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Production Management for Genius ERP

Production Management Module

Manage your entire operation and production line with Genius ERP. Genius ERP is designed to help make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order, and assemble-to-order manufacturers increase their throughput. Automate time-consuming steps, reduce bottlenecks on the shop floor, and connect historical data to upcoming runs to streamline your production. Use real-time data to monitor production capacity and shop-floor efficiency. Genius ERP can easily manage evolving BOMs, which is crucial for timely and cost-optimized procurement while maintaining minimal inventory. Stage the release of BOM information to production, and easily respond to client changes mid-project.

Genius ERP lets you sync your production planning, project management, and scheduling to optimize throughput.

Production Engineering

Streamline the production engineering process by taking CAD designs and transforming them into BOMs and RFQs.

Bridge Gaps and Get a Jump on Production

Genius Production Engineering is designed to save time, eliminate errors, prepare inventory and fine-tune quotation and estimation right off the bat at the design phase.


Genius CAD2BOM integrates with SolidWorks or Inventor, and with one click produces a bill of materials. Reduces unsynchronized information, work redundancy, and data entry errors with CAD2BOM.

Genius Production Engineering Features:

· SolidWorks and Inventor integration

· Fully configurable mapping between CAD properties and Genius fields

· Routing functions

· Progressive BOM release for lightweight assembly & partial transfer of project

· SolidWorks Cutlist profiles integration

· Inventor Frame Generator integration

· Multiple naming and mapping options with CAD

· Compare and merge BOMs 

Production Planning Module

Genius Production Planning allows you to schedule proactively based on delivery date or by the historical capacity of each work center in your factory. 

Change on the Fly

Simplify planning be reacting to changes from your customers in-process.

Control Day-to-day Scheduling Details

Genius ERP gives you a real-time overview of your production floor. It clarifies and structures the instructions for each task and allows you to execute tasks according to an established plan. Genius can schedule and reschedule jobs to give visibility to the production and sales teams.

Improve Throughput Over Each New Production Run

Increase throughput by prioritizing workload versus historical capacities. Have the ability to monitor in real-time timesheets and work-order completion, as well as track expenses for each job in your factory or on-site. With production planning, organize based on actual capacity by identifying constraints on current and proposed workloads.

Genius Production Planning Features:

· Gantt charts

· Increase throughput by prioritizing workload vs. capacity

· Monitor timesheets and work-order completion

· Track expenses for each job

Project Management Module

Save time and meet delivery targets reliably with intuitive purchasing, including for long-lead items ahead of BOM with Genius Project Management.

Plan labor capacity utilization based on finite resources taking into consideration efficiency, calendar and overtime. Schedule hours by competencies or department, without having to complete routing details in BOMs. Add milestones related to your material, customer approval and deliveries.

Genius Project Management Features:

· Manage long-lead items for projects and jobs

· Complete preliminary purchases before completing a manufacturing BOM

· Once a BOM is finalized, automatically merge the preliminary purchase list with the manufacturing Bill of Materials

Quality Control Module

Be known for quality. Don’t just fix problems, prevent issues from occurring with Genius Quality Control. Generate non-conformance reports (NCRs) and relate them to the proper source (vendor, manufacturing, customer complaint, etc.) in one quick system.

Assign corrective actions so that employees can easily handle NCR input and correct issues, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Build a history to guide staff and vendors, and ensure that products are delivered on-time — and at higher levels of quality.

Real-time Monitoring

Genius ERP brings all shop floor data into a single source for streamlined processing and analysis. Everyone in your organization sees the same data in real-time, to gain oversight, improve decision-making, optimize production and increase throughput.

Genius ERP lets you monitor and measure operations using real-time dashboards, as well as track progress, efficiency, and employee performance. Improve profit margins by creating reliable reports that focus on both external profit building and internal cost reductions. Progressively release bill of manufacturing details to the shop floor. Make quick changes based on shifting priorities and customer modifications. Integrate all your front office functions with your manufacturing software, centralizing data and breaking down operational silos.

Scheduling Module

Schedule both man-hours and machine-time based on work orders and real-time constraints. Monitor machine time to identify production bottlenecks and schedule accordingly. Plan shift schedules and labor capacity utilization based on finite resources taking into consideration efficiency, calendar and overtime.

Eliminate stop-and-go production by coordinating work-station activity and using one system to manage all projects. Allocate shop-floor resources along shifting priorities, multi-level BOMs, and WIP interdependencies.

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