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JustFood ERP
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JustFood ERP Overview

JustFood ERP is now known and supported as Aptean Food & Beverage JustFood Edition. Aptean Food acquired IndustryBuilt and JustFood ERP in May 2018. To review the current product and its full capabilities and to learn more about all ERP products from Aptean, please refer to our Aptean Vendor information and comparison pages.

(Aptean) JustFood ERP software connects departments, data, and processes into a single cloud food and beverage ERP. It gives food processors and food distributors the insight, visibility, and control they need to take their food business to the next level.

Manage Business Growth

End-to-end management of the entire food production process.

(Aptean) JustFood ERP is enterprise resource planning software for the food and beverage industry. From the moment materials and ingredients enter your facilities until the finished food products are delivered to your customer, JustFood is there, helping manage every aspect of your business. By moving all of your data and workflows from multiple independent platforms into a single cloud ERP, you ensure superior data integrity, production management and manufacturing processes, quality control, safety, sales, delivery, finance, and forecasting.

All the features you expect from ERP software and more.

Aptean JustFood ERP offers all the sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management features found in Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, we have developed and added hundreds of food features that address safety and compliance, quality and production, recipe development and management, food recall and traceability, and more. Investing in a platform developed for the food industry removes the need to customize generic ERP solutions, and this allows you to dramatically reduce implementation costs and risks and accelerate time to value.

Anywhere, anytime access to all your business data.

JustFood ERP Advantages

Built for Food Manufacturers

JustFood ERP software comes with the features you expect from a market-leading business platform combined with the features designed specifically for food manufacturers and distributors.

  • Quality
  • Food Safety / Compliance
  • Warehouse / Inventory
  • Manufacturing / Production
  • R&D / Product Development
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Finance

JustFood ERP Technology

JustFood Architecture

JustFood ERP software is made up of hundreds of modules built to meet the specific needs of food manufacturers and distributors. We make it easy to port over your existing sales, finance, manufacturing, warehouse, and safety processes into JustFood.

Food Platform

JustFood ERP business software has been built for companies in food manufacturing and distribution. This means modules, features, and functionality that food companies need in order to grow their business, operate efficiently, and comply with safety requirements.

Food Modules

Bring your processes and procedures online with JustFood’s custom, food-specific modules. Integrate your quality, safety, warehouse, and any other food process into the system so that you are able to track progress, inform the next stage of production and ensure quality and consistency.

Food Sectors

JustFood ERP software is built with features and functionalities that are geared toward food companies across all sectors and industries. Because every sector has different pain points and unique requirements, we’ve ensured that our software can address them all.

JustFood Cloud ERP

JustFood ERP software resides in the cloud. This allows food companies to take all the food-specific functionality that JustFood is known for with them wherever they go. JustFood offers your business enhanced security, integration, and mobility across any device.

JustFood ERP Modules

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