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Visual Order Pegging


The Intuitive ERP Visual Order Pegging Explorer provides an outstanding tool to visualize the status of a job at a single glance, or to see the effect a late-arriving materials delivery will have down the line.
Visual Order Pegging allows you to trace up or down the production hierarchy to see the source/use relationships for items. Using Visual Order Pegging, you can trace upwards from a particular work order to see which sales orders are slated to receive the material being produced by that work order. Or, given a particular sales order, you will be able to trace down the pegging linkages to see the status of the various work orders and purchase orders that will cover this sales order. You can also see pegging by project to provide you with complete order status for all items in a project.

Visual Order Pegging includes graphical tools to show you at a glance where the problem areas are in your schedule. Any late orders will display in red, and on-time orders in green. For work orders, the complete status at each operation (routing step) is displayed, and those problem steps are also in red.