Questions about ERP Technologies

Why Do Businesses Need Mobile ERP?

What is Mobile ERP?

Mobile ERP Cloud-hosted ERP systems make it possible for manufacturers and distributors to input, access, and analyze data using mobile devices instead of workstations. ERP companies commonly refer to their solutions as “Mobile ERP” when the ERP is designed for tablets, phones, and other hand-held devices with internet connectivity.

What Does Mobile ERP Improve?

Mobile ERP allows your shop floor to go paperless, redefines the materials management process and makes your ERP virtually “real-time.” Users can manage their manufacturing while away from the shop on their smartphones and tablets without office computers. They can see sales orders, quotes, job status, order history and contact information needed to provide fast, responsive customer service. Mobile ERP improves inventory management. Users can use mobile devices that fit on a belt or forklift to receive materials, record inventory movements, issue material to jobs, and quickly generate shipping documentation. Mobile ERP makes ERP systems much more “real-time” since the users are more likely to input information when the processes occur rather than logging them at a workstation when it’s convenient.

In some companies, moving to a mobile ERP cuts down on labor costs by eliminating recording transactions on paper and then entering them at the computer. Mobile ERP comes standard with some cloud-based ERP solutions and is a different product for other ERP companies. Either way, manufacturers are sure to benefit from implementing mobile ERP throughout their organization.

Questions about ERP Technologies

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