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EOXS Overview

EOXS ERP is designed specifically for the steel and metals industries to help steel manufacturers create exceptional experiences for business, all within a single, cloud-based, tech-forward platform.

EOXS is the sweet spot where steel meets technology, providing innovative solutions that deliver unparalleled results for Steel Service Centers, Metal Distributors, Steel Processors, and Tube Mills. 

EOXS ERP integrates seamlessly with multiple software products such as Sage, Quickbooks, Salesforce, and HubSpot, offering steel businesses a holistic ERP integration approach.

EOXS Advantages

EOXS enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution helps small to mid-sized steel manufacturers lower operating costs by providing an affordable, subscription-based ERP cloud solution.

EOXS ERP supports steel and metals manufacturers in reducing costs and increasing revenue by

  • Eliminating procedures duplication
  • Increasing staff efficiency by 30%
  • Improving internal communications
  • Reducing order processing and delays by 83%
  • Providing clear visibility into sales and production

EOXS ERP delivers a streamlined system with reduced overhead costs, simplified accessibility, and full mobility. 

Lower Operating Costs

EOXS ERP is an affordable cloud-based solution that does not require significant financial investment, nor does it require any overhauls of existing hardware or software. 

Advantages of EOXS cloud ERP

  • Boosted ERP Performance Lower Operating Costs
  • Security Enhancements
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Superior UAT and API Testing
  • Flexibility of Access
  • Easy Scalability for Every Stage of Growth
  • Service Support at All Times
  • Zero Hardware or Maintenance Costs

As global competition grows in the steel industries, processes that were once separate, such as accounting, warehousing, and marketing, are now brought together in one streamlined interface for instantaneous access, 247 providing complete collaboration capabilities across all departments. 

EOXS Technology

EOXS ERP is a cloud-based solution that is entirely vendor-run, offering metals and steel manufacturers the technology to build an innovative website without any code. Quickly create a digital storefront to showcase products, accept online payments, and much more with EOXS ERP for steel.

EOXS Modules

Materials Management for EOXS

EOXS is an all-in-one ERP solution for smooth and rapid business growth. 

The materials management modules in EOXS provide steel and metals manufacturers with a streamlined approach to inventory and shipping management within a single dashboard.

EOXS Books

EOXS Books allows steel industry manufacturers to create dropship orders for suppliers directly from customers. 

Track Bills & Purchases

Maintain optimal inventory levels easily by recording and tracking purchase orders and payables in one place.

Backorder Management

Get real-time notifications of inventory shortfall while creating quotations and invoices.

Inventory Tracking

Automate inventory tracking across warehouses. Track services, raw materials, and finished goods. Gain clear visibility into inventory movement across warehouses as transactions take place. Auto fulfillment features provide triggers for the fulfillment of orders when invoices and bills are created. 

Pick Pack Ship

Utilize premium inventory functions within EOXS Books. Create picking lists, pack products, and ship all within a single dashboard. 

Sales & Order Management for EOXS

EOXS ERP solution’s Sales & Order Management module provides steel and metal manufacturers with AI-driven ERP technology with the ability to build a customer-engaging, code-free website to manage all Sales & Order needs seamlessly. 

Accounting, Invoicing, and Inventory Solutions all in One Place

Create professional invoices. Provide on-time and accurate order deliveries and accept online payments all from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Create and Send Invoices

  • Easily manage sales and orders with the ability to convert estimates into invoices at confirmation. 
  • Automatically receive and record online payments via EOXS Books capabilities with ease. 
  • Generate and send invoices from any mobile device. Convert confirmed quotations and estimates to invoices with one click.
  • Access professional templates for every transaction, such as invoices, orders, quotations, and payment receipts.

Track Bills & Purchases

  • Record purchase orders and bills in just a few clicks. Track payables and receivables from one dashboard.
  • Email purchase orders to suppliers to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Real-time Reports

Access all financial and inventory reports online from any mobile device, 247.

View balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, and general ledger to gain detailed insight into sales, purchases, and inventory. 

Financial Management for EOXS

Experience efficient and precise Financial Management capabilities with EOXS ERP Books cloud-based accounting features explicitly designed for the steel and metals industries.

Quick and Easy Setup with EOXS Books

EOXS Books offers preconfigured accounting rules, tax codes, multiple invoice templates, and charts of accounts. Excel files are easily imported to EOXS Books for a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Configurable Chart of Accounts

EOXS Books is preloaded with a preconfigured Chart of Accounts designed specifically for the steel and metals industries. 

Automatic Tax Calculations

Easily record bills and purchase orders. Track all payables and receivables in one place. 

Configurable Chart of Accounts

EOXS Books comes equipped with a preconfigured Chart of Accounts designed with steel and metals manufacturers in mind. 

Books Chart of Accounts is fully and easily editable. Add or import any Excel chart of accounts via a quick and simplified upload.

Filter all financial reports by custom fields to gain deeper insights into all financial aspects.

Real-time Reporting

EOXS ERP’s cloud-based solution provides steel manufacturers with access to all financial reports 247.

View balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, general ledger, and tax reports from any mobile device. 

Production Management for EOXS

EOXS ERP solution’s Production Management module equips the steel and metals industries with innovative technology required for key production processes.

Easily Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouses

Gain clear insights into Job and Production Management processes with streamlined costing and planning data in a single dashboard. 

EOXS provides a comprehensive yet simplified production management solution equipped with batching functionality. Create single reports to simplify tracking, scheduling, and costing, plus labor and materials reports with ease. 

Gain Insights from all Data Sources Across Production in a Single Report

EOXS is an all-in-one business tool. When you run your business on EOXS, it’s easy to automatically pull data from every side of your business into a single holistic report. See the whole picture with EOXS Reports.

Supply Chain Management for EOXS

EOXS Steel ERP solution’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) module features are designed specifically for steel and metals manufacturers to help maximize operational efficiencies and asset productivity.

EOXS ERP software synchronizes logistics across warehouses to help optimize fulfillment orders and reduce costs. The SCM capabilities within EOXS provide manufacturers with clear visibility into supply chains with multiple product fulfillment options for every aspect of the steel industry.

Customer Relationship Management for EOXS

EOXS ERP’s easy-to-use yet powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module has been built exclusively for the steel and metals industries. 

Simplify collaborations, automate marketing, drive sales, and track and convert leads within one dashboard.

  • EOXS CRM provides complete visibility into all stages of the sales pipeline with real-time insights.
  • Contact management features provide thorough insights and tracking of contacts.
  • Real-time sales insights offer up-to-date monitoring within an intuitive dashboard.
  • Visual sales pipeline data helps to identify and prioritize multiple products and markets.
  • Email campaign functionality provides steel manufacturers with a simple, step-by-step method of generating engaging emails for clear communications. View detailed reports of open rates and click-throughs.
  • EOXS CRM offers personalized configuration capabilities for better tracking and reporting.

Additional Capabilities for EOXS

EOXS ERP for steel and metals manufacturing offers the following additional capabilities: 

EOXS Reports

  • EOXS ERP allows for compiling customized business data into a single report. Automatically pull data from all aspects of the business to create a single, holistic report.
  • Gain the ability to create recurring or one-off reports with ease.


  • Create unlimited dashboards to gain new and complete insights into business and customers.


  • EOXS ERP’s Shop is the steel and metals industries’ solution to e‑commerce.
  • Create a code-free online store with drag-and-drop
  • functionality. Collect online payments for streamlined transactions. 
  • Design an online store with the simplicity of our code-free drag-and-drop website builder.

EOXS People

  • EOXS ERP’s People module offers a simple, three-step process for managing payroll in minutes. 
  • Manage all employee data in one place. Maintain and view detailed personnel and payroll files within one dashboard. 

Services & Support for EOXS

EOXS ERP offers 247 support to all EOXS ERP service subscribers. 

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