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Infor Distribution SX.e

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Cost Per User $150/mo
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10 — 1000
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Infor Distribution SX.e
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Infor Distribution SX.e Overview

Built specifically for the needs of the evolving wholesale distribution industry, Infor Distribution SX.e is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution that weaves innovation into core competencies to better serve customers, outpace the competition, and expand profitability.

Meeting the Needs of the Evolving Wholesale Distribution Industry

With Infor Distribution SX.e or Infor CloudSuite Distribution, companies can optimize enterprise-wide business processes— from sales, omnichannel engagement, inventory, and warehouse management, to financials, value-add services, and more. Distributors using Infor solutions can accelerate the pace of business by managing transactions with unparalleled visibility across the enterprise, allowing for better and faster decision-making.

  • Gain greater control of inventory
  • Automate and streamline business processes
  • Visualize key customer and order information
  • Manage omni-channel operations and supply chains

Infor Distribution SX.e Advantages

Infor Distribution SX.e is a comprehensive enterprise solution designed to deliver value and a lower total cost of ownership to our customers. These include business and industry-specific functionality throughout the solution and formal implementation methodologies tested over thousands of go-lives and upgrades. Our research and development enable innovation and add value to existing solutions. Low-impact upgrades, skilled consultants with extensive industry experience, and seasoned support personnel (with many years of experience) add to the value of our complete offering. This effectiveness can be attested to by our reference customers and our high customer retention rates.

Because every business is slightly different, Infor Distribution SX.e and CloudSuite Distribution empower distributors to personalize the user interface to meet unique industry, team, or individual user requirements. The user can easily add, remove, and edit fields, labels, and complete screens without the need for technical programming. Importantly, the time invested and business value created are not lost when the system is upgraded. As the business changes, the system will adapt and move forward with the business.

  • A full ERP built to address the distributors’ unique and continually evolving needs
  • A dynamic solution allowing distributors to shape the ERP experience and continually innovate
  • A platform designed to extend beyond typical distribution functionality to provide additional services 
  • A solution enhanced to help you elevate your customer’s experience
  • An ERP solution that will streamline operations, improve profitability and reduce your total cost of ownership

Infor Distribution SX.e Technology

Finding an edge for your business is far from easy. Progress is often of the one-small-step variety rather than the giant leap that companies need to put some distance between themselves and the competition. It’s easy to wonder sometimes — is settling for less becoming the new normal? Not at Infor™. With Infor’s leading technology innovations and platform, Infor OS, at the core of all the latest releases of Infor’s proven industry CloudSuites, you can forget just getting by and start getting ahead.

Infor OS Capabilities

  • Integrations — Purpose-built middleware that makes integrating your enterprise systems, both Infor and non-Infor, fast and easy. You can eliminate operational silos, scale up or down to meet changing business needs, reduce the burden on IT by putting business process changes into the hands of power users, and achieve unparalleled operational efficiency.
  • Collaboration — Comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Incorporating the most innovative social media concepts into a business environment, Infor OS lets you capture vital corporate knowledge and tie communications to business processes so you can work smarter and faster. From collaborating alongside core systems like ERP or financials to​“following” people and objects, you’ll solve problems and get work done in ways you never thought possible
  • Analytics — Transform data into a competitive advantage. You get industry-specific analytics, robust reporting capabilities, personalized dashboards, and workflows and alerts — all accessible from your mobile device with changes synced automatically to your desktop.
  • Mobility — Access systems and information anytime, anywhere, and extends the capabilities of your core organizational systems. You can unlock the power of existing enterprise solutions by seamlessly integrating mobile capabilities with your Infor applications and get the ability to easily build and deploy custom mobile apps to meet your specific needs.
  • Extensibility – SyteLine application development framework lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance your core enterprise solution. No knowledge of complex source codes or programming languages is required. You’ll be able to create enhancements in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than is required with traditional development approaches.

Infor Distribution SX.e Modules

Materials Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

Inventory Control Module

Efficient tools let distributors easily establish reorder points, print physical count sheets, and perform a variety of other inventory management control processes. Vendor-managed inventory management tools help manage off-site inventory controlled by vendors. The solution includes the electronic distribution of information between manufacturers and distributors to automate and streamline the process for recording and tracking transactions, such as the vendor on-sale rebate process. In addition, Distribution Business enables distributors to store nonstick products in inventory without creating a catalog or product record.

Purchasing Module

Distribution Business features advanced order control, inventory management, and other flexible capabilities to manage the purchase of both stock and nonstock products. Advanced order control lets distributors take advantage of complex ordering formulas while considering important factors such as average sale quantity. The enterprise resource planning solution also includes functionality to modify pricing based on a distributor’s unique circumstances. For example, distributors moving into a new competitive area can use the solution to reduce the margin on products in one area and not affect the price of those products in other regions. 

Purchasing — Infor ERP SX.e enterprise resource planning features advanced order control, inventory management, and other flexible capabilities to manage the purchase of both stock and nonstick products. Advanced order control lets distributors take advantage of complex ordering formulas while considering important factors such as average sale quantity. The solution also includes functionality to modify pricing based on a distributor’s unique circumstances. For example, distributors moving into a new competitive area can use the solution to reduce the margin on products in one area and not affect the price of those products in other regions.

Sales & Order Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

Infor10 Road Warrior Module

A powerful sales support app called Infor10 Road Warrior helps sales professionals make fast work of critical daily tasks, including keeping up with current sales orders, customer requests, shipments, and other issues; approving purchase orders and other requests; and reporting on the results of sales contacts in real-time.

Order Entry Module

The solution includes comprehensive pricing capabilities, including a pricing modifier, which allows distributors to price differently based on the geographic location and the class of products, such as how fast it is selling. With Order Entry, it’s possible to select multiple line items and tie them to a single purchase order or warehouse transfer. Distribution Business enables users to automate purchasing activities to streamline processes for buyers.

Quote Pad Module

Quote Pad brings a new level of service and convenience to you and your customers. It allows your customers to have more control over their decision-making process and lets them keep track of how their changes impact their prices. It gives you the ability to easily access the system from an iPad and make updates quickly to provide faster and better customer service.

Sales Analysis Module

Enables improved alignment between sales strategies and overall business strategy by providing visibility into all aspects of sales performance.

Sales Orders Module

Gives users a fast and accurate tool to manage and monitor the entire sales process, from quotes to invoices to retail.

Financial Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

Accounts Payable Module

Allows users to manage the entire payments process, including invoice entry, check generation, and the management of payment terms and discounts.

Accounts Receivable Module

Allows users to manage the entire receivables process, including payment terms, credit limits, payment history, dunning letters, service charges, disputed invoice designation, and invoice history.

Credit Card Processing Module

Provides comprehensive credit card processing capabilities that make it possible for distributors to reduce processing fees by providing credit card companies with comprehensive information about the transaction.

General Ledger Module

Provides flexible account definition, and profit definition, in addition to direct journal entries, recurring entries, reversing entries, allocations, budgeting, financial statements, and interface transactions.

Performance Management Module

Distributors have access to advanced capabilities to link their operational plans with corporate strategy and generate actionable insights to increase user productivity, control costs and improve overall business performance.

Production Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

Value Added Services

The solution provides support for value-added services such as stamping, coating, and assembling products. In addition, a kit production module features innovative, automated tools for packaging and marketing products.

Supply Chain Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

Demand Planning Module

Provides for the capability to enhance demand forecasting, helping to establish an inventory level that matches customer demands.

Supplier Relationship Management Module

With Infor ERP SX.enterprise, distributors can access capabilities that create a more collaborative environment for them and their suppliers.

Transportation Management Module

Allows for all facets of proper methods to manage inventory shipping and delivery.

Warehouse Logistics Module

Improves the efficiency of receiving, put-away, moving, replenishment, counting, picking, and shipping so warehouse productivity and accuracy are improved.

Warehouse Management Module

To help users manage warehouse workflow in real-time, Distribution Business offers a choice of two warehouse management systems, Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) and Infor SCM Warehouse Management. With TWL, which is integrated into the Distribution Business solution, a distributor can access advanced picking, packing, and placement capabilities that enhance the ability to manage warehouse activities. The interoperability of the Distribution Business with Infor SCM Warehouse Management offers distributors specialized features, including voice enablement, radio frequency identification device (RFID) enablement, labor management, task interleaving, and dock door scheduling. Infor SCM Warehouse Management also provides specific capabilities to support third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and multi-tenant warehouse environments.

Customer Relationship Management for Infor Distribution SX.e

CRM Business Module

Infor CRM Business –A full customer relationship management (CRM) suite with marketing, sales, and service capabilities that are fast, familiar, and flexible, to help businesses of all sizes find, win, and grow profitable customer relationships. Infor CRM Business works with familiar Microsoft® products to streamline processes across your entire business. 

Customer Relationship Management

Infor ERP SX.enterprise users have access to capabilities for getting a comprehensive view of their customers to enable a consistent and continuous customer dialogue based on real-time information.

Inforce Everywhere Module

A powerful combination of Salesforce, the world’s leading sales application, and Infor’s portfolio of ERP applications. Inforce Everywhere makes it easy to share real-time data between ERP and CRM, so your sales teams have up-to-the-minute information about the status of their customers’ orders, shipments, invoices, and payments.

Additional Capabilities for Infor Distribution SX.e

Advanced Mobile Management

It is a packaged mobile application platform that meets a critical demand in the distribution solutions landscape. It offers quick-to-deploy, agile, mobile solutions that extend Distribution Business and non-Infor business applications and systems to remote mobile workers. Specifically, Infor Advanced Mobile for Distribution Business offers complete mobile applications and solutions that target enterprise users involved in task-orientated business processes for Mobile Orders, Inventory Management, and Mobile Delivery.

eCommerce Tools

Distributors using Infor ERP SX.enterprise have access to eCommerce capabilities that make it possible to conduct business with suppliers and customers 24X7.


To help users, Infor ERP SX.enterprise is part of the Infor MyDay program, which leverages a dynamic Web 2.0 interface to improve the efficiency of users by presenting the information they need to perform their jobs in a personalized, easy-to-use format. 

Infor MyDay for Infor ERP SX.enterprise gives executives and line of business employees role-specific metrics, reports, and alerts so they can make better decisions faster. With Infor MyDay, employees in purchasing, sales, finance, and other departments can drill deep into relevant business data stored in Infor ERP SX.enterprise and retrieve what they need to complete a task.

Infor10 Workspace

Infor10 Workspace Distribution Business uses the user-friendly graphical interface of Infor10 Workspace, which delivers a unified user experience that supports single sign-on, common navigation, and a common look and feels across numerous Infor products. The user interface combines deep industry processes, analytics, and collaboration to create a more satisfying, easier-to-use software experience that helps you make better and faster decisions.

Infor10 Workspace embeds​‘in-context business intelligence’ into the user experience that supports contextually aware event-driven operations. This means that users automatically see the relevant information they need to make better decisions and complete tasks at the moment they need it. So, instead of swiveling from one application to another, users see the information from the different applications they need to get their jobs done on a single screen in real-time. This means they’re getting the most up-to-date, accurate information possible, so they can make sound decisions based on fact, not intuition.

Services & Support for Infor Distribution SX.e

Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK)

Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) –gives you all the tools you need to review and build your employee skill sets and make them more productive — before, during, and after implementation. It’s a proven solution for your organization’s specific deployment requirements across the entire lifecycle of your software systems.

Service Warranty

The solution offers capabilities to streamline service and repair functions. Distribution Business also delivers general business functionality to support all aspects of the operation.

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