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Sales & Order Management for JustFood ERP

E‑commerce Module

  • JF Commerce with fully integrated shopping cart application
  • Allow consumers to browse and buy your products online
  • Fully integrated with JustFoodERP; item information, inventory levels, order processing, credit card processing

Forecasting Module

  • Support a collaborative approach to sales forecasts
  • Convenient Excel plug-in is fully integrated to JustFoodERP
  • Generate sales forecasts using a tool that your employees are familiar with. Support dozens of algorithms including a ProCast option that selects the best method based on history
  • Feed forecasts from historical sales or purchase data. Integrate sales forecasts with the Planning Engine for material requirements planning and what-if scenarios

Order Management & EDI Module

  • Manual spot orders make order taking easy with quick reference to order history, copying from past orders, order statistics, item substitutions, pricing, rebate calculations, and inventory information on the fly
  • Quick Order screens available for high volume environments. Quick orders strip out advanced posting functions and minimize tab or mouse clicks allowing customer service reps to process thousands of orders per day
  • Integrated EDI for order processing and invoice creation. Hundreds of pre-mapped documents for over 60 trading partners available out-of-the-box.
  • Order Rules with full order approval available. Rules can be setup by customer, item setting minimum quantities, weights, partial pallet or full pallet order rules

Pricing & Commissions Module

  • Pricing rules built right into the system supporting Bracket Pricing, Delivered Pricing, Pricing campaigns (integrated into marketing engine), as well as pricing supporting calendar features
  • Sales brackets include Customer Buying Groups, Price List Groups and support for specific sales hierarchies
  • Cost Plus pricing available for customers who deal with volatile commodities. Costs could be based on inventory costs, fixed costs, or alternative costs
  • Item Surcharges and Document Surcharge functionality to support freight and fuel surcharges, or even temporary commodity price fluctuations
  • Zones functionality allows prices to be applied to specific zones of delivery. Delivery charges are itemized and easily reconciled against the incoming logistics or freight costs
  • Extended Pricing Matrix allows item charges to be applied in combinations of customers or customer groups
  • Invoice printing can roll-up prices or itemize prices from surcharges
  • Estimates functionality allows sales reps to put forward accurate estimates based on a specific recipe. A worksheet allows marketing costs or other fixed costs to be factored into the pricing equation
  • Commissions are highly configurable and can be calculated on price, margin, and quantity as well as advanced rules such as first-time sale, new item, new customer, unique items

Purchasing Module

Manage purchase orders, gauge vendor performance and create new orders from your own historical data. Granular purchasing inputs ensure that you are able to account for all purchased materials from any vendor.

  • Vendor management
  • Purchase pricing management
  • Purchase order management (individual orders / blanket orders / contract orders / quotes)
  • Material requirements planning (MRP) based on demand or re-order points
  • Custom per-item reorder policies (quantity, lead time, handling time, safety stock)
  • Purchase rebates
  • Purchase approval Workflows
  • Add on: EDI Reporting / Analytics JustFood integrates with Microsoft tools like Office and PowerBI allowing for the creation of robust, customizable reports. Real-time data reports on finance, production, scheduling, purchasing and sales.
  • Pre-built reports and templates
  • Customize report layouts in other Microsoft products
  • Ad hoc distributed queries
  • Scheduled reports
  • Access reports from any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Generate reports from any module
  • Add-on: embedded business analytics
  • Add-on: advanced reporting and analytics

Rebates & Trade Promotion Module

  • Create Sales Rebate structures based on customers or items
  • Rebates support minimum quantity rules as well as start and end dates
  • Automatically create accruals to the appropriate G/L account
  • Apply cash or payments against outstanding rebate accruals making it easy for finance to reconcile accounts
  • The Trade Promotion Management module works hand in hand with rebate functionality, allowing sales managers to plan, track and match promotion spending using a variety of methods

Sales Module

Better manage your customers and sales team with detailed pricing configurations, accurate sales commission programs and trade rebate initiatives, allowing for better planning and forecasting.

  • Customer management
  • Contact management
  • Pricing (price list management, customer tiers, volume, promos)
  • Sales order management (individual orders / blanket orders /contract orders)
  • Direct store delivery (recurring / standing orders)
  • Preset customer orders (same order, enter it once)
  • Sales and broker commissions
  • Customer rebate management (quantity, accrued, lump sum)
  • Sales approval workflows (new)
  • Trade promotion management / trade spend
  • Add-on: advanced forecasting
  • Add-on: EDI

Web Portals Module

  • Allow your customers, brokers and sales people to access a secure web portal
  • Create new Sales Orders
  • View Sales Order History
  • View account status and statement information
  • Access product specifications online.
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