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Spaulding Brick Co

Location Wilmington, Massachusetts USA
Macola Manufacturing Pro Case Study - Spaulding Brick Co

Spaulding Brick Co. Case Study by Macola Manufacturing Pro ERP

The Company: About Spaulding Brick Co.

Spaulding Brick Co., a 25-person masonry distributor for wholesale and retail, provides materials to schools, hospitals, and architects as the very foundation they need to construct or renovate a building. As a close business partner for more than 12 years, Exact is, in turn, a critical building block in the Spaulding Brick company’s success. For more than 70 years, Spaulding has offered customers one of the largest selections of brick in New England. The company has supplied brick to many projects in the New England area, from the buildings on the campus of Harvard University to the brick on the streets of historic Boston.

The Situation: Complex RFP Process

Spaulding Brick has numerous competitors, some of which are larger than Spaulding and conceivably have greater financial, marketing, and management resources. Management believes the principal competitive factors in its targeted market are selection and availability of product, service, price, and relationships, as well as their ability to fully leverage their software investments. 

Business Need Over the course of five years, Spaulding Brick had tried and discarded several accounting and inventory packages because they did not meet their needs, and were then forced to go back to the drawing board. To get it right, and avoid the time and cost associated with getting a company up to speed on a new application, the company hired a consultant to manage a complex RFP process. The more than 200 questions were vetted by several Spaulding Brick team members who evaluated multiple ERP vendors and narrowed them down to three.

The Solution: Macola Manufacturing Pro ERP

Exact won the business over the competitors due to the excellence of the Progression product, the dedication of the sales team, and the interest from Spaulding Brick to forge a true business partnership that has grown even stronger over time. When the Exact sales team came into our office to present the second time around, we couldn’t believe how good the Progression solution was and how solid the sales presentation was,” said Ralph Lawson, Treasurer of Spaulding Brick. It was then an easy decision for our team to make, and we chose to go with Exact Progression.”

At any given time, approximately 15 employees use Progression as part of their daily work, with AP, AR, GL, Inventory, Order Entry, and System Manager modules. In addition to being easy to use, which was a requirement, Progression has solved all prior issues with Reconciliation processes that Spaulding was facing. Exact Progression is delivering to Spaulding Brick, higher levels of customer service and accuracy, with improved levels of organizational visibility, control, and measurement. The solution is effectively managing the company’s cash flow with the Progression Series Accounts Payable (A/P) package. Having recently upgraded to Microsoft SQL 2008 for their latest infrastructure project, Spaulding is leveraging the latest SQL functionality from within Exact Progression.

The Results: Macola Manufacturing Pro ERP Implementation Benefits

At the highest level, Spaulding Brick today enjoys an ERP package that is reliable and meets the changing needs of the business. Issues with Reconciliation are a thing of the past, maintaining compliance with auditing and banking processes. Progression has drastically improved accuracy so that balancing accounting each month is always correct, right down to the penny. Exact has been a good partner for products and service,” said Lawson. It’s gotten to the point that I pay for the service every year but I know I can also rely on my Exact consultant for just about anything because of his expertise. Often times I need instant gratification when addressing an issue, and we get that with the partnership with Exact Software and the Progression product.”

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