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Macola Manufacturing Pro

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Macola Manufacturing Pro
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Macola Manufacturing Pro Overview

Macola ERP (an ECi software solutions company) is the solution for manufacturers and distributors in the general discrete manufacturing segments such as, but not limited to, machinery, aerospace, automotive, electronics, and distribution companies.

Macola enterprise resource planning software delivers all of the features and functions to manufacturing and distribution companies in one low-cost, high-value solution by providing innovative software applications. With its modular approach, users can start with basic work order processing and continue on to the full shop-floor control without having to upgrade or change their software application within the Macola business solutions ERP system.

Macola ERP Systems Improve Business Process Management with the Following Manufacturing Features:

  • Use work order or work center production methods
  • Apply variable overhead burden rates to each work center
  • Use multiple routing functions
  • Track Work-in-Process
  • Manage inventory control visibility
  • Oversee materials control in the production process
  • Move away from shop floor control as a set of manual procedures by upgrading to more automation and control over the process (materials tracking and costs) 
  • Benefit from full integration between accounting, inventory, or other corporate systems and the shop floor function to improve business processes
  • Have a better way of tracking product serialization for warranty control 
  • Implement job costing within the organization
  • Better manage customer data and all business data
  • Create custom reports of any business activity
  • Complete business activity monitoring
  • Easily perform tasks with automated workflows

Macola Manufacturing Pro Advantages

Improved Core Business Functions with Macola Software

Macola software implements manufacturing cost accounting, labor tracking, shop floor control, and best practice manufacturing methodologies for improved business operations. Macola software ERP solution also monitors yield percentages and efficiency ratings, enabling users to move away from manual procedures to fully-automated warehouse and shop-floor processes.

With the introduction of Macola Manufacturing Pro, Macola provides an inclusive ERP solution that offers integrated shop floor control, and manufacturing cost accounting, inventory, and project management. With services such as Health Check and Business Process Assessments available, this all-in-one ERP and business software solution is designed to transform businesses from a collection of automated processes into a high-yield, efficient, integrated operation. 

Macola ERP software delivers continuous process improvement and outstanding profit margins in every aspect of your business. With a low cost per user and high value, users get one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) solutions in the industry. The Macola software all-in-one ERP solution minimizes risk and will get your business up and running very quickly, resulting in attaining immediate value.

Macola Manufacturing Pro Modules

Materials Management for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Bill of Material Module

Macola software manages and analyzes the critical functions, components, and products your company produces. BOM’s Visual Bill of Resource establishes the link between a single inventory item and the components that comprise the finished good.

Inventory Management Module

Macola ERP software manages the core of your distribution network through a comprehensive, integrated toolset that reliably controls and tracks not just inventory items but inventory information to help streamline manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Cost Accounting Module

Macola software is designed to use in tracking actual costs and in comparing these actual costs to planned costs yielding valuable variance analysis data. Macola software is the primary source for linking accounting entries from shop orders to the Macola ES General Ledger.

Material Requirements Planning Module

Ideal for single-site manufacturing and multiple warehouse operation, Macola MRP functionality streamlines your manufacturing/warehouse operation and ordering.

Standard Costing Module

For manufactured items, the Macola S/C package maintains the cost for items manufactured in Shop Floor Control (SFC) and Production Order Processing (POP). Total material and value-added costs for manufactured items can be easily determined based on the product structure as entered in the Bill of Materials (BOM) package.

Sales & Order Management for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Advanced Distribution

This Macola ERP module consists of a set of six specific functions: Landed Cost, Hard Allocation, Multi-Bin, Confirm Pick, and Return Material Authorization. ADIS’ Landed Cost capability enables you to calculate all costs, in addition to the cost of the product, normally associated with purchasing and receiving materials in-house for resale or production.


Macola ERP software allows you to copy and customize your existing application screens. You can now modify your order entry screen, for example, to match your unique requirements and allow for the creation of master orders, blanket orders, quotes, and the copying of historical orders to further reduce the amount of time it takes to enter an order.

Order Entry

Macola ERP and business software facilitate the order entry process by accepting orders and quotes, validating credit, and calculating pricing. Macola also supports the picking and shipping process by recommending order lines, serial/lot/bins to be picked, and generating shipping documents such as labels, packing slips, and bills of lading.

Additional options that you can consider with Macola ERP and business software include EDI, eCommerce, Sales Tax, and Payroll, as well as a host of third-party add-ins, all of which can enhance your manufacturing solution.

Purchase Order and Receiving 

Macola ERP automates the processes associated with procurement by providing an efficient, time-saving solution so that manufacturing and distribution companies can ensure that the necessary materials, supplies, and services are available for all business transactions when required.

Financial Management for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Accounts Payable Module

Macola features an extensive notes system allowing you to store an unlimited number of notes, as well as unlimited contact and address information. Macola also manages federal 1099 information and credit terms.

Accounts Receivable Module

Manage your customers’ activity and credit with Macola ERP to ensure high customer service levels and maximize cash flow to achieve the highest level of performance.

Assets & Depreciation Module

Macola ERP allows you to record and depreciate your company’s assets from acquisition to disposition.

Bank Book Module

Provides the ability to do online bank reconciliations of bank statements and provides up-to-the-minute real-time values for cash accounts.

Credit Card Processing Module

Allows the credit card to be authorized at order entry, or it can be preauthorized. Macola ERP is certified with major credit cards, and it supports single or multi-users. (PC Charge is required to use this module and is purchased separately)

Currency Manager Module

Macola helps you take your business global by enabling you to do business in multiple currencies for efficient business process management. Whether you are tracking purchases or sales, Currency Manager interfaces with General Ledger (G/L), Accounts Receivable (A/R), Accounts Payable (A/P), and Bank Book (B/B) packages to provide you with the exchange rate information you need to keep you on top of your international operations.

EBA Foundation

EBA is a complete end-to-end analytics and reporting solution — from report writing and Online-Analytical Processing (OLAP) to Dashboards. It can be used online, offline, and over the web by small single-site companies to multi-site global enterprises needing consolidated information.

General Ledger

The Macola ERP system brings the broadest and deepest capabilities in financial technology in an easy-to-analyze format, making smart economic choices much easier. The module extends your financial automation to every sub-sector of your organization for streamlined core business functions, including sales tax management.

Production Management for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Master Scheduling Module for Improved Project Management

Macola makes a statement of what the company expects to manufacture. It reflects the overall, long-term production plans, taking into account the company’s sales forecast, material availability, and plant capacity to help better manage core business functions and streamline operations.

Production Order Processing Module

POP’s Value Added Cost Maintenance functionality allows you to define numerous cost types to represent value-added costs applied during production. Due dates can be tied to a manufacturing shop calendar, which manages days open for production.

Shop Floor Control Module

Macola is designed to help manufacturers effectively execute their production plans at all levels, and the SFC solution allows quick and efficient shop order creation and order control without entering a lot of unnecessary data. With SFC, your company can manage all of the resources related to manufacturing and capture the detail to understand your costs and plant efficiency fully.

Standard Product Routing Module

Macola software is oriented toward any size make-to-stock manufacturer, but it also has the inherent flexibility to be used in job shops where jobs tend to be similar to earlier jobs. SPR standardizes manufacturing routings, the information that describes the path a product follows on the shop floor as it flows through the production process.

Customer Relationship Management for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Streamlined Document Management and Customer Relationship Management

Macola customer relationship management (CRM) provides a web-based human resource management, customer and contact information management, workflow automation, document management, and project management solution that integrates with all your business intelligence solutions: financial, manufacturing, and distribution functions.

Monitor, understand, manage, and maximize sales performance, as well as leverage customer information into long-term customer loyalty and retention – anytime and anywhere from your web browser or mobile device via mobile apps.

Additional Capabilities for Macola Manufacturing Pro

Additional options that you can consider with Macola ERP include Payroll, Bar Code for Distribution, Serial Lot, Bar Code for Manufacturing, Capacity Requirements Planning, Labor Performance, Crystal Reports, Exact Event Manager, Warehouse Management System (WMS), fully-integrated Exact Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Exact Visual Shop Floor Planner, Avatax Sales Tax, Exact eCommerce, and a Microsoft Excel add-in, all of which can enhance your distribution capabilities.

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