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Financial Management for Sage X3 ERP

Financial Management Module

Business Intelligence

Sage X3 ERP provides a powerful business intelligence engine, which allows users to analyze their business performance on the fly, by simple drag and drop of aggregated data that are updated in real time with the flow of day-to-day operations. Powered by leading Business ObjectsTM technology, business intelligence is fully integrated within the Sage Enterprise Management system and does not require maintenance of a separate data warehouse. Sage X3 ERP also provides users with simple-to-use, up-to-the-minute analytics through the user-defined portal and dashboards, as well as through the standard statistics available across all functions.

Data Collection

Sage X3 ERP Data Collection is a robust automated data collection solution that communicates directly with Sage Enterprise Management manufacturing, distribution, and accounting functions for the seamless and secure processing of a broad array of shop floor and warehouse business transactions. It combines powerful software and reliable hardware with the strength of experienced implementation professionals to allow businesses to become more efficient, productive, and profitable. Most ERP systems on the market do not inherently support automated data collection capabilities. Companies have discovered after their ERP system purchase that they need to pass data to and from third-party systems, assuming unnecessary integration expenses … even adding staff to maintain the various systems The Sage integrated approach allows businesses to collect and utilize data end to end across their operational areas automatically. It takes data directly from automated input devices, verifies its accuracy, and passes the data to Sage X3 ERP for immediate update. It also manages the entire network of collection devices, including all user input prompts.

Financial Overview

Sage X3 ERP Finance covers financial, personal, cost and budget accounting, commitments, and fixed assets. It can also handle transfers and reporting of information from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and their headquarters. Sage Enterprise Management combines decentralized and international company management.

Particularities relating to different legislations are integrated as early as the product design stage: predefined accounting systems, with payment entries involving up to four accounting steps; user definition of bank files, open-ended and adapted to national format; management of fiscal and excise taxes and associated returns (hardcopy or magnetic format according to legislation); fee and sales returns; closing of financial periods in successive stages or simplified form; and more.

Local particularities are centralized and packaged to provide a single solution irrespective of working language or country. Functional comprehension and maintenance of these environments are simplified.

Sage X3 ERP offers multi-currency processing features that provide the ability to calculate transaction amounts, produce reports, and restate values in different currencies. Special processing allows applicable European currencies to be tied to the Euro to simplify exchange rate maintenance. Amounts can be expressed in the currency of the company, the business partner, or a user-defined reporting currency. Sage Enterprise maintains all currencies and exchange rates in a single table and provides immediate conversion to alternate values on demand within any business transaction. Invoices and payments can be accepted and issued in varying currencies. Sage Enterprise Management provides full accounting of exchange rate variances and automatically posts them to the appropriate general ledger (GL) gain or loss accounts.

Sage Enterprise Management Finance consists of three major functional domains: General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, and Fixed Assets.

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