Genius ERP | Sales Management and CRM

Sales Management and CRM 

Seamlessly integrated with Genius ERP, the CRM Sales Platform module provides the necessary tools to better manage your sales pipeline. Track opportunities and monitor your sales pipeline in real-time, while benefiting from all-in-one Genius ERP and CRM support.

Seamless ERP Integration 

Genius CRM has a built-in integration with Genius ERP, providing historical information for your sales team. While quotes are done in your ERP, sales opportunities can now be tracked in your CRM. At the same time, you’ll only need one support team for both your ERP and CRM.

Genius Sales CRM Module Features

•  Existing and new customer management

•  Sales opportunity management

•  Task & calendar management

•  Email correspondence tracking

•  Reports

•  Dashboards

•  User roles & permissions management

•  Google Maps integration

•  Integration with Genius ERP

•  Cloud-based for easy access from any location

•  Mobile-friendly

•  Easy-to-use

•  Multi-language capabilities