Intuitive ERP | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

What if you could spend your day analyzing data and making informed decisions—instead of mining data and creating your own spreadsheets? Intuitive’s outstanding suite of Business Intelligence tools provides you with the critical business information you need for faster and more informed decision-making.

Intuitive ERP graphically displays critical sales, purchasing, inventory, production and financial activity data. From a global view of your business, you can review summary information, drill down into transaction-level detail and easily prepare presentation-quality reports. These tools are also integrated with Microsoft Office to provide maximum flexibility.

Decision Management Tool

Automatically track and analyze over 50 key performance indicators (including inventory turns, average days to pay, etc.) using data from Intuitive ERP to provide vital information on the health of your company.

Executive Information System


Generate real-time reports on critical elements of company-wide data in a graphical, easy-to-read format.

OLAP Analytics


Analyze and report on transactional data using advanced On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and data warehousing technology.

Intuitive Advanced Analytics


Analyze hundreds of "what if" scenarios with our ready-to-use workbooks -- or create your own -- to visualize exactly what virtually any scenario will do for your business, from inventory to the shop floor to profitability.

Intuitive Financial Analyst


Monitor the financial status of your company, manage financial information and generate and track budgets.

Ad Hoc Report Wizard


Easily create an unlimited number of custom reports (with no database or query building expertise required) based on the data stored within the Intuitive ERP database. This is the easiest reporting tool you’ll ever use.