JOBSCOPE | Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
Jobscope manufacturing software Quality Assurance system allows Engineer To Order (ETO), Make to Order (MTO), Government Contractor, Job Shop and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul manufacturing companies to set up methods, perform inspections, schedule work for later date, and combine the skills and certifications of employees from the Resources module to set up the standards for a good quality inspection.
The Quality Assurance subsystem is designed for use on the shop floor. The workstation which provides for employee logon/logoff of the actual touch labor operations is also used by the inspectors for reading instructions, viewing drawings and other visual aids, and entering inspection results right at the source as the inspections occur.

Jobscope Manufacturing Software Quality Assurance Features

  • QA Methods may be linked to routing operations and displayed on the shop floor
  • User defined codes are provided for rejects, defects, scrap, and nonconformance disposition
  • Unscheduled "ad hoc" inspections such as storeroom items or unexpected problems
  • Online "To Do" list of required inspections by job and work order
  • Online entry of inspection results on the shop floor
  • Rework work orders may be created within the QA subsystem
  • Employee skills and skill certifications defined and maintained
  • Equipment calibration, serial numbers, and maintenance logs
  • Tool bills of material, calibration, fixture requirements, maintenance logs, serial numbers, use logs, and calibration