Intuitive ERP | Lot Control


Location/Lot Tracking

For companies that have multiple warehouses, multiple stock locations and/or lot number control, Intuitive ERP offers complete warehouse/location/lot tracking functionality. In addition to the serial number tracking capabilities of Intuitive ERP, this functionality supports the more complex needs of manufacturers in regulated industries or with perishable goods.

Whether you use it to support product recalls or to increase the level of control you desire over your inventory, location/lot tracking gives you the flexibility to manage each item to the required level of detail. Items can be assigned to a warehouse, floor space area, or bin location(s), and extensive activity reports are available for both location and lot tracking.

Complete visibility, both upwards and downwards, is available for each lot. You may enter a lot number and receive full tracking to al work orders and sales orders that included that lot, including shipment information. In addition, you can enter a sales order number and receive "downwards tracking" information to see all component lots that were included in the order.