Expandable ERP | General Ledger

General Ledger

“I learned many things during this process but two items stand out:  We chose the right system and the right team to guide us through this conversion.  Expandable contained the functionality we need to continue our growth.  [Customer Support] hung in there with us through the highs and the lows ensuring us that it would get better” - VP of Finance & Business Services, Expandable Customer. Expandable GENERAL LEDGER collects the current and historical information required to analyze and control a company’s financial activities, provides functions to enter and control journal vouchers, prepares budgets and creates detail transaction and balance sheet reports. General Ledger integrates with all other Expandable functions and features the FRx Visual Financial Reporting DataMart. The chart of accounts is used to validate financial transactions created by other functions. General ledger transactions created in other functions can be automatically passed to Expandable’s ledgers on user command. The General Ledger account transaction program displays detailed transaction data for individual accounts.