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Supply Chain Management for JustFood ERP

Logistics Module

  • Provides ability to manage two important aspects of Logistics Planning: Shipment Load Consolidation, and Logistics Run Planning.
  • Shipment Load Consolidation helps combine sales orders that are ready to be shipped
  • Orders are consolidated based on a number of criteria including weight, cubage, etc
  • Logistics Run Planning defines the transportation route that a shipment agent should follow for successful delivery. Logistics Run can help you manage the loading dock, driver, stop sequence and times, as well as trailer and seal numbers for compliance
  • Logistics Run Planning takes advantage of Microsoft’s Bing Map Service
  • Optional integration to freight rate shopping for FedEx or UPS
  • Optional integration to RoadNet Technologies route planning software can be used to build efficient, cost-effective delivery routes

Plant Maintenance / Preventative Maintenance Module

Preventative maintenance functionality allows food companies to monitor the performance and use of all their plant equipment with real-time usage data. Plant managers are able to schedule the planned maintenance based on usage, so equipment is getting maintained in advance to avoid any mechanical failures and allow production to continue as scheduled.

  • Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) work orders (unplanned)
  • Machine center asset allocation
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling and planning (planned)
  • Maintenance cost and time tracking
  • Parts inventory management

Shipping & Receiving Module

  • Receiving functionality linked to Purchase Orders. Blind Receive for quantity to ensure your receivers are counting
  • Quality Audits on Receipt including hold process, truck inspection, and any other checks required dependent on vendor or item
  • Link paperwork electronically to receipt
  • Receive manually or through the aid of wireless scanning devices
  • Print labels at time of receipt
  • Receive by case or track by pallet
  • Receiving and shipping support for catch weight products to ensure accurate weight-based costing and pricing
  • Vendor compliance and exceptions are automatically recorded
  • Put-away rules based on allergens, kosher, or other handling/storing requirements
  • Pick for shipments manually or by handheld device
  • Break inventory bulk for pick process
  • Pick using single scan barcode license plates
  • Support items that require specific paperwork such as CofA, or proof of incubation
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