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JOBSCOPE Case Study - Consarc

Carnac Case Study for JOBSCOPE

The Company: About Consarc

For over 50 years, Consarc has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of advanced vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for customers who process metals, specialty alloys, and engineered materials. These high-performance furnaces are unique with state-of-the-art computerized controls, robustly designed power supplies, and innovative engineering technology that makes these leading-edge furnaces the best available in their respective markets. 

As an engineered-to-order (ETO) company, Consarc is heavily driven by market conditions, which places added pressure on the company to produce accurate project schedule estimates for design, production, and delivery of their specialized furnaces. Having a system in place to accommodate these critical needs is a must and one that Consarc recognizes has a significant business impact on the company.

The Situation: Real-Time Data

Early on, Consarc relied on a legacy HP 3000 system which used batch processing instead of real-time data to track all project activity. At the time, this was adequate, but the company soon migrated to a Windows SQL Server platform to take advantage of more efficient processes. Although Consarc was comfortable using mostly manual procedures, they quickly adapted to a new system offered by JOBSCOPE that has proven to be a key tool in Consarc’s business.

The Solution: JOBSCOPE ERP

The JOBSCOPE system is an integrated part of Consarc’s business from order entry to shipping of finished goods. Nearly all of JOBSCOPE’s functionality is used including order entry, bill of materials, production, work orders, purchasing, inventory, quality, accounting, shipping, and invoicing. The system is also used for sales proposals and pricing models by extracting existing data for these business development purposes.

The Results: JOBSCOPE ERP Implementation Benefits

Consarc’s heaviest user group involves those in manufacturing production control. This group is responsible for creating work orders for all jobs to bring everything together. Mostly design engineers, this team of approximately 15 engineers is able to upload engineering drawings into the system and track all activity associated with a job. We have a lot of employees who have been with the company a long time and they know what they’re doing because they’re very good at their jobs,” says Mahon. JOBSCOPE enhances their ability in doing their jobs even better. JOBSCOPE is a real-time, high visibility solution that tracks our complete business activity.”

Consarc’s smaller jobs are those that have quicker turnaround like spare parts orders and component parts. The process for these jobs is fairly standard and includes sales order entry, work order creation, purchasing activity, manufacturing, and capture of all accounting data. JOBSCOPE’s functionality with DataCap also captures all work labor associated with these jobs. This is an automated shop floor data collection feature where data is scanned and collected via bar code. Built-in work rules within JOBSCOPE then interpret the data. It has been great to have the JOBSCOPE tool in place for both high growth and slower periods in our business,” says Mark Mahon, Consarc IT Manager. We’ve never missed a beat because JOBSCOPE captures all project work at the job level and we know exactly where we are during each step. The system’s flexibility meets our needs no matter what market conditions we may be experiencing.”

Larger jobs at Consarc are much more involved with varying levels of complexity. These are jobs which can range in value from $1.5 million up to $15 million each. Production for these kinds of larger jobs is also lengthier with schedules ranging from 20 – 50 weeks from start to completion. The engineering design required for these jobs is much more involved, too, with all work captured in JOBSCOPE. Consarc relies on JOBSCOPE for status reports that indicate where a job is within production at any time. This provides an instant view into the production schedule so that a job status is known whenever it is needed. Crystal Reports are used as the report writer which easily generates reports for management review and those involved at the production level. Routinely, reports are created for purchase orders, invoices, sales orders, job costing, estimating, account analysis, time and attendance, scheduling, shipments, exceptions, materials cost, engineering costs, and freight monitoring. These reports provide critical information that is important at the functional level for each job. Historical data is of particular importance as Consarc relies on it to assist in decision making. The ability to pull information from the system to analyze costs, project schedules, etc. gives Consarc excellent insights into make versus buy decisions.

Consarc’s sister company in Scotland also uses JOBSCOPE to track and manage jobs for their European customer base. Roll-out of the system to this location was simple and easy. Here, approximately ten users rely on JOBSCOPE to track and manage their project work. Recent migration to the newest release of JOBSCOPE was a smooth process without any issues or unexpected problems.
Continuing Success

JOBSCOPE is a good fit for Consarc,” says Mark Mahon. We’re very comfortable with both the product and the company behind the system. As a company, Jobscope personnel are accessible and easy to talk with. They certainly make an effort to understand our business and how to apply the system to fit our needs.” As a multi-technology organization, Consarc serves clients well with custom-built, large scale furnaces that are highly specialized to meet individual client requirements. This type of market focus requires technical skill, engineering expertise, and a disciplined production process to get each job right. With JOBSCOPE in place, Consarc has the system that helps them get the job done on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of their customers. 

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