entered and validated real-time using Expandable screens that display on the handheld device. Data is instantly validated in the corresponding Expandable programs and error messages are communicated back to the mobile device for immediate action.

Form Flow Designer
“From my perspective Expandable will play a major part in our success moving forward, as it provides us the tool we have needed for a long time to create a structured systematic approach to our business.  I look forward to working together for many years as we continue to develop Expandable into our IT Systems” - Operations Manager, Expandable Consumer Products Customer.  The FORM FLOW DESIGNER is used to customize the Expandable editor screens so that workflow can be tailored to match the unique business processes of your organization. Whether you want to standardize forms across all users and departments or allow each user the option to customize their own work area, the Form Flow Designer delivers the flexibility to match the Expandable screens to the way in which you manage information. Individual users can streamline their Expandable screens by rearranging the order and size of data elements so that transactions flow smoothly from one field to the next. Users can also remove non-essential items from data entry screens and consolidate key fields from multiple editor tabs onto a single tab so that data elements are consistent with the order in which they access and transact information. Data field labels can be renamed and the font sizes and colors modified to illustrate the relative importance of individual data elements.

Multi- Language
Expandable’s optional Multi-Language module supports a number of User Interface Language Options that have been Machine Translated to specific language reference libraries accessed by the system based on the individual user’s local language setting. 

The module currently supports five languages in addition to English: 

• Spanish
• French
• German
• Chinese (PRC – Simplified)

Upload Utilities
Expandable’s Upload Utilities streamline input for data-intensive transaction entry by providing for the posting of transactional information from third party software products and other sources to the Expandable database. Existing internal transaction editing and posting functionality is used to complete the process. The Upload Utilities ensure data integrity and provide virtual integration to peripheral systems at local or remote sites. Upload Utilities come with a set of pre-defined macros for the corresponding Expandable update transaction screens. Each macro defines a transaction normally entered through the computer keyboard or scanning device. Transaction input is passed in delimited files.