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Materials Management for JustFood ERP

Inventory Visibility Module

  • Access inventory location information from anywhere in the system; Sales Order, Item Card, etc
  • Track inventory at location, zone, bin (rack) and container (pallet, tote, tub) level
  • Inventory Availability in addition to Quantity on Hand provides users access to Forecasted Availability; useful for planning or committing inventory
  • Inventory information can be drilled down upon to see inventory by lot and expiry
  • Expiration Analysis provides visibility on inventory that has expired, as well as inventory that may be approaching expiration based on item-specific parameters
  • First Expiry principals can be enforced for picking and consumption
  • Visibility on partials’ to ensure that partial bags/cases/pallets are used first, unless certain conditions such as same lot full pallet orders, etc
  • Inventory lookups available on handheld or mobile devices
  • Physical and cycle counts available on handheld devices.

JF Floor (WMS) Module

Based on the Web Services capability of JustFoodERP, JF Floor represents the ability to manage bin level inventory transactions through RF and mobile devices connected wirelessly to the network. Functions include:

  • Receiving and warehouse put-away
  • Inventory picks and shipments
  • Inventory movements and pick bin .
  • Physical counts
  • Production output and consumption
  • Quality audits
  • Product lookups by item, bin and lot number.
  • Label Printing

Warehouse / Inventory Module

Track, manage and record the picks and put away the process for an accurate inventory reporting. Lot tracking functionality and bin management ensures that all materials are managed and accounted for throughout the warehouse life cycle. 

  • Picks and put-aways
  • Expiration date management (FEFO)
  • Physical count
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Lot tracking
  • Serial tracking
  • License plate / pallet licenses
  • Catch weight / variable weight
  • Same-site, multi-site inventory transfers
  • Planning by sku by location
  • Bin management
  • Custom per-item reorder policies (quantity, lead time, handling time, safety stock)
  • Logistics planning
  • Third-party logistics (3PL)
  • Add on: JustFood Floor: device-based warehouse management (WMS)
  • Add on: EDI
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